Hello Neighbor Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Hello Neighbor Apk

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App Name Hello Neighbor Apk
Size 1110.2 MB
Latest Version v2.3.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update September 01, 2023 (8 months ago)
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In this suspenseful gameplay, your main goal is to make your way out through your evil neighbor's house. Escaping that house is an intimidating and daunting task because it is full of deadly and sharp traps which you must not fall for! You have to make a useful plan and use the map to access different locations of the house.

With every little move you make, your enemy becomes more alert and aware of your presence. You have to hurry up and move around as fast as you can before your sinister neighbor gets to you.

Hello Neighbor Mod APK

Hello Neighbor Apk

This game contains an intense survival mode where you have to stay alert and act quickly on every level. You don't have much time to stay at certain locations for longer periods therefore you have to run away as fast as possible before the villain can find you.

Features of Hello Neighbor Apk

3D survival simulator

If you want to experience the amazing features of this game, there is one thing you have to be sure of and that is your survival! Staying alive for long enough is not an easy task in this game and you have to take on different strategies.

Defeat a powerful villain

The main antagonist of this game is your neighbor that lives next door and you find yourself stuck in his massive mansion. He is merciless and ready to put you at stake at any time.

Various hiding spots

There are many spots in the game where you can hide if the enemy approaches you. You can hide behind doors or crouch under the bed without making any sound.

Explore the mansion

You can explore the spacious mansion and look for the items that can help you get out safely. You must be careful while going to different places because your enemy can access any room within seconds.

Five intense levels

There are five levels in the game with different rates of intensity. The game starts easier on the initial levels but as they pass, it gets more intense and harder to play.

Find the missing keys

If you want to access all rooms in the game, you have to look for and collect the keys for each particular door lock. You can find these keys scattered all across the map.

Find weapons

Going completely unarmed may be dangerous for you therefore you have to equip the necessary weapons by finding them in places such as the basement or kitchen.

Why is Hello Neighbor Apk Pro special?

Since this is a survival simulator, it is important to have all the necessary items in this game to do your best. Although the Apk game gives you a decent amount of features, the premium game can give you lots more and enhance your fun!

Download Hello Neighbor Apk Pro Latest Version 2023

There are more rooms and locations around the map you can explore in the game. The latest premium game also has better control adjustments.

Features of Hello Neighbor Apk Pro

Free upgrading items

Upgrading is one of the premium features of the game. By using different items for this purpose, you can make your enemy unconscious for a short time.

Increase your health

You can also increase your health too much higher levels in the game and give your character the ability to bear more hits by the enemy.

Get the full house map

By getting the complete house map, you can earn more locations to hide when the villain is near you. You can also discover new items and more keys in this feature.

Why Download Hello Neighbor Apk Pro?

The composition of this game is quite interesting because it follows both genres of horror and mystery. There is an intense amount of adventure full of many mysteries to uncover in this gameplay. This game can be rather fun for all users despite having a horrifying environment.

Hello Neighbor Mod APK

Final Verdict

Hello Neighbor Apk is a survival simulator where you can either run or hide from your notorious neighbor ready to take your life at any spot of the house! The neighbor's mansion is full of mysteries and you have to find out about them to escape as soon as you can!


Q. How many levels does Hello Neighbor Apk consist of?

This game has around five different levels each with its unique missions and challenges. The gameplay gets more intense with each passing level and you have to run as fast as you can!

Q. How can I collect weapons in Hello Neighbor Apk?

If you want to find weapons to defend yourself against the villain, you have to look around the whole house map and enter different rooms and doors to find something you can use as a weapon.

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