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Graphics Card For PC

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Graphics card is an essential part of computer. With graphic card, you can enhance the performance of your pc. Graphics card plays a vital role in the performance of pc. It boosts the performance of pc and enhance the user experience. You can edit videos and pictures without any lag. You can use heavy software on your pc with smoothness. You can play highly detailed games with full graphic settings. There are so many popular graphic cards available in market which you can buy according to your need and budget. Graphics card has more processing cores, thermal power design, power connectors and more extra perks which normal computer processors do not have.


Graphics Card For PC

Graphical Processing Unit

GPU are the graphical processing unit of computer. GPU are basically use to achieve high fps in games so that player can play the game without any lag. GPU helps in 3D modelling. You can create 3D models using software without any problem. Your PC speed will increase to next level and you can run any heavy software or game with full settings. There are two famous companies who make GPU cards. Nvidia and AMD are the best companies.

Extra Cores

These graphics cards have extra cores which boost the performance of computer. AMD graphic cards have stream processor core and Nvidia graphic cards have CUDA cores technology. These cores help in computation and calculation. You can use heavy editing software. Different graphic card series have different core numbers and stream processors. You can check the specification of each graphic card model.

Graphics Card For PC

Core Clock Speed

Core clock speed determine the capabilities of graphic cards. Higher the core clock speed, higher the processing power and result. Different graphics card have different core clock speed. You can see the details of core clock speed. You can also adjust the core clock speed of your graphic card using the specific software. High core clock speed provide highest processing speed in games and software.

Memory Type

Different graphics cards have different memory type such as GDDR4 gives better performance but GDDR5 or GDDR6 will deliver the best performance. This memory type works the same way as regular ram in computer. Ram in graphics card determines the Video Ram also known as VRAM. More the memory type, more the performance. You can choose your favourite graphics card with multiple memory options.

Graphics Card For PC

Memory Bandwidth

Memory bandwidth of graphics cards can be take as an overall performance of a graphic card including VRAM, core speed, clock speed and memory type. Memory bandwidth determines how fast the VRAM is in the graphic card. If you want to enjoy seamless performance in gameplays, then get a graphic card with high memory bandwidth and memory type.


Q. What are the famous Graphic Card Companies?

Nvidia and AMD are the popular graphic card companies. You can buy graphic card of any of these two companies.

Q. How to install Graphic Card in PC?

Simply open the desktop cover and install the graphic card on appropriate location.

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