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GTA Mod Apk

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Update October 17, 2023 (9 months ago)
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If you are a lover of crime and action games, then read this article because in this article you will get a world famous game which has realistic features and it will blow your mind. The name of that game is Grand Theft Auto, which is also known in short form as GTA. This is a world class game which has millions of active players who play this game daily. This action and crime game is on top because it has top reviews and ratings all over the internet.

GTA games have a great story line where you will get multiple missions to play and every mission will get you money and respect in this game. You can drive super cars in this game or you can ride heavy bikes because it has so many vehicles which you can use to enjoy this game. GTA is an open world game which means you will see lots of locations and places where you can go with your player to have fun.

GTA games have great optimization which is why it has zero complaints about lagging and glitches because this game gives the best gaming experience to their players. But make sure to play GTA games on a fully updated smart device because it fulfills all the requirements of this game. This game is easy to play but if you are new to this game then you have to do some practice because it's important otherwise you won’t be able to play missions of this game. Now let’s have a look at its features.

GTA Mod Apk

What is GTA APK?

GTA apk means the basic standard version which is launched by famous rockstar games developers everywhere on the internet. This simple version of GTA is free to download so you don’t have to pay for anything to get this game on your mobile device.

You will see many great features in this game but there are some premium features too like guns, money and outfits so you have to purchase them. While playing GTA games in this version you will see many ads in this game because the basic version contains ads in it. You will only get limited money in this game to buy these players.  

What is GTA Mod APK?

GTA game also comes in mod version which is also known as a cracked version which you can get from our website. In the mod version you will get exciting features which will amaze you for sure because the standard version of GTA doesn’t offer them.

Having a GTA game in mod version you don’t need to buy anything in this game because all premium features and items will be completely free in this version. You can use any weapon, car and outfit without any problem because the mod version gives full access to all features and items in the GTA game. You will get unlimited coins and health in this game free of cost. Mod version has no ads in the GTA game.

GTA Mod Apk

Big Map

As grand theft auto is an open world game that’s why you will get a huge map in this game where you will see many different locations and places. In this game you will see many huge buildings like hospitals, banks, police stations, offices, malls, clubs and many others where you can go to start different missions. As you are the main player of this game, you have to explore a complete map to discover new things in it.


The GTA game is also known for its great storyline which you will see while playing this game. In story mode you will get so many missions which makes the story of this game because every mission is connected with others.

This is a very interesting feature of the GTA game because you will never get bored from it as you have many different missions to play. In these missions you have to face mafia leaders and criminals so you have to be very active while playing them.  

High Resolution Game

GTA games come in high quality graphics which are very high in resolution that makes this game realistic. That's why people love the graphics of this game. Everything in this game has great detailing so while playing this game you will never miss any angle or item because it has 3D graphics.

Great thing about graphics is that it gives graphics settings where you can adjust resolution and detailing according to your requirement. Try to play GTA games on high end devices because it will give you an extreme experience.

Customizable Controls

This feature of GTA is very useful because this game is big and sometimes you have to shoot your enemies while driving which is a hard task to play. That's why it gives customizable controls options. In this great feature you can set the touch sensitivity of your game and you can also set the different buttons on your mobile screen for your convenience.

There are no restrictions so you can set everything according to your gameplay which means you are free to set controls. After customizing your controls, you can become a pro player of this game because that’s how you can end this game.


GTA Mod Apk

Fights With Criminals and Mafias

The GTA game is full of criminals and mafia leaders and you are the only one who can decide where you should go. In this game you will get many different missions in which you can go against mafias and criminals but in some missions you have to help them because this is the only way to complete missions. While roaming on the road you will also see many street gangsters but you have to be careful because if you fight with them then you will get wasted in this game.  

Police Attack

This is a fun feature of grand theft auto because this game has police. While playing this game if you try to stanch or steal something from the people then police will chase you and if you get caught by the police then your game will be over because you will get busted.

You can also become a policeman in this game by helping the police catch criminals and you will also earn money and respect from the police. So make sure to play safe games otherwise you will be chased by the police and your missions will become more difficult with them. 

Unlimited Health

In the standard version of the GTA game you have to be careful while fighting with others because you only get limited health and if you lose all your health then your game will be over. But in the mod version you don’t need to be worried about health because this version gives unlimited health in the GTA game which means you can do anything without care. You will never lose your health again even if you get hit by something.

Unlimited Money

Money matters a lot in GTA games because it helps you get food, weapons and other important things for your player and you have to earn by completing missions. But in the mod version you don’t need to make an effort because this version provides you unlimited money in the GTA game. Best thing about this feature is that your free money will never run out so you can easily use it to buy multiple things for yourself.


GTA Mod Apk

No Interruptions

Standard version of GTA game has ads which means while playing this game you will lose your focus because of ads and it will interrupt the game too. In the mod version of GTA you can play peacefully without any interruptions because this version has no ads in this game.

You will never see pop ups and videos because the mod version doesn’t contain them. You will get this feature free of cost because of the mod version. So if you also want a GTA game without ads then go with the mod version.

Complete Weapons

You will see many different weapons shops in GTA games where you can buy different weapons to play missions and fight against your enemies but you need a good amount of money to buy them. In the mod version you need nothing because this unique version gives a complete range of weapons in this game which you can use without any problem. You can choose any weapon to kill your opponent and you will also get unlimited ammos.

Unlocked Features

The GTA game has a big map with multiple locations and places but in the start everything will be locked and you have to play a storyline to unlock it. To unlock a complete map in this game takes so long but in the mod version you will get the complete map unlocked.

You can go anywhere without completing your missions because the mod version allows their users to use everything free of cost and without restriction. That's why many people always look for the mod version. So if you also want GTA game unlocked then download it in mod apk.

Free Downloading

This app is totally free for download as many people complain that good quality apps and games aren't free for download. You can get this app now without spending any of your money and start using it without any issues. This app is surely wonderful and getting it free isn't less than a miracle.


  • Detailed 3D graphics
  • Customizable controls
  • Multiple missions to play
  • Awesome story line
  • Great visual and sound effects
  • Hundreds of different characters
  • Open world
  • Well optimized
  • Super cars and bikes
  • Different weapons to use
  • Free to roam anywhere


  • Heavy in size


The Grand Theft Auto game is best because it provides countless gaming hours because it is an open world game so you can go anywhere to explore new things in this game. GTA games are highly recommended by their players everywhere on the internet.

If you also want to enter the crime world then download the grand theft auto game from our website. Play this game and try to complete all missions to end this game. Before you leave make sure to write your thoughts about GTA in the comment section for other players.

GTA Mod Apk


Q. How to get unlimited health in GTA for free?

If you want unlimited health for free then download the mod version of GTA game, then you will get unlimited health in this game for free which you will never lose.

Q. How to get all weapons in GTA for free?

To get all weapons in a GTA game you need to get this game in mod apk version because this version gives their users all weapons in this game free of cost.

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