Alien Creep Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Alien Creep Mod Apk

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App Name Alien Creep Mod Apk
Size 97 MB
Latest Version v2.32.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update August 06, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Most people are fond of fighting games. People love to do fights in the game and make strategies. The battle games are always fun to play. You just have to use your mind to make strategies and have to be trained for fighting.The game I am introducing today is also an astounding and amazing battle game for people of all ages. This is a famous game and available all over the world. The name of this game is Alien Creeps.

This is a jaw dropping battle and mind game. In this game you have to make strategies from your mind like a professional and have to save the tower from the monsters and enemies. This is a unique gameplay with 3D graphics and attractive colors. Aliens will try to destroy your world in this game and you have to save your people in every situation.

Alien Creep Mod Apk

What is Alien Creep Apk?

Alien Creep Apk is a game all about fighting for your own world. The story of this game is that some aliens have landed in your world to destroy and you have to fight with aliens and monsters to defend your tower from destruction.

This game has 3 different modes: boss battle, battle with friends, battle with air force and you can play in every mode. Every mode is difficult in their own way.

What is Alien Creep Mod Apk?

If you are a person who doesn't want to spend or you can say waste money on the features of the game then you can use the alien creep Mod Apk  version.

This version has everything available for free. This version also makes your game much easier than the original version.


Modes in any game have made our gaming interesting. With modes we can play our game in different styles and levels.Every mode has its own rules and difficulties which you have to cross. This game has 3 modes: boss battle, battle with friends, battle with air force.These modes have different kinds of tasks to do. One of the most difficult modes is the third one because in this mode you have to fight continuously till the end.Their number of enemies will be increased and the power of your enemies will get stronger. And you have to survive in this situation. The easiest mode for you will be the one in which you can play with your friends.


The game has many things that you will find unique. Most of the games have levels on a daily basis and you have to do them in one day which not only seems hard but also hard to do.Some people cannot maintain the regularity and some people cannot do the levels due to difficulties. The good thing about this game is that you don't have to do these levels everytime.They only have 50 levels but these 50 levels will be thrilling and difficult for everyone. When the level increases, your risk will also increase.You have to complete the levels and have to survive till the end to save your people.

Alien Creep Mod Apk

Different weapons

This is a battle game and there would be no weapons in the battle game? This is not possible. Weapons are the most important part of every battle game you cannot play without them.They will save you from many dangerous situations in the game. A battle game is not an easy game. The situations of the game are very dangerous and have difficulty modes.The game we are talking about is about alien creeps and is one of the most dangerous battle games. You have to do some serious battle with your enemies to save your people.In this case you will definitely need weapons. So this game offers you a huge collection of weapons. You can buy your favorite weapons from the collection of the game.


Graphics is the most important part of every game. If the story of the game is not very interesting or too normal that will be okay but if the graphics are not unique and have the best quality your whole game will be a flop.This is why you have to make sure that the graphics of your game are. You have to put extra effort into graphics. This game has the most amazing graphics from all the games This game is designed very uniquely and attractively. The colors of this game are so good you will love them when you see them. And the game is 3D.You will get this game in amazing 3D quality. These are the small things that will make your game hit.


Alien Creep Mod Apk

Unlimited money and gems

If you are crazy and serious about your games then you will know how much money and gems are important in any game and how difficult they are to earn. In the game Alien Creeps this is the hardest thing especially the gems. You can earn money slowly but the gems are hard to collect.And if you want them in a large quantity then the only option left for you is buy them with real money. But don't worry this feature is only in the original version.The Mod version will have unlimited money and gems which will never end. The advantage of unlimited gems is that you can use them to save your life and you can also buy the special items.

All premium features

This game has some features that are only available through payment. You cannot use them without payment.Those features are the most advanced and helpful features for you but you have to pay to use them otherwise you can't. If you want these features and don't want to pay then you can get these features in the Mod version.Yes the Mod version has made all the premium features available for free in their game. You can use them without any limit or payment. These features will make sure that your game will get a little bit easier.

Alien Creep Mod Apk

Unlimited health

We all find the health feature in every game annoying. Just because of this health and energy thing we will lose our game.After every war our health will decrease and once the health bar is empty then you are dead. This is why we find this health thing annoying. We cannot play freely with this.But the Mod has solved this problem too by giving unlimited health. Yes you read it right the Mod version offers you unlimited health so now when you are injured you won't lose the game because of health. If the health bar gets empty don't worry it will automatically fill with some more health and energy so you can fight without any hurdle.

No advertisement

The ads are the second most annoying feature of any game. Because it will ruin all over concentration and because of lack of concentration we lose our game.This is why the Mod features bring you advertisement free games so you can play with all your concentration and win the game without any disturbance. Trust me this is such a relief feature for all of us.


The alien creep mod apk is one of the most famous battle games in the world. The gameplay of alien creep is different from other games.The mod version has made all the premium features available for us. We can enjoy those features for free. This is a hard game as compared to other games because you can play this with strategies.There are 50 thrilling levels in this game which we have to complete.

Alien Creep Mod Apk


Q. Is the game Alien Creeps Mod Apk safe for our devices?

Yes this is a totally safe file and this will not harm your phones.

Q. Can we play alien creeps Mod Apk on tablets also?

Yes you can play this on your tablets.

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