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After granny, and granny 2 here comes the 3rd part of Granny. You must have played granny game before and if not then you may have heard of this game. Granny game 3 is one of the most horrible game in which you are a prisoner in the house whose guardians are granny and grandpa. Twist in this game is that granny and grandpa has been died and but their ghost are still doing their jobs.

In Granny 3, concept of the game is same like granny 1 and granny 2 but this time location is different and more horrible. In Granny 3, the which is under the control of granny has another supernatural power. Slendrina, granddaughter of granny is here to tease you in horrific house.

You will have only 5 days to escape from this creepy house. If you are horror movies lover and love to play horror games then must try granny 3. Only brave people can play this game. Don’t make noise and take steps very carefully as granny and grandpa will never show mercy on their victims.

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What is granny 3 APK?

Granny 3 APK is a standard version that is available on Google play. Granny 3 is not so different from its previous chapters but some new items and character has been added in granny 3 that has made this game more scary and horrible. Avoid slendrina and in case she caught you then just run away from her. She will not harm you but you may get scared as she have creepiest face features.

What is granny 3 mod APK?

Want to know about the mysteries of granny’s mansion without getting caught by any of them? Then you can explore the mansion without any attacks by downloading granny 3 mod APK. Mod features of granny 3 is quite interesting. Download granny 3 mod apk through our website’s link and use mod features to avoid granny, grandpa and granny’s granddaughter slendrina. Free your game from ads because cracked version of granny 3 doesn’t irritate with ads.

Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt Mod Apk Download

Escape from ghostly mansion

Granny 3 has amazing virtual effects. You got trapped in terrifying mansion and you just have 5 days. With in 5 days, you have to find a way to escape if you didn’t make it then you’ll lost your all progress in game. Walk carefully in corridors but remember, don’t get puzzled. Find keys to open the doors. A friendly advice, if you are afraid of darkness then avoid to play at night.

Collect weapons

Collect little objects and try to throw them on granny or grandpa. Find short gun and shot granny and grandpa when you see them. You will find the bullets in different areas of the house so keep your eyes open because it is no easy to find bullets in dark house. Collect stones and throw them at granny and grandpa so they lost their consciousness for few seconds and you have a chance to run away from them.

Solve mysterious puzzle

In granny 3, you will not only find the way to escape from that cursed house but also you have to solve the unsolved puzzles too. This feature makes granny 3 more interesting and playable. These puzzle will try to manipulate you but you are the one who can control your mind not others.

Avoid noises

If you have played granny 2 then you know that If you make noise granny will find you in no time. Grandpa’s sense of hearing is not so good. Grandpa always roam around the house with his gun. Whenever grandpa see something is moving he shot them on spot. You have to avoid extra noises and try to remain calm because any loud noise can be the invitation of your dear.

Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt Mod Apk Download

Slendrina a new ghost

Developer has introduced another spine-chilling character named slendrina. Slendrina is a granddaughter of granny who is here to help their grand parents to look after the house. Slendrina will not be able to harm you but her creepy will terrifying you badly. Don’t get panic when she shows herself just try to run away without making noises in the house.

Collect items

You will find the different objects to solve the mystery of this house. There are some specific doors who are locked and to unlock them you need keys. Explore each room of the house and find keys. Keys will help you to get escape from that house. Throw different items to manipulate granny and make a way to run from her house.

Hide yourself

If granny or grandpa see you then before they caught you or kill you, hide yourself under the bed or tables. There are different places where you can hide yourself from granny and grandpa. Keep it in your mind that don’t let granny or grandpa watch you where you are hiding.

Unlimited health

Granny’s one hit will take your health From 100 to zero. This is annoying that once you caught by granny or grandpa all your progress will lose. We are giving you a sincere advise to download granny 3 mod apk and get unlimited health. Now whether it is granny or grandpa both of them never harm you. Cracked version of granny 3 has made it more easier to get escape from the house.

Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt Mod Apk Download

No internet required

Granny 3 mod apk doesn’t demand internet access. If you are away from internet connection and want to play game then play granny 3 mod apk without internet.

No pop-up ads

In granny 3 mod apk, nothing cause trouble not even ads because this version has removed ads without any money. If you get annoyed by ads then choose granny 3 mod apk and play game without getting ads notifications.


Granny 3 mod apk is anti-ban which means that it is a complete secured version. Without worrying about your privacy and game’s hacked version, just download granny 3 mod apk and use mod features for free.


Everybody loves to play and watch horror series and it becomes more interesting when you can play realistic horror games on your smartphones and tablets. Granny 3 is a great game to play especially for those who love scary games. New mansion, new character, and new items has been added in Granny 3. So guys, check your braveness and try to get escape from granny’s cursed house.

Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt Mod Apk Download


Q. How get complete unlocked granny 3 game?

Install cracked version of granny 3 from our website and unlocked all features of this game.

Q. How to remove ads from granny 3 without spending money?

You can download granny 3 mod APK because modified version is free from ads.

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