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App Name GAME TURBO Mod Apk
Size 10 MB
Latest Version v1.1.7
MOD Info For Andriod
Price Free
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Update June 20, 2022 (1 year ago)
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Games are liked and preferred by almost everyone but in this era of digital world physical games are replaced by the virtual video games. And the most commonly used source of playing these video games is your mobile phone. As it is available for all at every place. But playing high storage games can badly effect your mobile like lagging and heat up.

Because of that an amazing application  called Game Turbo is developed. It helps to enhance your mobile performance. It offers different useful options in settings for mobile performance customization. You will amazed by how it changes your mobile performance and your gaming experience It has fascinating features that help you to play better.

Game Turbo is best for you if you love gaming. It is designed in a manner that it automatically fulfill the requirements of a game before starting it. It provides you a clear interface for paying all the other mobile activities will stay restricted while gaming. You will have your best gaming experience with it. Game Turbo has two available versions one is the original apk version while the other is the modified mod apk version.



The standard version called Game Turbo APK is available for free on the internet. You can download it for free but still it contains a premium version that needs in-app purchasing. There are many unique features in Game Turbo apk that will leave you astonished. This useful application is developed by Xiaomi. Therefore in all Xiaomi devices you will have a built-in Game Turbo. It control different mobile operations while enabled.

To provide a clear interface for gaming Game Turbo disable different settings of the phone. Like it clear the RAM of the mobile for high storage games. It disable popup notifications so there is no interpretation while playing. Also it improves the game quality for better experience. You will surely enjoy using this application. With the better experience you will found yourself addicted to this impressive application and will never prefer to play a game without enabling Game Turbo.




There is a hacked version also available on the internet known as Game Turbo MOD APK. It is completely free application that requires no in-app purchasing. It is a save application you can enjoy all the features of the application without any limitation. It provides many wonderful options that makes it more convenient for use than the original version as all premium features are unlocked there.

All the activities that are performed in the apk version are also done in it. You will face no crashing or lagging while using this mod apk application. It also  control and changes different mobile settings according to the need of the game. It provides different games recommendations also. It improves the quality, speed and touch sensitivity of the game to make it more smooth and adventurous. The interface of both the apk and the mod apk versions are alike and also simple and easy to use.


Device Performance

The biggest reason for developing the Game Turbo application is to enhance the mobile performance. To give you the best gaming experience Game Turbo do all the required action which improves the performance of the device. It improves the speed and remove any lagging in the phone.

Device Memory

There are different requirements of every game but storage is necessary for all games. To free the space for game and also to improve the speed Game Turbo clear up the space by disabling all the background apps. These apps work in the background therefore it consume the major part of RAM.


Disabling Notifications

Like any popup ad popup notification also kills the tempo of the game. These are the biggest mood shifters. Therefore the Game Turbo has an option that provides you an environment clear from every notification. All the social apps notifications will remain disable till the gaming period.

Fulfill Game Requirements

An automatic feature of the game turbo is that whenever you start playing a game it checks all the requirements of the game and fulfill it automatically without disturbing you. Every game has different requirements like high speed, more space, improved audio, high HD graphics etc. Game Turbo customize the gameplay according to it.


Disable Calls

Another unique option provided by Game Turbo is that you can disable incoming calls and their notifications with it. Majority of the players prefer to disable incoming calls as they ruin the whole trill of the game.

Improved Graphics

Adventurous video games are the most preferred one. They also require excellent graphics for best experience. Game Turbo improves the graphics of the game as compare to the normal game. The graphics look more realistic.


Temperature Control

When you play games continuously your mobile will get heat up. It can cause damage to your mobile battery. Therefore the Game Turbo offers a feature that cool down your mobile hence boosting its performance.

User Interface

The user interface provided by this app is easy to understand and use. All the options available are there on the screen. You can customize your phone performance according to your demand.


Increase Speed

While playing an adventurous thrilling fighting or exciting racing games requires speed. The Game Turbo increases the speed of the game more than the speed provided in the normal game that is played without Game turbo.

Voice Changer

Voice changer option is helpful while playing games that requires audio. It makes the game more interesting. You can try it while communicating with other players.

No Ads Disturbance

The major drawback of any application is the ads distraction it cause while using. A pop-up ad always destroy the concentration. Therefore the Game Turbo mod apk provides you an ads free environment that will give you a distraction free interface. You will be able to the required settings without any interruption.

Free Premium Tools

The most impressive feature of the modified version is that it provides you all the basic and premium features of the application complete free to access and use. That means all tge premium options that demand real money before access are completely unlocked in the Game Turbo mod apk version. That is the biggest reason why people prefer it.



Game Turbo is the best app for playing games. It will improve your gaming performance and experience. You will find a place that is completely free for playing. You will surely be satisfied with its excellent features.

This fantastic app is worth downloading. You will praise the interface it provides you for gaming. It has millions of users for a reason. So you must try it for best gaming.


Q. How to unlock all the premium tools of the Game Turbo without paying money?

You can enjoy all the premium features without paying any amount by downloading the modified version of the Game Turbo. As it offer all the features completely free.

Q. Does the hacked version of the Game Turbo badly effect mobile performance?

The Game Turbo MOD APK works just like the apk version. It will not cause any damage to your phone or its performance.

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