Idlemon Tales MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Gems)

Idlemon Tales MOD APK

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App Name Idlemon Tales MOD APK
Size 45.08 MB
Latest Version v5.8.3c
MOD Info Unlimited Gems
Price Free
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Update October 28, 2022 (1 year ago)
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Idlemon Tales is a game of trainers. This game is very similar to the Pokemon game. In this game, you can collect idlemon and train them to become better at fighting. In this game, you have to battle with other trainers. The Other trainer also has some Idlemons, and you have to select the best lemon you think can defeat the rival.

You also have to move to different places to collect the lemons. Some super lemons are not appeareable. You need to find their location and collect them to have more power. This Idlemon can also evolve to have more powers.

What is the Idlemon Tales APK?

In the Idlemon Tales game, you must go to different places and find the Idlemons. You can collect these Idlemons and train them to improve them in the Battles. You are playing the role of a trainer, and that's why you can participate in battles with other trainers. There are also some hidden Idlemons in this game that you need to find, and you can even evolve your Idlemons to increase their efficiency. You can also get a lot of power-ups in this game that help you to win the Battles.

What is the Mod of Idlemon Tales APK?

The Mod of Idlemon Tales provides you with super idlemons for free. You do not have to explore the maps to find the hidden Idlemons because they are already available to you. You are also going to have unlimited coins that you can use to evolve your idlemons. This game is free from any advertisement or paid features.

Why download the Idlemon Tales MOD APK?

We recommend you download the Idlemon Tales Mod APK because in this version, you can save a lot of your time and become the most powerful trainer as you can have all the super Idlemon without having to find them or unlock them. You are also going to have unlimited coins that you can use to evolve your Idlemons at any time.

Idlemon Tales MOD APK

What are the best features of Idlemon Tales MOD APK?

Collect Idlemons

You must move to different places in this game to find the Idlemons. You can collect these Idlemons and then fight the battles with other trainers.

Explore the Map

In this game, you will have a map that you can use to move into different places, and this map will also help you to know about the places where the Idlemon are available.

Find Hidden Idlemons

Some super idlemons have amazing capabilities. To get these Idlemon you have to find them and catch them.

Train your monsters

You are playing the role of a trainer in this game, and that's why you have to train your Monsters to make them better on the battlefield.

Fight battles with other trainers

There are also so many other trainers in this game, and you have to fight the Battles with them. They can use different kinds of Idlemon, and that's why you have to collect the powerful Idlemon.

Evolve the Idlemons

In this game, you can also evolve your Idlemons with the help of the coins. It will increase the power of your Idlemons.

Get power-ups

You can get a lot of power-ups during the game. These power-ups can help you defeat your rival.

Idlemon Tales MOD APK

What's new in Idlemon Tales MOD APK?

Unlocked super Idlemon

In this game, you do not have to find the super idlemon because they are already available to you.

Unlimited Coins

You will have unlimited coins in this game that help you collect the different Idlemons, and you can also use coins to evolve the Idlemon

No interruptions

You will not face any kind of interruptions during this game; it is free from bugs and lagging issues.

Free Upgrades

You can have free upgrades in the modified version of Idlemon tales.

How to download Idlemon Tales MOD APK?

If you want to get Idlemon Tales on your device, you should first go to your device's settings and then enable the settings for unknown sources. After that, you can download the APK file by clicking on the available link in this article. After its complete download, you can install it on your device and play.

Idlemon Tales MOD APK


It is a fun Gameplay in which you have to look for different cute Demons for your collection, and after that, you can use them in your battles against different trainers. If you want to get the super Idlemon for free in this game, then you can download Idlemon Tales Mod APK.


Q. How do you earn money in Idlemon Tales?

You make money by defeating other trainers in idlemon Tales.

Q. Who is the developer of Idlemon Tales?

Leneqi is the Developer of the Idlemon Tales.

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