Antutu Benchmark Apk (MOD, For Android)

Antutu Benchmark Apk

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App Name Antutu Benchmark Apk
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Update September 14, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Most of the time, there is a need for an application which can show your device's performance details and give you information about the health of your device. There is also a need when you want to run a 2D or 3D application or game on your smartphone which is high in Mbs. All these necessaries can be fulfilled by the application Antutu Benchmark APK.

Antutu Benchmark APK is a Benchmarking tool. This works by giving you all details about the performance of your mobile phone. This includes RAM, ROM, GPU, Battery, camera, graphics tests and many more system details. Through this information, you can decide whether to use a certain app or not.

Antutu Benchmark APK

Features of Antutu Benchmark APK

Performance of your device

This application is professional in giving you details about the performance of your device. An overall analysis of device performance is very necessary to know about the running of new applications. All the social applications and different other applications run on your device because of the good performance. This includes good RAM, GPU system, battery performance, memory and many more things, so Antutu Benchmark APK now provides you all details about the device analysis.

Testing of your device

Actually this application does an overall test of your device. That test is completed in three steps; the first step is responsible for analyzing the overall performance of your phone which is also called a RAM test, which analyze read and write performances, the second step involves the analysis of 2D applications that how your phone works when there is 2D application working, and the third and last step is the 3D applications analysis. These are mostly the games. This app can give you all the information whether your 3D game can be accurately and efficiently operated on your device or not

Health of the Battery

Battery is the main thing of your smartphone or gadget which is responsible to control all the things because a gadget can work until the battery remains. This application also does a good analysis of the health of your phone's battery. This gives you different suggestions and tricks to make the health of your battery longer and to avoid certain things.

Two basic requirements

There are two basic requirements of this application to be installed on your Android device: your Android device version should be at least 4.1 and you have to allow the unknown resources from your settings to install this application. So that it can work without any hindrance.

CPU analysis

This app also does a CPU analysis. As we know that CPU is the brain of any device; so it should be in a good state to keep your phone better. Antutu Benchmark does a CPU analysis test by analyzing the working of your CPU. There are various types of simulations and calculations involved in this test.

Graphical tests

There are 2D and 3D graphics tests to analyze the screen time, colors and performance of your phone in case of pictures and graphics. It gets the capabilities of your gadget.

Antutu Benchmark APK

Latest features of Antutu Benchmark APK

Complete device score

After analyzing the whole device performance, this application combines all the results of individual tests such as ram test, graphic test, CPU test, storage test and a lot more. After compiling all the results of these tests, it gives you an overall benchmark score. Through this score, you can understand how your device works and how efficient it is.

Device comparison

It allows the users to compare their devices with others so that they can get different ideas of improving their device in many ways.

Antutu Benchmark APK

Why is Antutu Benchmark APK a good application?

This application Antutu Benchmark can improve your device's performance by analyzing and giving you tricks. It is now easy for the users who love to play 3D games on android because this app can recommend to you whether your RAM and phone storage is capable of running this app or not. It is liked by millions of people and it is reliable because of its working.

Download Antutu Benchmark APK latest version 2023

Get the latest version with the latest features of Antutu Benchmark in the 2023 version. It better analyzes the device and gives you rapid results.

Antutu Benchmark APK

Final Verdict

If you also want to check the details about your android smartphone or gadget, you can get this app Antutu Benchmark APK. It tests your device and gives you real and effective results to improve the health of the device and to know the overall flaws. Download this app from Google APK and install it with your phone's permissions.


Q. Is Antutu Benchmark a safe app?

Yes, Antutu Benchmark is totally a safe Benchmarking application.

Q. How to install Antutu Benchmark?

You have to select the unknown permissions from the settings before installing Antutu Benchmark.

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