Dude Theft Wars (MOD, Free Shopping)

Dude Theft Wars

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App Name Dude Theft Wars
Size 192.0 MB
Latest Version v0.9.0.9a9
MOD Info Free Shopping
Price Free
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Update July 08, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Dude Theft Wars is a replica of a famous game Grand Theft Auto. If you are a big GTA fanatic, then, this game is certainly not to be missed. Be a member of the city's most notorious gang and do missions just like in GTA.

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Dude Theft Wars

Story plan

This game revolves around a guy who is living his life like everyone else, but one day, he realizes that he wants to do a lot more things in his life, hence, he becomes a part of a notorious gang in the city, and that is how his story starts. Dude Theft Wars

Multiple action game

If you are unable to solve any mission in this game, then, you can recruit some bad boys from your gang and they will help you to complete that mission. When you win the mission, you can buy different weapons which will help you in your next mission. Dude Theft Wars

Buy as many weapons as you want

As time passes, and you will start getting money, you can buy as many weapons as you want. All you need is a good amount of money in order to buy different weapons. Complete different missions, earn money, and buy different weapons. Dude Theft Wars

GTA like game

If you have ever been pro in playing GTA, then, this game is the simplest for you. This game is even easier and simpler than GTA. Therefore, you will not find any difficulty while playing and understanding this game. Dude Theft Wars

Background music and pixels

The only difference in this game and GTA is the fact that the background music is different in it, instead there is a simpler soundtrack going on in this game when you play it. Also, the pixels of this game are not as high as GTA. Dude Theft Wars

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Q. Is Dude Theft War a free game?

Yes, this game is absolutely free to play. You can play a mini version of GTA in this game without spending any bucks.

Q. Is Dude Theft War an online game?

Yes, you can only play this game with the availability of the internet.

Q. Is Dude Theft War a multiplayer game?

There is a multiplayer mod in this game available. You can enable that mode and play it as a multiplayer game.

Q. Does Dude Theft War have a first person experience like GTA?

Yes, this game has a first person experience like GTA. It is a mini GTA version.

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