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Inshot Pro Mod Apk

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App Name Inshot Pro Mod Apk
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Latest Version v1.960.1416
MOD Info Unlocked/All Pack
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Update October 11, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Are you fond of editing videos and images? I'm a graceful way that everyone praises them? In this advanced age of social media and entertainment, everybody wants to get the best pictures and look beautiful. This gives an amazing feel to the people when they see their photos and videos enhanced.

There are thousands of video editing apps which are in the use of people but they keep on searching for the useful apps that could give the best results. There are a lot of photo and video editing apps, but here is an app that could be so wonderful for you. It is called Inshot Pro Mod APK.

This is a video editing and photo editing app that comes with such great features that you might have needed to hear about before. It is undoubtedly a complete package that offers you a number of functions in a single application. You can literally edit photos to change the colors, adjust the saturation and lighting, blend the colors and add different filters to it.

On the other hand the video editing comes with other features such as making videos by combining clips and photos, adding transitions, adding music and doing all the changes that are required to enhance the quality of the videos. That's why this application is considered to be so special by the people and they are crazy for using it.

Inshot Pro Mod APK has brilliant features which are so many in number that you will be stunned. Having a lot of these features will give you a detailed insight on this app and you will be better able to decide what to do with this app.

InShot Pro Apk

What is Inshot APK?

The Inshot APK is a photo and video editing application which has made lives much easier with it's amazing features and great performance. This app is also used at a professional level by the advanced photo and video editors. They are frequently using this application to edit the media files.

There are tons of features in this app that you have never expected before. All these features are so amazing and great in number that you will see how amazingly it provides the results. You may add life to your pictures by adding many filters and doing color grading in it. The videos also could be edited with brilliant tools that can beat other video editors over there in the Industry.

What is Inshot Pro Mod APK?

Inshot Pro Mod APK is another version of the original one that contains some extra features and more creative freedom. It is the perfect app for the video and photo editor artists who need extra features to use more creativity in their work. With the help of this application they can use some more filters, transitions, editing options and new tools that have been introduced.

This version contains no ads, full freedom to use this app unlimited and many new features unlocked that usually require in-app purchases to be made. So you can enjoy all the best features of this app for free without paying any sum.


InShot Pro Apk

Edit photos

With the help of this application you can edit the photos in any way you want. You will have a number of options and tools that you can use to edit the photos and give them the unique look you want. There are multiple features and things in this app that are specifically designed for the photo editing thing. You can use them and get the best photos edited as a final product.

Edit videos

You can also edit the videos with the help of this application. There are many tools in it which are used to edit the videos. You can either edit the already created videos by adding transitions, texts, filters and many other things. Or you can also create a video by compiling manhy clips and images.

You can get the best videos edited in this way that look so amazing and professional. Many users are using this app for professional usage and they love this app a lot. The edited videos look so promising and totally utilizable for professional usage. You can create and edit videos for any platform with this app such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and more.

Apply Filters

You can apply filters to both photos and videos in this app. There is a range of filters that have a lot of colors and shades. It is up to you and the kind of media file you have that what filter will suit them a lot. In this way you can select a certain filter for your image and put on it by looking first what will be the best one. You may put all filters one by one on to see and decide according to your choices.

Import photos and videos

It is so easy to import the videos and images from the gallery into this app. The best part is that you never have to leave the application to get those things. You will have the import option in front of you in this application to get the media files uploaded directly.

What you will have to do is open the app, you will see the options of photo and video with a plus sign. You need to click on them and the gallery will be opened inside the app. You can select as many files to use at the same time by uploading them into it.


InShot Pro Apk

Music library

There is one thing in this app that will be highly exciting which is the music tracks and sound effects saved in a music library. This library contains a number of types of music and sound effects that you can use on any video or photo while editing them.

Suppose you have a photo or a video and you want to put some music in their background. You will have this library with a number of options, you can select the most suitable one for your use and download it. After it is downloaded you can put it into the video by adjusting it properly.

Adjust speed

You can also adjust the speed of your videos by going into the speed adjustment option. You can keep it as slow as 0.5x or 0.25x from normal. If you want to run it at a faster rate than 1.0 to 1.5x and 2.0x are also available in this app. It all depends on you how you want to keep the speed of your videos. Some like the slow ones and other ones like the faster ones so it is all up to you what you want to choose.

Add video transitions

The transitions are also added in the videos to give a certain dramatic look to the videos. These transitions are also of a number of types to choose from. You may choose a transition that suits the theme of the video and your preferences. There are more than 55 transitions in this app that you can choose and put on your videos. It is indeed a huge number and using it will be so beneficial for different purposes.

Special effects

There are also some special effects that could be given to both images and videos. These effects enhance the quality of videos and give them a look that is undeniable. There are more than 40 effects in this app and there is a particular one for every mood or theme.


Inshot Pro Mod Apk

Cute stickers

There are so many cute stickers in this app that you can put on your photos and videos. These stickers are of different colors and types from cartoons, to flowers, hearts, characters, and many others. Even the texts written in the form of stickers are also present in this exceptional application. The users who like stickers would love to add these cute ones in their edited media files.

Video resolutions

There are many resolution types that you can also set on your videos. It is the age of 4k and HD videos because people do not settle for less now. They want the best quality videos so how is it possible that Inshot Pro does not provide this feature to its users?

4K, HD, 720p and 1080p are available to set in this app. So whenever you are going to download any prepared video, you will have all these options to choose as per the storage size you prefer.

Add texts

You can also add texts to your videos and photos. Many people need captions in their videos, or on the images and they can't do so just because no proper app provides this option. Inshot Pro Mod APK offers this option and you can add the texts as per your preferences.

Several font styles

There are many font styles that are available in this application. These fonts are highly creative and so unique that you would love them. Fonts of all styles are available in it plus with an option to adjust the size of those texts.


Inshot Pro Mod Apk

Add colorful backgrounds

You can also add the background to the photos of your own. This is called a frame background which comes in so many colors and styles. You can add these into the background of your photos and videos. There are more than 100 colors and many frames that contain fiff styles.

You can add them behind your media files to give them a good look and make them even more exciting. These frames are highly adjustable with the size of the photos or videos.

Adjust photo size

The photo sizes are always adjustable in this application. You just have to select the size that is valid for any certain social media platform. For instance there is an image you want to upload it one Facebook. Just select the option of Facebook to adjust it to the size that is acceptable on Facebook.

In this way you can select the options for different social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail, TikTok, and so many more.

Share to social media

You can also share the created and edited videos on social media directly. If you want to share your videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or whatever platform you share such as Gmail, WhatsApp or Viber, you can do it with the help of this best video and photo editing application.

Best for creating YT videos

This application is most suitable for creating and editing YouTube videos. It has all those features and things that one YouTube creator needs. What you can do is edit the videos into this app and directly select the option of uploading to YouTube. In this way you will be able to upload the videos on YouTube.

Make photo collages

You might have made a lot of collages in your younger age. It is a passion of the people who compile their images in the form of a collage and share it with your friends and family members. This app is for those users who want to add photos with their loved ones and upload them on social media or save in the gallery.

Multiple languages

Surprisingly, this app has a number of languages for the users living in different parts of the world. They really need to have a language in this app that they can understand very well. That's why this app has a number of languages for people belonging to different parts of the world. This app is available for everyone across the globe which is why it has so many languages to be selected by the users of any particular nationality.


Inshot Pro Mod Apk

Adjust frame size

The videos have some frames that are 100% adjustable. By knowing where you have to upload those videos particularly, you can set the frame size as per your preferences. In the video settings you can go and open the hideo frame option and select the most appropriate one according to your needs.

Crop photos

There is also an option to crop the images in a certain way. The developers understood that many users want to crop unnecessary things from the background or on the sides to give complete coverage to the middle subject in the photo.

For this purpose the crop feature has been introduced so you can cut down and eliminate all those unnecessary things from your favorite photos while editing them. It will help you have the best image edited in the end with no useless points in it.

Spilt video

There is also an option to split the video clips in a proper video that you have edited. It is done in case you want to duplicate a video.


The freeze option is also available during the editing option so that you can freeze a certain part of the video.

Adjust duration

You can also adjust the duration of the video by reducing or increasing it as per your preferences. It is done to cut short or increase the length of a video for any purpose.

Reverse video

You can also reverse the video by using the reverse option. It is used to play the video in the backward mode.

High quality product

The final product will always turn out to be 100% high quality and excellent. You can see that either the video or photo you have edited turns out to be so good that it can be enough to impress all the people.

Good for professional use

This app is perfect for professional use if you have to edit professional photos or videos. It serves this purpose properly and is quite a good enough app to make a professional use out of it. Be it any event or project, artists can trust this app for professional level editing.


Inshot Pro Mod Apk


This app is available without any cost, subscription or in-app purchases. Users are allowed to access each and every feature of this app without having to pay any charges for them. That's why people love this app because they are able to get all the premium features for free.

No in-app purchases

There are no in-app purchases in this app at all. As it is the modified version of the Inshot APK, you will have access to all features without paying for them. You can use all of the features without having to worry about paying for them. In fact those features will never be gone paid, they will be available for free for a whole lifetime.

No watermark

There will be no watermarks on the final product of yours. Be it a video or a photo, you will see no official watermark of Inshot. In the regular version of this app there is a watermark whenever you edit a photo or video. It can only be removed when you buy the pro version, while this mod version of pro is providing you this option for free.

Ads removed

There are also no ads in the application when you open it or use it for a while. You never have to see any annoying ads that disturb the editing process. That's why in this new version all the ads are blocked so that the experience of the users is always cool. It will make the editing process even better and amazing for all the users.

Pro features unlocked

All the pro features which are available for a hefty amount are now available for free. Now you also need to see what features are unlocked. For the information of our readers, we want to specify that all of the features which required the money to unlock them are now available for free. That's the magic of this paid pro version of Inshot Pro Mod APK.

Pro effects and transitions unlocked

The pro transitions and effects are also unlocked in this application. All the features that were unlocked in the regular version and could only be accessed through paying money, or now available for free. A number of transitions and effects which were paid can now be used by every user.

Pro filters unlocked

You can also get the filters which were locked earlier. By paying the money it was an option to get them, but we know it is not possible to get it happen. The pro mod version of Inshot has now provided you with an option to use all the filters for free.

The stickers that were paid and locked are also unlocked in this version.

No subscription required

There are no charges required to get any feature available. You will have access to all the versions and features without having to buy any subscription. There is no such version that is needed to be paid in order to make use of any feature or filter, stickers, texts, fonts, and transitions.


  • Edit photos and videos
  • Use filters
  • Multiple editing tools
  • No in-app purchases
  • Free
  • No ads
  • Pro features unlocked


  • App stops responding sometimes


Inshot Pro Mod APK is the perfect package for you if you are fond of videos and photo editing. This app is wonderful and it will provide you mind-blowing results just because of its features and brilliant tools. The excellent photo editing and glorious video editing will show how great this app is.

This app can be downloaded directly from the link given on this page. Click the link and start downloading this app now. Afterwards, come back to write down your valuable feedback in the comment section below. 


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Q. Do I really get to enjoy all the locked features for free in Inshot Pro Mod APK?

Yes, you can get all the locked features for free in Inshot Pro Mod APK without paying any price for it. There are no in-app purchases required to use any feature or tool in this app.

Q. Who is the developer of Inshot Pro Mod APK?

The developer of this app is Inshot Inc.

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