Beat Jumper EDM Up Apk (MOD, For Android)

Beat Jumper EDM Up Apk

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App Name Beat Jumper EDM Up Apk
Size 52 MB
Latest Version v2.7.7
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
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Update October 21, 2023 (8 months ago)
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 You have definitely played a lot of such games which include a ball and bricks. You have to jump the ball on different bricks and reach the final level. These games are very easy to play and it's interesting too. What if we introduce you with a new game but with some new features? So here we are going to talk about Beat Jumper EDM Up APK. This game is related to such balls and bricks but has some new amazing features that you had not seen before.

Beat Jumper EDM Up APK is a game which involves a ball and various bricks. You have to control the ball with different beats of songs. Yes this game is not ordinary. In this game, you control the ball and jump it over the bricks with the rhythm. It means you are dealing simultaneously with the jumping ball and beats of music. Isn't it interesting? Definitely it is ! Here are some of the features of this game. Get an idea and download Beat Jumper EDM Up APK now.

Beat Jumper EDM Up Apk

Features of Beat Jumper EDM Up APK

Rhythmic game

This game is all about controlling your ball with the rhythm and beats of music. Here the song is being played in the background and you play a ball and bricks game. If you are unable to control the ball with the beats, you will not be able to reach the final brick. So you can say this is a game of jumping balls on the bricks according to the beats.

Various types of levels

There are almost 1000 levels in this game. There is a huge variety of levels which involves different beats and songs. The difference comes when there is a different beat. So you have to control the ball at different times, beats and pace. As you proceed, the difficulty level increases.

Various types of power ups

Power ups are necessary when you are playing a game of this type. When you are going down and it's difficult to reach the highest point of the brick, you use different power ups to gain strength and energy. So collect all the power ups in this game. When you see you are very low, choose power ups.

Multiplayer mode and leaderboards

This game has a multiplayer mode of playing. It means you can invite your friends. This multiplayer mode allows you to invite as many friends as you want. There are multiple leaderboards here through which you can compete with Friends and see the results.

Customizations available

There are customizations in this game which offer various categories like ball customizations, bricks customizations, backgrounds etc. Here you can change the skin of the ball, you can add different colors and designs to them. You can make a huge collection. Similarly, you can do customizations with your bricks and backgrounds of the game.

Visual effects of game

The visual effects provide colorful and neon light effects. This gives an interesting look to the game, playing balls and bricks with songs behind.

Beat Jumper EDM Up Apk

Latest features of Beat Jumper EDM Up APK

Customizations for songs

Here in the latest version you can add your favorite songs to the game. You can add various beats and music. There are options available in the game or you can also select them from the device. So now you can play with your favorite beat behind this game. It would be amazing gameplay because it involves game and music simultaneously.

New challenges

There are various new challenges present in the game. While you play, there can be various obstacles like higher brick that you must pass through by using power ups, energy down issues and alot more. Cope up with all these challenges.

Why is Beat Jumper EDM Up APK a good application?

This game has something new, like you play this game with music behind. So it's a new option to kill your boring time. Here you feel nostalgic because we all played ball and bricks games in our childhood. So definitely give it a try, and enjoy the nostalgic behavior with some new updates.

Beat Jumper EDM Up Apk

Download Beat Jumper EDM Up APK latest version 2023

Beat Jumper EDM Up APK latest version provides you new options and levels, so download the latest features.

Beat Jumper EDM Up Apk

Final Verdict

Download Beat Jumper EDM Up APK now to have a good gameplay with music beats. Get the latest version and enjoy this game level with your friends. Enjoy the music beats !


Q. Is Beat Jumper EDM Up APK a heavy game?

No, this is only a 52mbs game. So it's not heavy. You can try it on any android phone.

Q. How to get power ups in beat jumper edm up apk?

These power ups can be unlocked by proceeding levels and winning them. Every level gives you a lot of prizes and new power ups.

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