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Bike Race Mod Apk

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App Name Bike Race Mod Apk
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Latest Version v8.3.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update June 15, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Racing has been the favourite sport of people since ages. Racing can be done with different types of vehicles. For example,  you can drive with a racing car or racing bike or a bicycle. These tournaments are very exciting and a healthy amount of spectators came to watch these types of tournaments. People support their favourite racer and cheer for them. Although people also enjoy racing on their mobile phones By playing racing games. Many racing games have been introduced in the market. The most popular are the car racing ones, but one of the most played bike racing games is the Bike Race game.

The bike race game was developed by Top Free games. Bike race game introduces many amazing features that provide you with the Real Experience. It is an adventurous  game where you will be playing as a biker who wants to become the best stuntman in the world. And in order to become one, you will have to drive different kinds of bikes from bicycles to high speed bikes. You can perform many different stunts in this game. You will also face many obstacles and challenges in your path and you will have to overcome all of these to become a pro.

Have fun with all the amazing features that this game has to offer. If you want to get in more depth of the Bike Race game, then you should have a look at this articles.

Bike Race MOD APK

What is a Bike Race APK?

Bike race is a racing game that allows the user to have a real experience of bike racing . In the bike race game, the player will have to drive different kinds of bikes that would include simple bicycles, scooters or some heavy bikes. In this game the user will also be able to perform different stunts and they will have to go through many challenges to win the game.

What is Bike Race MOD APK?

Developers have modified the original version of the Bike race game to provide you with the Bike Race MOD APK. This modified version provides you with an unlock Gameplay in which all the levels Will Be unlocked and you will not have to use your money to unlock these levels. Moreover , in this version the ads are also removed.

How to Play a Board Game on Bike Race?

If you want to play a Board game on the bike race then you will need at least two players. The first player will roll three dice and then he will have to select only two of the results and will be able to move two cyclists. The next player will do the same and this game is repeated till all the players complete their moves. In the end all the players will have crossed the finish line.

How to Control your Player in Bike Race?

In the bike race game, the player can control their biker by pressing on the right side of the screen. and if you want to apply break then you can press on the left side and when you are performing any stunt in the air, the bike's movement can be controlled if you move your phone back and forth.

Bike Race MOD APK

Control your Bike

In the bike race game, you can have complete control over your bike's movement. You can accelerate its speed or apply breaks to it whenever you want. You can also perform many different stunts with the help of the controls that are available in the game. There are different tricks that can be performed on different paths and these tricks will earn you scores and these scores will help you to become a pro in this game.

Variety of Tracks to Ride

In the bike race game you will not drive only on one track. In each level, there will be a different track which has different difficulty levels and you will have to overcome all the obstacles in your terrain to reach the end of the game.

Variety of Bikes to Ride

In the bike race game, there are a number of different bikes available which you can ride. There are many different kinds of bikes available in the bike race game. For example, you can ride a bicycle or a normal bike and even a heavy bike. Moreover, there are also some updates that are being made in this game that will reveal more such amazing bikes. All these bikes have unique characteristics that will help you to earn a higher score.

Upgrade your Vehicle

In the bike race game, if you go along the game you will find that you can also make certain upgrades to your bikes. For example, you can increase their speed limit and you can also make them stronger to overcome hurdles in your path and can also upgrade them to have a better control of them.

Bike Race MOD APK

Overcome Challenges

There will be many challenges in your path to victory. You will have to overcome all these challenges to get rewards in return. The more stunts you perform within a challenge, the more scores you will earn and the more amazing rewards you will get.

Online Modes

There is also a multiplayer mode in the bike race game. You can take part in many different competitions in this game and show off your skills to the other bikers. There are two kinds of competitions in the online mode. The first one is the dual mode in which two bikers will come across each other and show their skills to each other and one of them will win the race. The second one is the tournament in which several bikers will take part and only one will become the winner.

Unlocked Gameplay

The bike race is a game of challenges. In order to get promoted to the next level you will have to complete certain challenges and earn a certain number of scores so that you can get promoted to the next level. But in the Bike Race Mod APK all the levels will be provided unlocked so you can be promoted to any level without having to complete the different challenges. Moreover, all the bikes will also be unlocked. There are also no ads in this version to disturb you during  your gameplay.


If you love to play bike racing, then you should go for this game. Download the bike race Mod APK now from our website to dive into its amazing gameplay to perform many different stunts and overcome all the challenges in your path. This game has been recommended to people of all ages. If you want to explore more about this game then you can write your queries in the comment section.

Bike Race MOD APK


Q. Why am I playing the same level in multiplayer mode?

This happens because you can only play the level to where your opponent has completed the game. That's why you are playing the same level in the multiplayer mode .

Q. Can I poke the players in the Bike Race game ?

Yes, you can poke the players one time a day.

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