Hello Neighbor MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Hello Neighbor MOD APK

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App Name Hello Neighbor MOD APK
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Update November 08, 2022 (5 months ago)
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Hello neighbour is a puzzle game where you are going to play the role of Nicky Roth who is a young boy and in this game, you have to find the secrets of your neighbour Theodore Peterson. The game starts when you hear the screaming sound coming from the house of Theodore Peterson and now you are suspicious about his activities.

To find out about it, you have to go into his house and analyse the situation. You have to look for clues in this game and then find the secrets of your neighbour. But he might catch you during this analysis and will try to catch you, but you have to escape from him. You can roam in  different places in this game and explore the different parts of your neighbour's house.

Hello Neighbor Mod APK

What is the Hello Neighbor APK?

Hello neighbour is a Spooky adventurous game where you have to look for different clues to find the secrets about your neighbour. You are playing the role of a young boy, Nick Roth who finds his neighbour a little suspicious. To know about the secrets of his house, you have to find the clues by getting into his house. You have to open all the closed doors to see what is behind them. But during this time, your neighbour can catch you, so you have to run away from him and if he catches you then you will lose the level.

Best Features of Hello Neighbor MOD APK

3D Spooky Visuals

In this game, you are going to see some visuals and you are also going to hear the Spooky sounds that will make you alert. This game pictures 3D graphics that will really give you the feel of an adventurous game.

Broke into your Neighbour's House

The main thing that you need to do in this game is to break into your neighbour's house without his permission and look for the different clues to find out about the screaming sounds that are coming from his house.

Look for Clues

After getting into the house of your neighbour  you can follow the different clues and open the closed doors to solve the mysteries. You have to find the keys for these doors.

Visit the hidden places

There is a basement in your neighbours house where you can find out about all the secrets. You have to reach the basement and find the key to open it.

Solve Puzzles

As it is a puzzle game that's why you have to look for keys in different places of the home and if you ever face your neighbour, then you have to find a way out of the house.

Run away from Theodore Peterson

During this game, the only thing that you need to get away from is Theodore Peterson, who is your neighbour. If he catches you then the game will be over and you will have to start the game again.

What is the use of the Mod of Hello Neighbor APK?

The Mod version of Hello Neighbour provides you with so many privileges. For example, you are going to have free hints in this game that will help you to solve the puzzles and mysteries. You are also going to play a game that is free from restrictions. You do not have to unlock any challenges because they are already available to you; you are also going to have unlimited lives in this game.

New Features in Hello Neighbor MOD APK

Unlocked Challenges

In Hello Neighbor Mod APK, there are no restrictions over any kind of challenges. You can easily participate in any challenge and solve the different mysteries.

Unlimited Lives

The modified version of Hello Neighbour game provides unlimited lives which means that if your neighbour catches you, you will not have to start the game again.

Get Free Hints

This game also provides you with free hints and in this way, you can easily find the keys to solve the mysteries.

No interruptions

Hello neighbour Mod APK is free from all the interruptions. There are going to be no promotional ads or lagging issues in this version.

Why is Hello Neighbor MOD APK so worth Downloading?

Hello neighbour Mod APK is better than the regular version because it is much easier. In this version, you do not have to unlock the challenges and you are also going to have unlimited lives which means you do not have to start the game again if your neighbour catches you.

Hello Neighbor Mod APK


Hello neighbour is an adventurous game where you have to look for clues to solve the puzzles. You also have to run away from your neighbour and find the ways out of the house. But if you want to get unlimited lives in this game, then you can download Hello Neighbor MOD APK.


Q. How do you find out about the secrets in Hello Neighbor?

You have to find the keys in this game to open the doors to find out about the secrets.

Q. Can I play Hello Neighbor without the Internet?

No, you cannot play Hello Neighbour without the internet connection.

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