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Anybooks Mod Apk

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Books and reading are gradually but steadily migrating to the digital platform as the world changes its shape to contend with technology. With this problem readers are facing a conundrum of which app to choose for their reading, not to mention the problem of books being highly expensive. To solve this desperate situation of the readers we introduce to you the best reading app there is; Anybooks!

Anybooks will relieve your reading problems. Looking for new books to read? Anybooks has got you. You can browse all kinds of books and not just in only language. There are quite a few languages in which you can find books on this platform. You can also sync different devices to this app so you can easily access your reading library anywhere and at Anytime. Now with Anybooks you don't have to feel panicky when you don't have a book with you or being empty handed on boring occasions.

Anybooks offers its reader many awesome features that can make finding books and downloading them easier. You can collect your own books and make a virtual library absolutely free of cost with the help of Anybooks. Read your books offline, customize your reading environment to match your tastes and needs. And the fun part is that you can also write your own literature too. Anybooks provides you with the most fantastic opportunity of putting your work out there in the world. You can also find other authors who are just like you. Anybooks is an awesome platform to explore.

Anybooks Mod APK

What is Anybooks APK?

Anybooks apk is the original version of the app that can be downloaded from your app stores free of cost. Anybooks is an ideal app designed for readers keeping their problems and needs in view. Anybooks provides its reader with a huge variety of books to browse through using filters. So you can search them by their popularity or publication date and more. Making the struggle of the readers easier it also offer different languages

Anybooks offers many features to make your reading experience flawless. Such as the customization feature, allowing you to design your reading space. Running out of things to read? Anybooks has a recommendations feature as well which caters to your tastes.

What is Anybooks Mod APK?

Anybooks mod apk is the modified or the cheat version of the original above mentioned applications. Anybooks mod apk gives its readers an even more heightened reading experience they are absolutely going to love!

There are many premium features you can unlock by downloading the mod version of Anybooks such as making notes, doodling and so much more now you don't have to make mental notes you can just tap them out on the screen. You also get rid of the ads by downloading the mod version. To check out more features go down to the features part.

Anybooks Mod APK

Smart filtering

All of us love to have our things in order and even more so when it comes to our books.You can search for books meticulously. Anybooks has the smart filtering feature through which you can filter books by their date, file size, page number, popularity and more.

Inbuilt Dictionary

One of the best features of Anybooks by far is the inbuilt dictionary feature which allows you to look up difficult words now and there. With every other app you will need to go back and forth between your book and google to look up words but with Anybooks you can save yourself a lot of time. Also you don't need the internet to use the dictionary feature. Now you can read with ease with this highly convenient and time saving reading app.


Have you been through those times when you can't figure out what to read next? We've all been there, it's a never ending cycle. But with Anybooks you can now put an end to this problem. This app provides its readers with recommendations according to your tastes.

Write Your Story

Isn't it exciting to have your writing and reading activities in one place. Well, Anybooks brings you this exciting opportunity. If you are an emerging writer this might just be an excellent platform to build your literary presence. Embark on your journey of writing and exploring other writers like you.

Anybooks Mod APK

Customize Reading

Anybooks offers its readers many tools to customize their reading experience. Readers always need an ideal environment for them to enjoy the book they are reading. If deprived of that environment reading becomes a chore and you don't want to do that. But do not fret about that Anybooks gives you a variety of tools to create your favorable environment such as night theme to lighten the stress on your eyes, background, bookmark, highlight, font size and so much more.

Browse Books

Most reading apps will only give you the option of reading books in different formats but only few allow you to browse books and Anybooks is one of them. You can browse books however you want by the title or the author’s name. Another interesting twist is that you can browse books in other languages as well; you don't just have to stick to English. You can browse languages such as Hindi, Russian, Spanish and more.

Download Books

For the convenience of reading offline you can download books as well. Now you can read regardless of where you are, no feeling panicked if you have not brought a book with you because Anybooks is always with you. Anybooks also allows you to sync with other devices, so you can access your library from anywhere.

No Ads

You don't have to contend with ads anymore. We know how god awful it is to be interrupted while reading. So Anybooks mod apk brings you an uninterrupted reading experience.

Anybooks Mod APK

Premium Features Unlocked

The mod version of Anybooks brings you many exciting premium features which are not available in the standard version like making notes and many more.


Readers don't need to worry about half of their reading problems now that they have seen Anybooks foolproof reading app. You don't need to contend with situations where you don't have any books with you to read, simply take out your phone and tap in Anybooks to access your very own virtual library with many convenient features. We know you are dying to check out Anybooks so to download it tap on the download button. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below.

Anybooks Mod APK


Q. How can I remove ads from Anybooks?

You can have an ad free reading experience by downloading the mod version of Anybooks.

Q. Can you download books freely in Anybooks?

Yes you can download books free of cost in Anybooks.

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