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There are many applications on the internet which give you multiple features and tools for photo editing but in this article you will come to know an app which has more features than these applications. If you are looking for an app which can help you to change your facial expression in pictures, then you are about to get that photo editor.

Faceapp is that app which has very powerful features which you will never get in other photo editor applications. Faceapp is very famous on the internet that’s why millions of people are using this awesome photo editor application to create the best pictures. This app has next level tools and features which helps you to take picture photos by using their services.

With this application you can even turn yourself into an old person or you can again turn yourself into a child by using the features of this application. You can completely transform yourself with a faceapp photo editor without any problem because this app gives the best and advanced tools for this purpose.

This app has very good optimization which is why it has zero complaints about lagging issues. Faceapp photo editor always gives a smooth experience because of the good optimization. Now let’s talk about some other features of faceapp in detail and see what's so good in it and why you should download it.


What is Faceapp APK?

Faceapp Apk means the basic standard version which is easily available everywhere on the internet. This awesome photo editor is launched by faceapp technology Ltd. This version of faceapp is free to download but it has some features and tools which are paid and if you want them then you have to purchase them otherwise you cannot use them.

You can use all free features of this app without any restrictions but for paid features you have to spend on them. While using this application you will see pop ups and video ads in this app because this standard version contains ads.

What is Faceapp Mod APK?

This epic photo editor app has a modified version which is also known as the cracked version. You will be amazed by the features of the mod version which you will get in faceapp photo editor. In this mod version you don’t need to spend your money on any feature or tool because the mod version of faceapp will give you all features and tools free of cost.

You can use the entire application without buying anything only in the mod version. You don’t need to accept any permission from the faceapp application because the mod version is completely free from these permissions. You will never see ads in this version because the mod version gives your ads a free experience for free.


Change Face Impressions

This is a very unique feature of faceapp editor because sometimes we can’t make good face impressions but now you don’t need to be worried because you can use this feature now. With the help of this awesome application you can easily change your face impressions with just a single tap.

Faceapp editor has many different face expressions which you can set in your pictures. You can set a smiling impression or you can set eyebrows in your pictures without any problem. No one can judge your picture because everything looks real after putting these impressions.

Turn Yourself Old

Faceapp has this amazing feature where you can turn yourself into an old person within seconds. This feature is so realistic that nobody can judge anything so you can easily prank your friends with this feature. You will see many options in which you can change yourself into an old person.

Best thing is that after putting this filter on your face you can edit that picture to make changes according to your choice. Change your hair color and apply this old age filter on your picture and see how you will look when you get old.

Become Young Person

If you are getting old, then this awesome feature is for you because faceapp editor gives you a chance so you can get this chance to become young again. For this purpose, this app has many awesome options that you can use in your photo to look young.

This filter clears all wrinkles from your face to give you a baby look to go back to your childhood. You can set a teenage filter on your face to get back your teenage face again. All these options are very cool because it gives you happiness and nostalgia by giving your young face back. 

Do your Makeup

Nowadays we all are very concerned about face beauty that’s why we take makeup to help look good on camera but if you have some photo in which you didn’t have makeup on your face then don’t worry. Faceapp editor has this interesting feature where you can add different makeup styles on your face to give your face and picture an attractive look.

This feature is very easy because all you have to do is add your picture in this editor then go to the makeup studio and you are ready to choose your look. You can also edit makeup according to your choice because it has no restriction so you are free to use anything.

Faceapp Pro Mod Apk

Add Colors and Filters

This feature is also very good because colors always make a picture awesome and attractive. That's why faceapp editors have this epic feature for their users. It has all trending filters which you can use in your pictures and the great thing is that it has so many different filters which are very easy to use.

You can also adjust lights and other options like brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights and many other things according to your requirement. You will never face any kind of error or lagging issue while using the features and tools of faceapp editor.

Remove and Add Background

Sometimes we look good in pictures but the background of pictures ruins the whole picture but now that’s not a problem anymore because faceapp editor has a complete solution to this problem. You can now change or remove the background of your picture without any problem because for this purpose faceapp has awesome features which you can use.

You can do it manually or you can set this option on automatic to remove your background. This feature is very responsive because it gives quick results so you don’t need to wait longer. It has multiple colorful backgrounds that you can set in your photos.

Save in High Quality

Good editing takes time but after this If we didn’t get a good quality picture result then everything looks waste but faceapp editor gives the best quality result to their users. You can easily save your picture in full high quality and it will save your picture within seconds.

If you want a different format or quality, then don’t worry because faceapp editor has this feature too where you can set everything according to your requirement. So edit your pictures like a pro and after that save them in HD to post on your social media accounts to impress the world.

Face and Gender Swap

This feature of faceapp is very funny and awesome because it gives you a chance to swap your face with your friends and family members for fun. We promise that you will laugh so hard after using this awesome feature of this application because it changes your face with another person.

You can also change your gender to amaze your friends and family. If you are a boy, then you can turn yourself into a girl and if you are a girl then you can turn yourself into a boy to see how you would look.

Faceapp Pro Mod Apk

Turn yourself into Celebrity

Yes! now it is possible because faceapp editor has this unique feature where you can turn yourself into a celebrity. If you have a crush on a celebrity, then no worries because now you can make yourself look like that celebrity. It has so many different celebrities which you can choose to become like them.

This feature matches your face impressions with that celebrity face to merge them. So with this unique feature you can easily impress your friends by showing your edited picture.

Edit your Videos

Faceapp editor also gives this useful feature where you can easily edit your video which means you don’t need a separate application for video editing because faceapp is a complete package. It has complete video editing tools that you can use to make creative video.

In video editing you will also get this feature where you can put your face in movie scenes. This app has many famous movie scenes of different celebrities in which you can add your face to look awesome. So pick your favorite movie scene and become famous.

No Advertisements

This feature is very unique because the standard version of faceapp contains ads which means if you use this app in this version then you will see video and popup ads while using this application.

That’s why the mod version gives you a complete solution because this version has zero ads in it. While using faceapp editor in the mod version you will never lose your focus because this version is completely free of advertisements. If you also want this feature without spending money, then a mod version is best.

Free Premium Tools

Good editing tools matter a lot for best editing and faceapp editors have the best collection of tools but many of them are paid which means you cannot use them until you pay from them.

In the basic standard version you cannot use those tools for free but in the mod version you will get full access over all tools because mod is free version because everything mod is free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to get premium tools because you will get a faceapp editor for free.

No Watermark

In the standard version when you edit your pictures from faceapp then at the end you get their watermark on your picture which you cannot remove until you pay them.

In the mod version you don’t need to do anything because you can easily remove the watermark in this version. There will be no restrictions in the mod version so you can remove the watermark from all your pictures and you can add your watermark if you want.

Complete Filters and Effects

Faceapp has hundreds of awesome filters and effects which you can use in your pictures to make them unique but many of them are premium and paid which means you can’t use them for free.

But in the modified version of faceapp you will get all filters and photo effects for free because this version never asks for the money from their users. Everything in the mod version is free including premium tools and features. So if you want faceapp editor completely free and unlocked then get this app in mod version.

Faceapp Pro Mod Apk


  • Add face expressions
  • Transform yourself into old person
  • Become child young person again
  • Multiple color effects
  • Add different hairstyles
  • Makeup studio
  • Change background
  • Hundreds of filters and effects
  • Fully optimized photo editor
  • Good user interface
  • Easy to use


  • Contains Ads in standard version
  • Have paid items


Faceapp editor is best especially if you want complete transformation of your because it has best features and tools for this purpose. You can easily make awesome pictures with this photo editor application without any complications. Faceapp can turn you into a young or old person within seconds.

So if you also want these magical features then download faceapp editor from our website by clicking the download button. Edit next level pictures with this app to impress your friends and other people on social media. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment box with other users of this app.


Q. How to get Faceapp Mod APK premium features for free?

To get premium features of faceapp editor for free you have to download this application in mod version then you will get all premium features of this application without paying anything.

Q. How to get paid tools for Faceapp Mod APK for free?

If you don’t want to pay for the paid tools of faceapp editor, then no problem because you will get all paid tools of this application for free in the mod version.

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