Bomber Friends MOD APK (MOD, Unlocked Skins )

Bomber Friends MOD APK

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App Name Bomber Friends MOD APK
Size 109 MB
Latest Version v4.85
MOD Info Unlocked Skins
Price Free
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Update August 07, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Bomber friends is a unique action game where you have to place bombs at different places in the field. The environment of this game is a block formation and you have to place bombs at different places to explode these blocks. Each time you explode a bomb, you are going to have some rewards. But there are some Enemies that will try to stop you and you have to fight with them as well.

Each time your enemy attacks you, you will lose a part of your health and if it reaches 0 you will lose the game. There are different modes in this game. For example, you can even invite your friends and have a competition with them.

Bomber Friends MOD APK

What is Bomber Friends APK?

Bomber friends is an action game where you have to place bombs at different locations. But there are some Enemies that will try to stop you. You can fight with them and can even explode them with the help of the bombs that you have. There is a Maze like environment in this game that will help you to unlock a lot of power ups and clear the way as you explode the bombs. You can play this game with your friends and can even go for team battles.

Best Features of Bomber Friends MOD APK

Intuitive Touch Controls

Bomber friends have Intuitive touch controls. You can easily move your character on your screen but just swiping on your screen and can pick up power UPS this way as well.

Customise your character

You can customise your character in various ways. For example, you can buy different kinds of clothes for them and can even enhance their skills to make them more powerful.

Place Bombs

Your main duty is to place bombs at different locations and wait till they explode. If the bomb does not explode then you will not receive anything in return.

Fight Enemies

There are different Enemies that will try to stop you to clear the area and that's why they will attack you. You have to be very careful and dodge these attacks because if you lose your health, you will lose the game.

Multiplayer Match ups

This game also offers multiplayer gameplay in which you can play against your friends. For example, your friend will play the role of a monster and you can play the role of a Bomber and vice versa.

Upgrade your Stats

You have to upgrade your stats regularly. For example, you have to upgrade your health, your skills and your powers to become the winner.

Bomber Friends MOD APK

What is the use of Mod of Bomber Friends APK?

The Mod version of Bomber Friends provides you with a lot of benefits which is that you are going to have the dumb Enemies that do not have any special skills. You can also retain your power after the Monsters attack you which means there will be no damage to your health after the attacks. It also provides you with unlimited health and unlimited money.

New Features in Bomber Friends MOD APK

Dumb Enemies

In Bomber Friends Mod APK, the Enemies are dumb if you are playing with the AI system. In this way, you can easily defeat them and win the match up.

No Damage

In this modified version, The Attacks Of The Enemies will not damage your health and you can manage to defeat them with great power.

Unlimited Health

The modified version of this game provides you with unlimited health which you will not lose the game in any situation.

Unlimited Money

You are going to have unlimited money in this game that you can use to buy the outfits for your character.

Procedure of Downloading Bomber Friends MOD APK

If you want to download bomber friends Mod APK than you can simply click on the link that is available in this article. After doing this, two options will appear on your screen and you have to click on the download button. By doing so, the download will start.

Bomber Friends MOD APK

Why Bomber Friends MOD APK is so worth Downloading?

Bomber friends Mod APK is a better choice then its regular version. Because in this game, you can easily win the match UPS as you are going to have a dumb enemy and unlimited health that is very beneficial to defeat your enemy.


Bomber Friends MOD APK


Bomber Friends us an amazing game that contains a lot of different modes in which you can invite your friends as well. If you want to make this game a lot more easier than you can download Bomber friends Mod APK.


Q. How to defeat your opponents in Bomber Friends?

To defeat your opponents in Bomber friends, you can explode them with bombs.


Q. How to upgrade your character in Bomber Friends?

You can upgrade your character with the help of money in Bomber Friends.

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