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Face Magic MOD APK

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App Name Face Magic MOD APK
Size 75 MB
Latest Version v1.16.0
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
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Update May 25, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Face Magic is one of those editors that allows you to play pranks with your friends. It will enable you to swap your face with any celebrity in any video or picture. There is no need to adjust the face because this app works on the AI systems and automatically adjusts your face on the celebrity's body.

 There are hundreds of music videos in which you can participate by swapping your face. You can even swap multiple faces in one picture to create a fun environment. You can even do this in the videos you have of yourself and include any of your friends in your videos by just swapping the face.

What is the Face Magic APK?

Do you want to become a celebrity? If yes, download the Face Magic app now, as this app allows you to swap your faces in famous music videos. You can swap your face with any celebrity, even use your videos in which you can swap the face of any of your friends. There is a whole collection of videos available in this app, but there are some videos that you need to unlock.

What is the Mod of the Face Magic App?

The Mod of the Face Magic app provides you with the free premium version. In this way, it saves a lot of your money. You do not have to buy the pro version of this app, and there is no need to get a subscription. Some people face promotional ads issues, which is also better now in the Face Magic app.

Why Download Face Magic MOD APK?

For those who do not want to spend money on different editors, the face magic Mod APK is the best solution. It helps you to use the premium version of this app without spending money, and all the different music videos are in your hands with the help of this modified version.

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What are the best features of the Face Magic MOD APK?

Be a part of your favorite music video.

This app allows you to be a part of your favorite music videos. You can easily swap your face with the main character in the video and become the face of that music video.

Automatically adjusts your face.

They are no need to adjust your face on the body of any character because this app Works With an AI system that automatically adjusts your face on the body of any celebrity.

Prank your friends

You can also use this app to play pranks on your friends, for example, and you can use a female body and place the face of your male friend.

Multiple face Swaps

You can also do multiple face swaps in a video or a picture and turn a celebrity couple into a native couple.

Available Content

The different music videos are already available in the face magic app; to access these videos, you can buy the pro version.

This app even allows you to import different Content from your gallery and use it as a swapping video.

Regular Updates

This app provides regular updates, and new videos exist in its gallery.

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What's new in the Face Magic MOD APK?

Free Premium

The face magic Mod APK provides you with a free premium version. It means you can readily use all the Content available in this app.

No need to pay

There is no need to pay even a single penny to use the face magic mode APK.

All Content unlocked

The face magic app also provides you with some premium content, which is open in the modified version of this app.

No interruptions

You will face no interruptions while using the face magic app as it does not contain any promotional ads or interruptions.

How to download Face Magic MOD APK?

To download the face magic Mod APK scroll on this article, and in the middle of the screen, you will see a download link, click on it, and it will start downloading.

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People who want to bring some fun into their life can use the face swap app. You can even create an amazing couple of photos with the help of this place-swapping feature. To use this app without spending money you can go for the face magic mode APK.


Q. Is there a role for gender in the Face Magic app?

No, there is no rule of gender. You can use a female face on the male body or vice versa.

Q. How to remove an auto subscription from Face Magic app?

You can remove the auto subscription from the face magic app by disabling the subscription from your online banking app.

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