Bhai The Gangster Mod APK v1.0 (Unlimited Money) (MOD, Unlimited Money/Menu)

Bhai The Gangster Mod APK V1.0 (Unlimited Money)

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App Name Bhai The Gangster Mod APK v1.0 (Unlimited Money)
Size 99 MB
Latest Version v1.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Menu
Price Free
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Update May 07, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Have you ever played a Hindi action game? If not then we have an amazing action game for you that is called Bhai the gangster. Everything in this game belongs to Indian culture so if you want to know about Indians then you can play this game. Bhai the gangster is full of thrills and action where a gangster comes to Mumbai to take revenge on his dead girlfriend. This game has millions of downloads and the best rating on the internet.

This game is a combination of action and fun because the dialogue that is used in Bhai the gangster will convert your bad mood into good. Good thing is that this game is free to download so you can play this amazing action-adventure game without spending a single penny. User interface of Bhai the gangster is just perfect.

You will never face any problems while playing the game because everything in this game is easily accessible. Because of great optimization, you will never experience any lag or bug because this game is always up to date.

Bhai The Gangster Mod APK

What is Bhai the Gangster APK?

Standard version of this game is called Bhai the gangster apk. This version is available on the internet for free. This game has amazing story line in which a gangster’s girlfriend got murdered and he has to take his girlfriend’s revenge. You will roam around the different areas of the city and find her killer. Different missions are available in Bhai the gangster. You can earn money by completing the local missions. This game represents an Indian gangster's life because gangsters have enemies more than friends.

What is Bhai the Gangster Mod APK?

Hacked version of this game is called Bhai the gangster mod APK. Mod version is basically a hacked version of the game in which you will get unlimited money and a completely unlocked game. In the standard version, you should have enough money to complete the challenges because people will help you when you give them a large amount of money. You should download Bhai the gangster mod apk so you will never run out of money.

Bhai The Gangster Mod APK

Easy Controls

Some people think it is difficult to control these types of action games but you don’t have to worry about this game’s control. You will control the full game only by using your 2 fingers. From one side you will control the player’s movement and from the other side you will kick and shoot the people. There is no complexity to control the game that’s why Bhai the gangster is popular in every age group.

3D Graphics

Bhai the gangster has the best graphics as compared to other action games. Graphics plays an important role in action games because if the game has poor graphics then the project will definitely fail. You can control the sensitivity of the game. When you play Bhai the gangster game it feels like you are roaming in the city in real life because of its advanced graphics. you will enjoy this adventure game

Multiple Vehicles

While walking on the streets of Mumbai you will see many vehicles and the good thing is that you can use these vehicles without any problem. Gangsters never beg for something, but they take away whatever they like so in Bhai the gangster game you can use whatever vehicle you want. Sports car’s, local cars, trucks, buses, bicycles, auto and heavy bikes are all available in this game and you can use them anytime.

Indian Dialogues

This is one of the best features of this game. As we said, Bhai the gangster is an Indian game and everything you see and experience will be related to Indians. Dialogues between you and other people will be in Indian languages like Bhojpuri, Bihari, up style languages. Dialogues in these languages are hell fun. You will enjoy talking to different people.

Bhai The Gangster Mod APK

Indian Characters

Every single character of this game is Indian. When you talk to them it feels like you are talking to a real Indian. Their way of talking, their clothes, everything represents Indian culture. That's why people love to play these types of games because their knowledge increases about different cultures

Deadly Weapons

Bhai the gangster has several deadly weapons. To use the weapons you have to purchase them first. You will have shotguns, sniper, machine guns, grenades and many other powerful weapons. To kill your enemies you should have the best collection of weapons so earn money and buy these weapons for your safety.

Different Missions

To earn the money you have to complete the missions. In Bhai the gangster, you can play different missions and after completing the missions you will earn the rewards in the form of money. You will love to play these missions.

Avoid Police

Police are always roaming in the streets of Mumbai to arrest former gangsters so you have to be smart while fighting with any person. If police see you doing something wrong, they will arrest you so your first priority is always to protect yourself from getting arrested.

Bhai The Gangster Mod APK

No Ads

In Bhai the gangster you are forced to watch the ads because this version contains ads. We know you may not like these ads because they interrupt your game. That's why we have a mod version for you. In Bhai the gangster mod apk, no ads will appear while you are playing the game because this mod version is free from ads.

Unlimited Money

If you download a hacked version of Bhai the gangster then you will have never ending money because in Bhai the gangster mod apk you will get unlimited money. You can purchase all the weapons without even accepting local missions.

Play Offline

To play Bhai the gangster apk you should have an internet connection because without the internet your game will not start. If you want to play this game but do not have an internet connection then you can download the mod version of Bhai the gangster because this version supports offline gaming. Now you can play this action game whenever you want without internet access.


Do not be worried about the mod version of Bhai the gangster game because this version has an anti ban feature that will always protect Bhai the gangster mod apk from getting banned. You can play the mode version without any restrictions and security threats.


Bhai the gangster game is the best Hindi action game because of its incredible story line. This game always gains the attention of the people. If you still haven’t played Bhai the gangster game yet then download it as soon as possible because this game is worth playing. You can download it from our website and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.


Q. Is it safe to play Bhai the gangster mod apk?

Bhai the gangster mod apk is 100% safe because of its anti ban feature. You can download this game without any worries.

Q. How to get unlimited money in Bhai the gangster?

To get unlimited money in this game you have to download Bhai the gangster mod apk.

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