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App Name Godus MOD APK
Size 252 MB
Latest Version v0.0.28381
MOD Info Free Purchase (Request Lucky Patcher)
Price Free
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Update August 02, 2023 (12 months ago)
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Godus is a unique gameplay in which you can create your own world. You can become the only Emperor of your land and you can have your own planet and the people of the planet will have to worship you. To show your power, you can create miracles and can even throw a meteor from the sky to make people fear you.

This game contains a lot of different kinds of lands and you can explore these lands and create a new Civilization there. You can also complete the In game challenges to unlock the new world and increase the number of people in your civilization. You can also introduce new technology in your world to please your followers.

What is the Godus APK?

Godus is a very interesting game. In this game, you are going to have your own world, where you can create a different landscape and different kinds of fruits and trees. You are also going to have your own people, who will obey you. If your people disappoint you in any way, then you can show them your anger by throwing meteors on them. You can even create miracles to make your people believe in your power. There are different challenges in this game that you can complete and unlock the new Worlds.

What is the Mod of Godus APK?

In the Godus Mod APK, there are no restrictions which means that you do not have to unlock the other Worlds to have your own rule. You are also going to have unlimited money in this Mod version and you can use this money to throw meteors on your people. You can also create miracles with the help of this money. In this way, you can have many obedient followers.

Why download the Godus MOD APK?

If you want to progress without doing any hard work, then you should download the Godus MOD APK. Because in this game, you are going to have unlimited money without doing anything. It means you can change the landscapes and add different features in your World for free.


What are the best features of Godus MOD APK?

Have your own planet

The Godus Mod APK provides you with your own planet and you can design your planet in your own way. You can add as many fruits and different minerals to it.

Progress in World through different eras

In this game, you are going to start the journey of the world from the ancient eras. You are going to start from the stone age and then you can proceed to the technological world.

Unlock new Worlds

There are also other Worlds in this game and you can unlock them one by one by winning the challenges in this game.

Have your own followers

You can have your own followers in each planet and to make them obedient, you can show them your anger by throwing meteors on them and can also create miracles.

Show your anger

You can also show your anger by depriving your followers from essential things and can also create dust Storms and rain Storms to make them fear you.

Introduce new technologies

As you progress in this game, you can introduce new technologies to your planets to provide your people with basic necessities.

Complete the Challenges

You are going to face a lot of different challenges in this game and by completing these challenges, you can get money and can even unlock the different Worlds.


What's new in Godus MOD APK?

Available in various languages

If you download the Mod version of this game, then you can change the language of this game easily.

Unlocked Worlds

You do not have to unlock the different Worlds in the game by completing the challenge because they are already available to you.

Unlimited Money

You are also going to have unlimited money in the more version of the Godus game.

No paid features

There are no paid features in this game and you can enjoy this game thoroughly, without paying any money.

How to download Godus MOD APK?

To get the Godus MOD APK on your device, you can find the link in this article. When you click on this link, you are going to see some options on your screen and you have to click on the download option. By doing so, the download will start and after that , you can access this file in your mobile downloads.



This game shows you what having your own rule over a planet would look like. You are free to add as many items and technology to your world as you want and you can also make your people obey you by showing your anger. If you want to get unlimited money in this game, then you can download Godus Mod APK.


Q. How do you throw meteors on people in Godus game?

To throw the meteors on people, you can use the money in this game.

Q. How do you unlock new Worlds in Godus?

You have to complete the different challenges in this game to unlock the new Worlds.

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