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Instagram Mod Apk

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With the advancement in the world of technology and internet, new social media applications are coming into being fast. These applications keep you connected with the world and social so that you may communicate with the people all over the world. The applications like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp are a few examples of social media applications.

There is another advanced social media app called instagram which has taken over the world like crazy. It has numerous features and a brilliant user interface which has helped users engage with it properly. People love this application due to a number of reasons which we will learn further in this article in the form of it's features.

Instagram also has a modified version known as Instagram Mod APK which comes with some extra features which are usually not present in Instagram APK. These features are quite more than just a few limited things in Instagram through which you can enjoy this application and avail all the amazing options within this app.

A lot of amazing features are awaiting your way that belong to Instagram Mod APK but before that you need to learn about the direct definition of Instagram APK and Instagram Mod APK because these two are slightly or majorly different and contain various features. Let's have a look at all the given details.


What is Instagram APK?

Instagram APK is a social media application which is used to share your pictures, videos with your friends and family members, or anyone present on Instagram. It allows you to keep a private or public profile in order to make friends.

Nowadays, Instagram APK is a big source of marketing and growing your business with the help of right hashtags and brilliant reach. You can target your relevant audience easily with Instagram APK, as well as have fun with your social circle.

Instagram Mod Apk

What is Instagram Mod APK?

Instagram Mod APK is a different and modified version of Instagram. It provides some other features with Instagram that are not present in the regular version. You can have a lot of new things to enjoy with this app such as downloading the pictures, videos and the status story of your favorite accounts.

The Instagram Mod APK is much more than just this because you can download the content of people, being shown offline to your friends and still use the app, read the messages without seeing them actually, and having zero ads on your profile within the videos. These special features and many more are given to those users who download the Instagram Mod APK.

Instagram Mod Apk


Share Photos and Videos
It is a very common feature of Instagram that you get to share the photos and videos of your own on this app. You share your stuff with your friends and other people if your account is public. With this application you can upload your stuff in a good quality to stay updated. There is an option of sharing images and videos of upto 60 seconds on your feed.
Upload IGTV videos
You might know about this another amazing feature of Instagram. You can upload the IGTV videos very easily on your account without worrying about the 60 seconds limit of video formats. IGTV videos allow you to upload videos that are lengthier than just 60 seconds. It means there is no limit to uploading videos on Instagram.
Private and public account
You have a great option of switching your account to any settings with Instagram now. If you are a private person and want to keep your account secured and limited to only close friends and family, then you can put your account on private settings. If you are interested in creating a public account which gathers good attention and audience, then a public account will be best for you.

Usually influencers, bloggers or the business accounts are public on Instagram. It is done to create enough engagement with the audience on Instagram since it's a social media platform. In this way the users can set their account to a particular setting depending upon their preferences.
Post and view status stories
There is another good feature of posting stories on your status. This is called the status story posting where you can post your pictures or videos. A lot of people use this feature and it is said that people who use it on their public account have gathered better reach and audience on their accounts.
There is a cool feature on Instagram called boomerang through which you can create a short yet creative video. A lot of people love boomerang features and they do not forget to make boomerang videos every time they have a special moment, event or time.
Photo and story filters
There is a good range of features available in this application that you can put on your images and videos. These filters are used to enhance the color quality of your existing content. The best and most interesting thing is that these filters are used to make the pictures look even prettier.

Similarly there are story filters as well which are named after different names of the cities in the world. You can put these filters on your status stories and give your photos and videos the best colors.
Stickers, gifs and texts
The status story options also comes with the stickers, gifs and the options to add random texts. There are some fonts which you can use along with colors. In fact you can also draw different things on the image. The stickers are highly interesting such as several items, ask me a question, or polls.

The gifs are also very interesting that you can paste on the images, videos or anything shared on your status story. These extra features make the stories interesting and more enjoyable.
Share posts on story
Now you can also share the posts on the status story. If you see any public account's post and you liked it, you can post it on your status story which will remain there for 24 hours and then get removed automatically after it gets expired.
Story highlights
You may post so many stories in a day but you also want to keep those stories saved on your profile. There is one way you can make it happen and it is called the story highlights. This feature is amazing and it allows you to keep all your previous stories pinned on your profile. When you open the profile you see your highlights first and the posts below.

You can make the categories too in which you can put your different stories. In this way the pictures will be arrnaged in a particular way and you can have the access to particular photos of one event. The story highlights also contain the details of your any special moment so thus feature is favorite of many Instagram users.
Monetize profile and earn
This feature is perfect for the public profile users. You van now monetize your profile and earn money if you have a particular number of followers. You van collaborate with brands to promote their products or services. You van also become a brand ambassador and help brands introduce their products to the audience.
Start selling
Thus feature is good for the businesses who want to sell their services or products through Instagram. The Instagram stores are quite common and now people are highly using them to sell odf their products. It is a great opportunity for the businsseses and brands to target their certian audience and sell their products.

Most of the people use Instagram which is why it is better to start selling in this platform. Instagram developers understood thus thing and brought your businesses online to get maximum benefits out of it.


Mod Features

No ads
There are no ads to experience when you download the modified version of Instagram. With this version you van easily avoid all the advertisements and have an uninterrupted surfing experience.
Download videos and photos
There is a new option in this application with the help of which you can download the photos and videos of all the public users easily. Sometimes you see any video on Instagram that you like a lot but the regular version do not have a downloader in jt. But thus application does have an option to donwload stuff which makes the job so easier.

Not only this but you can get the images as well. There is no limit of downloading the content with the Instagram Mod APK. You can just click on any favorite video and photo and just download it to save it into your gallery.
Hide message seen option
Now you can view people's messages and nobody will tell them if you have actually seen their tecys. This feature allows you to open the messages newly received by anyone on Instagram and read them. If you put them on seen, they won't know that you have already read their messages.

This feature is favorite of the Instagram Mod APK users because you can easily see messages of the senders and never worry about responding them back. There is no need to think about texting back or worrying about the seen label on the messages because this app will help you see messages without the senders ever know about it.
Hide story view
You can also look at the stories of people and still hide your seen. With this feature you can see anyone's stories on Instagram but they won't know about it. They will be able to see all those people who have seen their stories except you. It is because your name will be hidden and they won't know ever if you watched their story or not.
Stay hidden on live stream view
If you are viewing anyone's live stream on Instagram by joining it, they won't know it. This amazing feature of Instagram Mod APK allows you to view the live streams and stay there as long as you want. The users will never be able to find out that you viewed and joined their live stream.
The best feature is that all these features are accessible for free. You never have to worry about paying any charges if you want these brilliant features. The developers have provided this app to the users for free so they may have the best social experience. You are absolutely allowed to download this application for free and enjoy all the given features without giving additional charges after the download.

It is free to use
Can help in downloading any image or video
Users can see messages without they get marked seen
No ads
Hide yourself on anyone's live stream
Hangs a bit
Works little slow sometimes



All the extra features provided by Instagram Mod APK prove to be so special and amazing. The users who downloaded this app and used these features have loved it a lot. This is one of the best modified applications that people can't stop adoring because of its good features and amazing user Interface. It is also a free application which means you never have to pay for all these brilliant features.

This application has become a favorite of the audience because of many reasons. We hope you have downloaded it now and you'll be enjoying the features too. If you have anything to share with us regarding Instagram Mod APK or it's features, make sure to leave a comment in the box given below.


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Q. Can I get banned using Instagram Mod APK?

No, you cannot get banned using the Instagram Mod APK since it contains an anti-ban feature to protect your account from getting banned.

Q. Can I hide myself when viewing stories of other users with Instagram Mod APK?

Yes, with Instagram Mod APK you can view anyone's story and still cannot get seen by them.

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