Hotspot Shield Mod Apk (MOD, For Android)

Hotspot Shield Mod Apk

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App Name Hotspot Shield Mod Apk
Size 16 MB
Latest Version v7.0.0
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
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Update July 23, 2022 (1 year ago)
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Are you searching for an app which can protect all your data while surfing on the internet? Then you are done with this search now because you are at the right place where you will find that app. Hotspot shield is that application which has complete protection for you that you were looking for. This app is a powerful Vpn which has the ability to protect your online activity so you will never face any problem while using the services of this application.

Hotspot shield Vpn has millions of active users worldwide who are using their services to protect their data from the online world. People are completely satisfied with this Vpn. That's why hotspot shield comes in the top ten category because it has thousands of positive reviews with good ratings. In this application you will get multiple servers of different countries so you can easily connect your device with any server with just one tap.

Hotspot shield is a super-fast application because it is fully optimized and gives quick response every single time. There are no lagging issues or speed issues in this app because developers always maintain the quality of their application to give best services to their users. You will be amazed by the features of this Vpn application because you will never get these quality features on other applications.

Hotspot Shield Mod APK

What is Hotspot Shield APK?

The Hotspot shield app comes in basic standard versions all over the internet. This standard version has no charges which means you are free to download this Vpn app on your device. As this is the simple version so there are some time limits in this app which you will face while connecting with any server. Many features of hotspot shields are free to use in this version but if you want premium features with no restrictions then you have to buy these features from them. The standard version will also ask you about some permissions which you have to give them in order to run this app.

What is a Hotspot Shield Mod APK?

This is the modified version of hotspot shield Vpn and in this version you will see many amazing features which you will never see in the standard version of this app. In this version you don’t have to spend your money on premium features because mod is the only version which allows you to use entire features for free.

You can also use this application without ads which means you will never see any pop ups and videos ads while connecting with their server. If you don’t need to buy a subscription for this app then don’t worry because in the mod version, you don’t need anything like it.

Hotspot Shield Mod APK

Unblock any website

There are so many useful websites on the internet which are blocked for some reason and it is very hard to get access to them without any good application. But now that’s not even a problem because hotspot shield VPN allows you to unblock any website on the internet.

With the help of different servers, you can easily get complete access to any site. All your data and information will be safe while using this app. So if you also want to unblock different websites then use hotspot shields and you are free to go to any site.

High speed

Hotspot shield app is also known for its super-fast speed. You will never face low speed or lagging issues while using the services of this Vpn app because it is fully optimized. Every time when you use this app it provides good speed so you can surf online without any problems.

You just need one thing to get good speed from this app and that is good internet service. Connect your device with high speed data or good WIFI connection and you will get good speed from their servers.

Multiple servers to connect

In this Vpn application you will get many different servers to connect which means you have multiple options in this app. You will see different countries like Canada, France, Japan, USA, UK, China, Germany, India and many others which you can use.

All these servers deliver good speed and completely protect from any issue online. You can connect with any server you want and if you need premium connection then you can use them but they will be paid so you have to purchase them.

Complete security

Hotspot shields have the best protection that’s why millions of people trust this application. It gives complete security with all their features so once you download this application you will never need another Vpn application in your device.

You can freely surf any website or application while using the servers of this app because it hides all your information like IP address, mobile data and personal information. So no one will track your activity while surfing online with a hotspot shield. If you want to become an anonymous person in the digital world, then use this amazing Vpn application.

Unblock any application

If you want to get full access to any blocked application, then use hotspot shield services which provides you secured options to unlock any application. Connect with any server you want and then you can easily open any blocked application on your mobile.

Best thing about hotspot shield apps is that no one can ever track your any live activity while using any blocked site or app because this app gives you complete 100% security. So if you have some applications and you want full access then connect your device with any hotspot server.

No tracking

There are many Vpn apps which track your online activity and if you are also facing this issue then get hotspot shield Vpn on your device. This application doesn’t track your any online activity while using their services which is probably the best feature of this app so far. So you can freely enjoy your online surfing because you will be completely safe with a hotspot shield application.

Hotspot Shield Mod APK


This application is 100% free for downloading and it requires no type of chargers. You can get it now in your smartphone without having to spend some amount of money that people sometimes have to pay in order to download an application.

Ads free version

Standard basic version of hotspot shield contains ads. That's why many people get annoyed by ads. In the mod version of hotspot shield app, you will never see any kind of advertisements because the mod version is 100% free from ads. So with this version you can use all services of this Vpn app without ads. With the mod version you can surf online without any interruptions.

Use without subscription

In the basic standard version of hotspot shield you have to buy the subscription to get all premium services of this application otherwise you will never use premium services of this application. But now in the mod version you are free to use all premium features and services because mod provides you everything for free.

Use any feature or services for free only in the mod version. That’s why the mod version always saves your money by giving you a complete app for free.

No time limitation

While using the basic version of hotspot shield app you will get a limited time duration to connect to the server which always disturbs. That’s why the mod version has this amazing feature for you in which you can connect with any server without any time limitation.

It means you will never run out of time so you can stay connected as much as you want. In the mod version you will never face any restrictions so you are free to use the complete app on your terms.

Hotspot Shield Mod APK

No permissions required

Hotspot shield Vpn standard version asks you about some permission which you have to give them otherwise you cannot use all features of this application. But if you don’t want to give permissions then don’t worry because the mod version is there for you. Modified versions of hotspot shields never ask for any access so you can use the entire app without any permissions only in the mod version.


Multiple servers of different countries
Optimized application
Good user interface
Fully secured
100% protection
Easy to use
Fast speed
No tracking
Free application
Unblock any website or application


Contains Ads
Have to pay for premium services


No doubt with all these quality features, a hotspot shield is the best application for online protection because it has everything which is required in the online world. You can easily hide all your personal information and data with this app by using their services. This app will help you to surf safely online and the best thing is that this app never tracks your activity.

So if you are also concerned about online security then download this amazing Vpn app from our website and protect yourself from online threats. Don’t forget to share your experience about this app in the comment box.

Hotspot Shield Mod APK


Q. How to get unlimited time duration in Hotspot Shield Mod APK for free?

If you want free unlimited time duration in hotspot shield application without any interruptions, then download the mod version of this app to get unlimited time for free.

Q. How to get premium services of Hotspot Shield Mod APK for free?

For this purpose, you need to download the modified version of hotspot shield. Install this version in your device then you are free to use all premium services of this application.

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