Camscanner Mod Apk Without Watermark (MOD, Premium Subscription)

Camscanner Mod Apk Without Watermark

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App Name Camscanner Mod Apk Without Watermark
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Latest Version v6.44.0.2307100000
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Price Free
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Update July 15, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Today, everything is digital. There is everything present on the internet. Students have most of the courses, classes and documents online and on different websites. In educational institutes, assignments are submitted through different documents and files. Pdf is the most common method. In this method, you click your assignment pictures and format it into an orderly arranged file. This can be done by many apps. But there is one app which has many features and which allows you to make a pdf file of your document and convert it into a digitally scanned pattern. This app is Camscanner which is very well known among college or university students.

Camscanner APK is an application which provides you different features to make pdf files of your document. Basically, it is a tool which helps you to make your assignment, projects and documents in an orderly pattern. This has also other features. This application also brightens the images. 

Thus, instead of submitting paper assignments, you can click the pictures of your assignment and can submit it with digitally scanned quality of photos in a pdf . Not only by students, this app is also used by different websites, offices and many other research projects as pdf files are the main source which contains information. Instead of sending a lot of images to others, you can arrange the images in a pdf, so that it can be sent to others just in one file. So, download Camscanner now to make informative files and documents.



What is Camscanner APK?

Camscanner APK is a tool which is used by different people to make files and documents in a digital form. This app has many other features too which includes color texts on the images, I'd card print, pdf files, scanned images and many more. This is mostly used by university students to make their assignments and projects. You just have to click images or have to select them and then it will automatically arrange them in a straight order pattern. You can add different texts, filters and many other features after it. This is a complete and good app or tool for students and many other people.

What is Camscanner Mod APK without Watermark?

The mod version of Camscanner provides you a version that scans and makes your files without the watermark of Camscanner. If you don't want to get Watermark on your pdf file then download this mod version. Many People don't like it. In addition, this version also bans different unnecessary ads that cause disturbance while you are studying and making your assignments on Camscanner. So this is also a great benefit. Many other features which are not present in the real version, are also present in this mod version. So download it now and get more benefits.



One Single File

This tool is easy to convert your assignments or documents into digitally scanned and printed files. So that you can send it to anyone in one single file. Instead of sending a lot of images, you can make a pdf file with this Camscanner app to send all in one thing.

Easy to Use

Camscanner is very easy to use. You just have to click the image through the camera of this app if you are making an assignment or a document. You can also select different images if you want to combine your files. This is very easy to handle. After it, you can put different filters and features to make it according to your requirement.


You can add different filters and effects to your file or images to make it more clear and beautiful. You have different options for filters and effects. These make your texts more clear and more clear. It would make it easy to read through the file.

Clearly Scanned

After clicking or selecting your images, this app scans all of your images, documents, certificates, files and different business related documents to make them more bright. You just have to click the images correctly. You can also rotate them left,right,up and down. This app makes your image and file a digitally printed file. It is then more clear and easier to read.



I'd Card File

If you want to have a print of your I'd card, you can use the I'd card file option. This will require front and back side of your I'd card and then combine them in one single page photo. You have to click the front side of your I'd card. After clicking, it will require the left side too. Then it will make a page which includes both sides of your I'd card. You can then use a printer to get it.

Different Texts and Features

You can also write different texts on your file or document. There are also different colors present in this app. You can write on your images and adjust accordingly.

Extract Texts

There is also an option of optical character recognition which allows you to extract texts from your images. Thus, if you want something short or brief to share with others you can easily extract that part to send it.

Send Files Online

You can easily send your pdf files and documents to others through different apps. Most commonly, WhatsApp is used to share different pdf files. This app allows you to share your pdf on WhatsApp, messenger and computer.

If you want to get a hardcopy of your pdf file, then you can connect your phone with any printer. This app will allow you to get the pdf file in hardcopy form. So it's also very convenient in this regard.

Password Privacy

You can also apply privacy on your different important pdf files. You can put them in a privacy corner and can apply a password to it.



No Watermark

The most common feature of the mod version of Camscanner is that it provides no watermark files and documents. Many people don't want to get the name of the app at the side corner of their file. So for these people, there is also a mod version. There is no watermark in it.

Unlocked Features

There are also some locked features in the real version such as pdf password etc. You can get all of these features in this mod version for free without giving money or subscriptions.

No Ads

There are no ads in this mod version of Camscanner. It's really disturbing when you are making your pdf files and important documents and different unnecessary ads pop up. This diverts your focus and attention. So to get rid of this, you can get this mod version which is an ads free version.


This version is Anti-Ban. There is no ban and no threat or risk. You can easily use it to remove watermarks from your files.

Easy to Use

This version is also easy to use as the real version is. The mechanism and working is the same as that of the real version.


To arrange your images and documents in a digitally and orderly scanned file, download Camscanner APK. This tool is widely used by people of different studies, businesses and many other tasks. Get its mod version to make watermark free files and no ads. This application has many downloads and it's rating is also good on Google Play Store. So, this app is your all in one app to arrange your files in one single pdf file and can send it easily. So download it now !


Q. Is Camscanner APK free to Download?

Yes this application is free to download through Google play store. Get this easily without spending money.

Q. Is Camscanner Mod APK safe to use?

Yes it is definitely safe and secure to use. There's no threat or risk in this. Make your files easily without watermark and get an ads free version.

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