Cyberika Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Cyberika Mod Apk

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App Name Cyberika Mod Apk
Size 143 MB
Latest Version v2.0.9-rc617
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update October 17, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Cyberika introduces a very interesting premise of a futuristic world riddled with poverty and chaos. The police are non-existent, the powerful run the place. The only way to get through this world is through money and weapons. If you are a fan of the apocalyptic genre this role play game might hold the ultimate fantasy for you. And paired with the unique themes and designs of futuristic elements this game will not fail you.

You will start from a small house on the outskirts of the city but gradually and surely you will rise among the ranks and gain valuable artifacts, fashionable garments and cool cars. But you'll have to be strong. This is a rough world and no place for the weak.

Cyberika holds so much promise for you. Its beautiful graphics will have you reeling! Every area of the city is uniquely and singularly designed. The game takes you on a fantastic quest with so many challenges for you to undertake with the help of a variety of tools, special objects and cars that can fly you to your destination in no time. If this introduction caught your eye then we recommend you to keep on reading.

Cyberika Mod APK

What is Cyberika APK?

Cyberika apk is the standard version available on all play stores for free. This game takes place in the city of Bradbury. Your protagonist starts off from a small house on the fringes of the city from where by availing various opportunities he will reach a higher much better level. And as he climbs up he will be able to enjoy the perks that come with it. It is a very scary world where you cannot survive without money and some cool weapons in your hands. But if you are persistent and accept challenges you will definitely become better.

There are many cool features that are there in this game. There is a wide variety of weapons and interesting tools, characters you can choose and the option to upgrade their garments to make them look cool. You can get cars to increase your speed of transportation. The graphics are dynamic and absolutely lovely. Beautiful details and futuristic coloring give life to the animation.

What is Cyberika Mod APK?

Cyberika Mod apk is the modified or cheat version of the standard version of the game. Are you tired of the same old clothes you're wearing or that same old apartment you're living in. Then this mod version has gotten rid of this problem for you because it gives you unlimited cash and saves you from the tedious process of saving money.

The mod version also gets rid of all the ads for you. All the levels are locked now you don't have to go in specific order, choose more freely. And last but not the least, free unlimited gems!

Cyberika Mod APK


Cyberika unfurls stunning graphics. The themes of cyberpunk and the apocalyptic world are prevalent. The designs are futuristic and clean. The animation is on point, very colorful and eye-catching.


The world is thrown into a chaotic turmoil with futuristic technology and apocalyptic conditions. It has become increasingly hard to survive, the police are almost out of fashion, it is the survival of the fittest. You can overcome many problems through money and weaponry. Gradually you will climb the hierarchy and will be able to obtain new clothes, weapons and cars. And then move into a penthouse!

Cyberika Mod APK

Customize and Upgrade Characters

You don't have to be stuck with only one character now, there are a lot of interesting characters that you can play. And another benefit you get to enjoy is that you can customize the clothes and accessories of those characters isn't that fun? You can also upgrade all the materials in your possession. Up your weapons, body and abilities to become the best in the city.

Exciting Storylines

You follow the protagonist who is on a journey to find out what organization it was that put a chip into his head. This quest will take you to many shady places in Bradbury. It is a very interesting premise that you will find yourself falling into. And the best part is that you don't have to follow a specific story, you can make your own path as you move about the game. The developers of this game have worked hard to make this game as individual as they could.

Cyberika Mod APK

Upgrade residence

Yes! You are given a residence, your very own place to slip into and relax. Where you can eat, shower, and sleep. It is also an ideal place for fixing your weapons and assembling new tools. This is a place which is absolutely safe and secure for you. Another absurdly exciting thing is that you get to upgrade that place as you gradually climb up to the top.

Advanced Combat

This game gives you an insane experience in fighting. You are provided with a gigantic variety of weapons and you can have whichever you want. Guns, bats, swords (the laser ones!) and rifles. You can also use the cyber implants to gain superhuman powers and strength. Strategize how you are going to use your strengths against those nasty street rookies, cyber hounds, robots and many more.

Unlimited Coins

The mod version gives you unlimited coins so now you'll never run out of them or have to wait for them. And this way you can get to the top easily and solve problems in a jiffy.

Unlimited Gems

You will get an infinite reservoir of gems. So go for all those premium stuff that were impossible for you to purchase in the official version of the game.

Cyberika Mod APK

Unlocked All Levels

All the levels will be unlocked for you in the mod version. Now if you are bored with a certain level you can always go for another one.

No Ads

Yes! No ads will be there to bug you in your glorious journey. Enjoy the game with any distractions.

Cyberika Mod APK


Cyberika is a unique juxtaposition of futuristic and apocalyptic elements. With an extremely engaging plot line it is bound to attract gamers who love RPG based games. A thrilling chaotic journey is extended towards you, a quest that you will never forget! Check out all the cool features by clicking the download button and we will see you in the comment section! Good luck with your survival!


Q. How can I unlock all levels in Cyberika?

You can unlock all levels in Cyberika by downloading its mod version.

Q. How Can I Remove Ads in Cyberika?

You can get rid of the ads by downloading Cyberika mod apk.

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