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CATS Mod Apk

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App Name CATS mod apk
Size 149 MB
Latest Version v3.4.2
MOD Info God Mode
Price Free
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Update July 24, 2023 (1 year ago)
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CATS stands for Crash Arena Turbo Stars apk. It is a fantastic action game. In this whole action is created through machines. We can play this game in both offline and online modes. It is a multi player game. We can play it with our friends and family also. It is a 3 d graphical game. The graphics of this game are very beautiful. We can download this game from the play store as well as from the official website. It is supported by both android and ios. We can play this game on PC as well as on smartphones.

This game is downloaded by 50 million plus players. In this game we have to unlock different machines to fight with other machines to defeat them and win the game. We can unlock different levels by winning levels and every level is different from other levels.

What is CATS apk?

We can download this game from the play store or from the official website for free. In the beginning we didn't have more machines. We only have one machine and we can start our game with that. We have to defeat other machines present in the game through our machine and win the leve and get different rewards like coins and gems. When we complete a level then the new level is unlocked.

When new levels are unlocked then also new machines unlocked and also new parts are unlocked and we will attach them with our machine to make our machine more powerful. When level increases, the difficulty of levels also increases. For a more powerful machine we also need a more powerful machine to defeat that one and we will buy that with the coins and gems we get from winning a level. We can unlock free things with our coins and money. Some parts and machines are premium that we have to purchase with our real money or unlock them by seeing ads.

What is CATS mod apk?

CATS mod apk is the premium version of the official version. In this all the premium things are unlocked for free without paying any money to purchase them or unlock them by seeing any ad.

We get all the features unlocked in it. We can download this official version from any website for free because it is not present on the official website or on the play store.

In CATS mod apk can get unlimited things like unlimited gems, unlimited coins and we can use them in our game to unlock more levels and to buy different things for our game that makes our game more easy for us.


Following are the features of this game

Unlimited money

We can get unlimited money in this version. Through that we can buy different equipments, machine parts for our game and we can easily play every level.

Unlimited gems

We can get unlimited gems through which we can buy different things and do unlimited upgrades.

No Ads

We get all the things unlocked for free so no need to see any ad to unlock any thing. So we get rid of ads in this apk.

Unlimited power

We get unlimited powers of our machine that helps us to defeat more powerful games. With this feature we can win the level of every nature.

One hit win

In one attack the opponent machine will be destroyed and we win the level more easily. We can complete more levels quickly with this feature.

Unlock Equipments

All the equipment is unlocked and we can use any equipment in our game according to our choice.

Unlock Premium Features

We get all the premium features unlocked for free without purchasing them with our money or without seeing any ad.

CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars


CATS apk is an action based game in which one machine can defeat another machine in the battlefield and win the game. When we win the game then in reward we get different things like coins, gems, and machine parts that we can use in our further game to win and unlock more levels.

CATS mod apk is the hacked version in which we have all the features unlocked for free and we can download this application from any website for free and we can use that unlocked and unlimited features in our game and unlock new exciting levels that we can play with our favorite machine that we get unlocked in this mod apk.



Q. Can we play online challenges in CATS apk?

Yes we can take part in online challenges in CATS apk and we can play them in online mode.

Q. Can we freely use the parts of the machine that we get in reward from CATS apk?

Yes we can freely use the part of the machine that we get in reward by winning level in CATS apk.

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