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App Name FS 15 MOD APK
Size 139 MB
Latest Version v1.1.2.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update April 19, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Farming Simulator 15 is a game in which you can see the 3D graphics. There are different tractors in this game that you can drive and harvest the crops. First of all, you have to sow the seeds in the soil and when the crops will grow, you have to harvest them with the help of different machinery. You can also buy livestock and different kinds of fruit seeds to grow in your farm.

There are various new lands in this game that you can unlock and start growing your Crops there. In this way, you can increase your business and get a lot of money in return. There is also a new mode in which you can expand your farming business and can also cut the trees and sell the logs to earn some extra money.


What is FS 15 APK?

Farming Simulator 15 is a game where you can manage your farm in your own ways. You can select the crops that you want to grow in your farm and when they will ripe you can harvest them with the help of your tractor. There are various kinds of Tractors in this game that you can buy with the help of money. The graphics of this game are very soothing and you can also unlock the new parts of the field to grow different crops. You can have livestock in this game and you have to take care of them to get the products from them.


Best Features of FS 15 MOD APK

Manage your Farm

In Farming Simulator 15, you have to manage your farm. You have to be very careful about the timings of the harvest of the crops because they might destroy because of the delay in harvesting.

Grow Crops

In this game, you have to grow crops in the field. You are free to select the kind of crops that you want to grow and then buy the seeds from the store and sow them in the soil.

Use Tractors

To harvest the crops you can use the tractors. There are different models of tractors in this game and you can buy them with the help of money.

Buy Tools

You can also buy different kinds of tools from the shop that will help you to become a better farmer.

Take Care of Livestock

You also have to take care of the livestock in your field because you can get fresh products from the livestock and sell them into the market to earn money.

Sell fresh Products

The only way to earn money in this game is to sell the products that you grow. You can either sell the crops in the market and even use the livestock to create various products and sell them to the market to earn money.


What is the use of Mod of FS 15 APK?

The Mod version of Farming Simulator 15 provides you with the woodcutting feature. It also provides you with Free shopping which means you can buy any tool from the store without paying money and you can also get your favourite tractor for free. You do not even have to unlock the different parts of the field in this Mod version.

New Features in FS 15 MOD APK

Wood Cutting

In the woodcutting feature, you can grow trees or go to the Jungle to cut the trees and then sell the logs in the market.

Unlocked Areas

There is no need to participate in events and missions to unlock the other fields as all of them are free from restrictions in this version.

Free Shopping

You can buy any item from the shop without paying money and in this way, you can have a variety of tractors on your field.

No advertisement

The modified version of Farming Simulator 15 does not contain any interruptions.

Why is FS 15 MOD APK so worth Downloading?

In the regular version of Farming Simulator 15  we have to go through a lot of difficulties. For example, we have to collect money to buy things from the store and we also have to unlock the other fields. But in this Mod version, there are no such restrictions. You are going to have Free shopping in this mode version.



In Farming Simulator 15, you can explore the different aspects of farming. You can grow crops, harvest them and sell them in the market to earn a living. You can also get different tractors in this game, but if you want to get different tools for free then you should download Farming Simulator 15 Mod APK.


Q. How can I get a new tractor in FS 15?

You can get a new tractor from the store by paying money.

Q. How do you earn Money in FS 15?

To earn money you have to sell your products in the market.

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