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Filmic Pro Apk

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App Name Filmic Pro Apk
Size 49.9 MB
Latest Version v7.5.4
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
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Update October 11, 2023 (6 months ago)
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How about being a director of your own movie? With Filmic Pro APK, you can be the boss and capture videos just the way you want.

This magical app turns your phone into a cool camera, better than anything else. So, let's get into this awesome app and see how it can make you a video superstar!

FiLMiC Pro

What is Filmic Pro APK?

Filmic Pro APK lets you take charge of your phone's camera. It's like having an automatic studio that transforms your videos into movie masterpieces. You can change settings like focus and exposure, just like the pros do. With Filmic Pro APK, your videos will be unique and super cool!

Best Features of Filmic Pro APK

Control the Focus

With Filmic Pro APK, you become the boss of focus! You can choose what to keep sharp and what to blur, making your videos look like real movies.

Adjust Exposure Like a Pro

Ever seen movies with perfect lighting? Now you can do that too! Filmic Pro APK lets you change the brightness of your videos, making them bright or dark as you like.

Frame Rate Fun

You know those cool slow-motion shots in movies? Guess what? You can make them too! Filmic Pro APK allows you to change the frame rate, giving you control over time itself.

Resolution Magic

Want super clear videos or save memory space? You got it! Filmic Pro APK lets you shoot in different resolutions, so you decide the quality.

Colors that Pop

Feel like adding a magical touch to your videos? Use Filmic Pro APK's powerful color settings to create a unique atmosphere that captivates your audience.

Super Speed or Smooth Movement

Incredible action scenes or graceful moments, you decide! With the app's shutter speed control, you can capture fast action or create smooth cinematic movements.

Awesome Aspect Ratios

Want to go widescreen or square? Filmic Pro APK gives you the freedom to shoot in different aspect ratios, so your videos stand out.

Magic of Both Cameras

Filmic Pro APK works with both front and back cameras. That means you can shoot epic selfies or record breathtaking sceneries with ease.

FiLMiC Pro

Pro-Level Guides

Not sure where to put the main subject in your video? Filmic Pro APK provides helpful guides like the rule-of-thirds, making your shots look professional.

Lock and Load

Worried about accidentally changing settings while filming? Fear not! Filmic Pro APK lets you lock settings, so you stay in control.

Cinematic Color Profiles

Want your videos to look even better when you edit them? Shoot in log or flat color profiles and unlock endless possibilities in post-production.

Time-Lapse Wizardry

Add a touch of magic to your videos with the time-lapse mode. Watch time fly as you create mesmerizing fast-motion sequences.

Audio Monitoring

Great videos need great sound. With Filmic Pro APK, you can monitor audio levels while recording, ensuring your sound is spot on.

Slow Motion Delight

Want to make things look epic in slow motion? Change the frame rate and watch your videos come to life in glorious slow-mo.

FiLMiC Pro

New Features in Filmic Pro APK

Visual Effects Extravaganza

The new update brings exciting visual effects to add a magical touch to your videos. Now, your creations will be even more captivating.

Creative Overlays

Let your imagination run wild! The latest version of Filmic Pro APK comes with more creative overlays that make your videos extra fun.

Steady as a Rock

Worried about shaky videos? The new update includes improved stability, ensuring your shots are steady and smooth, even if you're on the move.

Improved Compatibility

The developers have worked hard to ensure Filmic Pro APK now works flawlessly with the latest smartphone models. So, no matter what phone you have, you can start making movie magic.

FiLMiC Pro

Why is Filmic Pro APK Worth Downloading?

Filmic Pro APK is the ultimate tool to turn you into a video superstar, with the power to control your videos like a professional director. There's actually no comparison of this app, which makes it worth downloading. It has all the amazing features that you need to shoot a video on your phone.

FiLMiC Pro

Final Words

Filmic Pro APK is your ticket to becoming a video superstar. Lights, camera, action - with this app, you can create amazing videos that will impress everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Download Filmic Pro APK and explore your inner director now! 


Q. Can I use Filmic Pro APK on any smartphone?

Yes, Filmic Pro APK is available for most modern smartphones, both Android and iPhone!

Q. Is Filmic Pro APK difficult to use?

Not at all! The app has a simple and friendly interface, even a kid can use it with ease.

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