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Hibernator Apk

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App Name Hibernator Apk
Size 7 MB
Latest Version v2.30.3
MOD Info PRO Unlocked
Price Free
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Update October 10, 2023 (9 months ago)
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The app Hibernator Apk helps users in closing the unwanted apps automatically. The app was developed by the Tafayor Tech web developers. This action helps the users to save their time as well as their battery life.  To make use of IT services the user first has to give access to the app.  It will have to give it the accessibility service permission as well as the ability to draw over other apps in order to show the wait screen while closing the particular app.

The app is a very simple to use and easy to function app.  It also shows the user how much RAM the app is using on their device.  By tapping on the sleep button the user allows the app to close all the unwanted apps and save their precious phone battery lifespan.  It also gives the user the choice to select the apps that they want to close.  This list can be modified whenever the user wants and wants to take out any of the apps from automatic closure. 

The app may make it inclusive for everybody even the differently abled individuals of the society.  It has an easy-to-use functionality that allows the differently-abled to avoid doing repetitive tasks such as closing unwanted apps. The users of this app can even set a timer on the applications at what time they would want it to close by the app.  This hibernation prevents their device from getting heated up which leads to more CPU usage.  The application only disables those Apps that the user has not used in a while.

Hibernator Apk

Stops all running apps

the app Hibernator Apk helps the user in stopping all of the unused apps or the apps that are not required at that moment in time.  This stopping action helps users save their battery life and make it last longer.

Improves performance

the app Hibernator Apk helps users in improving the performance of their phones. This is due to its ability to close the unwanted apps.

Automatic closure and screen relation

Hibernator Apk helps users in making the phone efficient by closing the app they are using when the screen is turned off.  This prevents decrease in the energy that is being used by the phone from the battery.

Speeding up the phone

the app Hibernator Apk helps users in feeding their phone and preventing it from lagging when they are using it to do their task.

Hibernator Apk

Cooling down the phone

The app Hibernator Apk helps users in cooling their phone down by reducing its usage when it is not required.  This way the battery e does not have and its life span increases.

Freeing the memory

the app Hibernator Apk helps users in freeing their phone memory as well.  When the apps are running in the background. The phone tends to use the system resources.  This results in the draining of the battery at a very increased rate. This ultimately decreases the memory of the phone.  The app Hibernator Apk prevents this all from happening.

Close background tasks

the app Hibernator Apk helps users in closing the background tasks that are no longer to be used in the future or in the coming time.  The user does not have to do it manually. 

Support User app and other systems

the app Hibernator Apk is very useful in supporting other applications as well as system apps that are present in the user’s device.

Hibernator Apk


the app Hibernator Apk comes with an easy to use widget that can be displayed on the home screen of the device.  This widget allows users to have easy access to the apps services.


the app Hibernator Apk also comes with many different shortcuts that can be used by the user to make their life a little easier.

Clean up the RAM: the app

Hibernator Apk helps users in cleaning up the Ram of their device.  This helps increase the efficiency of their phone too many times.

Reduce CPU usage

the app helps users reduce the CPU usage by cooling down the phone and reducing its temperature.

Hibernator Apk

Accessibility services

Hibernator Apk also takes in view the handicapped and differently abled people of the society.  It acts as an amazing automated solution for people who are unable to use their phone easily due to any physical disabilities or muscle deformities.  It makes a repetitive task for them easy and convenient. It does so by closing the apps that are repeating in an automated fashion.


the app Hibernator Apk requires certain permissions to work to its greatest ability.  The permissions include the access to assess the accessibility service.  This provides the app the ability to retrieve the active applications Windows and then imitate a click to close that certain app.

Service Availability

Hibernator Apk offers its services all day, all night with great speed and no lagging of any kind.

Friendly User Interface

Hibernator Apk has a very easy to use interface that helps its user to easily navigate from one category to another without any difficulty.

Free of Cost

Downloading Hibernator Apk does not require any charges for subscription.

Safe and confidential

For Hibernator Apk security and privacy of its users personal information is of great importance. It keeps their private and personal information confidential at all costs.

Easy to function

The Hibernator Apk is very easy to function and it does not require a user guide for its new users.


The app Hibernator Apk is a great application for closing the unwanted apps whenever the user wants. In this way it saves up the phone's battery life and prevents the CPU from getting heated which causes more battery to be used. The app provides its services for free.

Hibernator Apk


Q. Is the downloading of the Hibernator Apk files safe for the android system?

Yes! It is absolutely safe and virus free to download the online version of the APK file of the app Hibernator Apk.

Q. Will the Hibernator Apk application close the app automatically?

The app allows users to make those choices by adding it into the list of apps that are to be closed.

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