Bed Wars Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Bed Wars Mod Apk

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Latest Version v1.9.11.1
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Update June 14, 2023 (1 year ago)
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As humans we all love survival and action games. We find ourselves much more addicted to survival games than any other games. From ancient history we have evolved ourselves surviving from other species and animals. So it's human nature that they find survival and action genres more interesting. Bed wars is one of the survival games that is also very fun to play. It is considered to be a new version of Minecraft with content revolving around battle of beds.

This game was developed by Blockman Go Studio. This game is based on the battles of beds. You have to protect your bed and destroy your enemy's bed. The players have to build their beds and their enemies will try to destroy their beds. It is a multiplayer game in which 16 players are divided equally in four groups. Each group will be located on an island. At the island, you will receive resources to build weapons and also to build your beds.

You can also hide your beds on the island. After that you can build bridges to your enemies islands and destroy their beds. You will also be provided with iron, gold, diamonds that you can sell and collect weapons and equipments in return.

Bed Wars MOD APK

What is Bed Wars APK?

Bed Wars is a Minecraft game. It is based on the survival purpose. Your teammates have to build their beds and protect them while destroying their enemies beds. The winning and losing depends upon which team has the larger number of beds remaining. At the end, the team having lesser numbers of beds will lose. Enjoy the best and most fun game and kill your boredom.

What is Bed Wars MOD APK?

Bed Wars MOD APK is the modded version of Bed Wars. In the battles, mines or shops will appear that will be selling essential equipment to help you build a defending barrier for your beds and also weapons to help you fight your enemy. To buy stuff from the shop, you will need money. In the modded version these tools are available for free. You will also get resources like diamonds, ruby etc that will help you buy blocks to protect your bed.

Bed Wars MOD APK

Different Modes

There are four modes in this game. You can enjoy whichever mode you want to play. There is 1v1 in which you can play individually with your opponents. The 2nd mode is 2v2 in which you can team up with your friends and fight as a team. In the 3v3 you can make a team of 3 people and fight with your enemies. In a 4v4, which is the most famous and enjoyable mode, you will make a team of four people. You can make your own team with your friends as well as with strangers all around the world.

Variety of Weapons

This game offers you a variety of weapons that you can use to defend yourself. Each weapon can be bought with different numbers of coins and Gcube. There are a total of 5 types of weapons that are Sword, Bow, Axe, Pickaxe, and helmet. You can also buy weapons skins that make you invulnerable to your enemies. This skin will act as a protective barrier. There are a variety of skins available like Wanderer, Wooden, Diamond, Shark, Assassin etc.

Different Avatars and Effects

Bed wars offers you with a startling feature of personalising your character. There are hundreds of Avatars that you can achieve. You can opt for the Avatar of pets, sword effects, arrow effects and footprints. There are various emotes available also that you can buy from the shop. These emoticons and avatars make you look more unique among other players. But for these personalizations you will have to buy them from the shop with a number of Gcubes that are very difficult to collect by winning the game.

Free Access to Shop

In the Bed Wars MOD APK, you can buy as many resources and weapons from the shop as you want. There is no need for money or coins to collect resources. You can buy personalization items like avatars and skins from the shop for free.

Bed Wars MOD APK

Unlimited Resources

In the MOD version of Bed Wars, you are provided with unlimited resources to build your beds and weapons to defend yourself. This is an amazing feature. You can build as many beds as you want that will lead you towards victory. Moreover, you can build the bridge very fast and reach your enemies islands before they reach yours.

Free to Download

You can download this game for free with spending any single cent of your own. Unlike other premium games it is totally free of cost and anyone can get it following a simple procedure.


Bed Wars MOD APK is an exceptional game for you to kill your boredom. It is a highly indulging and interesting game that will not let you take your eyes off from your mobile screen. You can get your favourite avatars from the shop and opt the shape of your favourite character with different emotes. With certain exceptional features of the Bed Wars MOD APK you can get the most from it without any interruption. This game has millions of downloads. This shows that Bed Wars is loved by the users. It has a rating of 4.5 stars. You can download the Bed Wars MOD APK from our website for free and enjoy the best version of Bed Wars. For further queries, you can write your questions in the comments section below.

Bed Wars MOD APK


Q. Is bed wars APK free to download?

Yes, bed wars is 100% free. You can download it from Google play store for free. Moreover, we have provided all the premium and paid features in Bed Wars MOD APK for free.

Q. Why is my bed wars MOD APK not installed?

You may have downloaded the older version of Bed Wars MOD APK. You can download the latest version from our website for free.

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