Designer City MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Designer City MOD APK

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App Name Designer City MOD APK
Size 97 MB
Latest Version v1.38
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update August 03, 2023 (11 months ago)
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In the Designer City, you have the authority to design the city in your own way. You can select how many tall buildings you want to construct in your city and how many areas you want to spare for the roads. This game provides you with the top down view, you can also introduce different kinds of vehicles to your city to attract more people towards it. You can create society and also introduce different kinds of activities.

This game also includes different quests and challenges that you can participate in and earn a lot of rewards. You have to work hard to unlock the different kinds of buildings. You can also expand the area of the city.

Designer City MOD APK

What is the Designer City APK?

In the designer City app, you are going to design a city in your own way. There are different kinds of buildings that you can unlock and then you can start constructing these buildings in the City. You can decide the infrastructure of your city in various ways and it depends upon you how much land you want to spare for residential areas and for the roads. You can also create various landmarks like the hospitals and Educational Institutions that are necessary for the citizens.

Best features of Designer City MOD APK

Construct your city

This game provides you with the authority to construct the city in your own way. You are going to have a barren land where you can construct various landmarks and parks.

Different Kinds of Buildings

There are different kinds of buildings in this game that you can unlock and to unlock these buildings you either have to complete the task or to collect money.

Build different landmarks

As you are going to construct a city for people so that they can live peacefully. That's why you have to build different landmarks for their convenience.

Participate in Quests

This game contains different events and Quests in which you can participate. By completing these quests, you can unlock the different aspects of this game and you can also collect money that you can use to decorate your city.

Expand your City

As you progress in this game, you can unlock new parts of the city and expand your city. By doing this, you can add more buildings and societies to your city.

Earn Rewards

By completing different tasks, you can get rewards and these rewards help you to upgrade your city. In this way, you can make your city more advanced.

What is the use of Mod of Designer City APK?

The Mod version of the designer City game is very useful. It allows you to get unlimited money which is very useful. If you want to construct a beautiful city. In the regular version, you have to participate in different quests and missions to earn the money. But in this game, you are getting it without doing anything and all the different buildings are also free from restrictions.

Designer City MOD APK

New Features of Designer City MOD APK

Unlocked Buildings

In designer City Mod APK, you are going to have all the buildings readily available to you. You do not have to participate in Quests or missions to unlock the different kinds of buildings.

Unlimited Money

You are also going to have unlimited money in the modified version of this game. You can use this money to decorate your city in various ways.

No interruptions

In the modified version of this game, there are no restrictions and you are going to have ads free experience on this app.

Unlocked Areas

All the different areas of the city are free from restrictions and in this way, you can expand your city and make it more advanced.

Procedure of Downloading Designer City MOD APK

To download designer city mod apk on your device, you can follow the link that is available in this article. You have to tap on this link and you will get to see some options on your screen, like download or install. You have to click on this option and the download will start.

Why is Designer City MOD APK so worth downloading?

Designer City Mod APK is so worth downloading because it saves a lot of your time and efforts. In this version, you do not have to wait to collect money because you are going to have unlimited money.

Designer City MOD APK


Designer city is a game that lets you use your creativity and gives you the authority to design a whole city by your instinct. There are a lot of different mini games and Quests in which you can participate and if you want to collect unlimited money in this game, then you can download designer City Mod APK.


Q. How do you expand your area in Designer City?

To expand your area in designer City, you have to unlock the different areas.

Q. How do you get money in Designer City?

They are different quests and missions in which you can participate to earn money.

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