COD Mobile Apk (MOD, Unlimited Lives)

COD Mobile Apk

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App Name COD Mobile Apk
Size 46MB
Latest Version v1.0.39
MOD Info Unlimited Lives
Price Free
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Update May 31, 2023 (1 year ago)
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COD Mobile is also known as Call of Duty Mobile, it is one of the most popular online battle royal game on mobile platform. Play multiplayer battles and survive till last to win matches. Make your squad with your friends and play against other players around the world.

It is an online game and you can join random squads as well. The graphics of this game are so intense and extremely stunning. 3D dynamic graphics and sound quality of this game make it more realistic and awesome. Play classic match against 100 players and defeat all the players to win multiplayer battles. You can play team death matches mode where 5v5 battles will take place.

There are so many powerful weapons available. Gameplay is so extreme and unique. There are different maps which you can select for matches. The game is bit heavy in size just because it contains so many resources that make the game more awesome. Customize your character and purchase battle pass to get legendary and unique rewards.

There are tons of outfits available to unlock. It has training ground where you can practice your skills. Below are the features of this game.

COD Mobile Apk

3D Graphics

COD Mobile features 3D graphics with dynamic range of visualization. It has extreme graphics with high quality details. Highly detailed graphics and visual effects make the game more realistic. Characters are so beautiful designed that they look real and awesome. You can see damage effect while firing against other players. See reflections and shadows in game. You need high-end device if you want to play this game with extreme graphics. You can adjust the graphic settings within this game according to your preferences.

COD Mobile Apk

Awesome Gameplay

Gameplay of this game is so addictive that you can play this game for like hours without getting bore. There are different game modes available including classic matches and team death matches. In classic matches, you need to survive till last in order to win match. You can play with your friends as well. Make your squad and play with an effective strategy for survival. Land on any location in map and find weapon if you want to eliminate your enemies quickly. You need to practice your skills of firing. In team death match, play 5v5 battles and score higher to win battles.

COD Mobile Apk

Sniper vs Sniper Mode

Sniper vs Sniper is a great game mode where you can train your sniping skills. Clear your surroundings without letting other know. Ambush yourself and snipe down your enemies with highly skilled sniping. This is one of the best and slow-paced nail-biting mode in this game. You will find all the snipers and sniper rifles in this mode. Eliminate your enemies with your favourite sniping gun and show them your skills. You need to be more careful and patient because everyone is hiding and you need to spot them.

COD Mobile Apk

Voice Chat with Friends

COD Mobile has unique feature which let you do voice chat with your friends. You can communicate with your friends through voice feature. Chat with your friends in match and in lobby without any problem. The voice will be so clear and loud to hear. You even can chat with other players. Join different squads and communicate with them through voice chat feature. If you feel like you cannot enable voice chat, you can simply send text within the game. You can easily enable and disable the voice chat feature in game.

COD Mobile Apk

Free to Play

This game is completely free to play and there are no hidden charges for this game. However, there are in-game purchases available which you can buy with real money. You can buy battle pass and get legendary items throughout the whole month. You can customize your character such as changing outfits, hairstyle, skin colour etc. Get this game for free of cost and enjoy playing best battle royal game on your device.

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Q. Can I play COD Mobile without internet?

No, you cannot play this game without internet because it is an online battle royal game.

Q. Can I play COD Mobile with my friends?

Yes, you can play this game with your friends. You can play it solo as well.

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