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Instander Apk

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Update April 08, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Just like Instagram there is another app which has exactly the same features but with a different twist. You can also call this app the Instagram Mod APK since it has all the modded features of Instagram. Yes, we are talking about the Instander app which has all the features of Instagram. It will amaze you with its excellent features and brilliant tools.

Instander is used to follow new people and make new friends online. With the help of this app you can download all the photos and videos that you basically see in the Instagram app. Usually those photos are not downloadable as no such feature exists in Instagram. But with the aid of Instander you can have all the fun by saving the photos and videos you like.

Instander APK

It has multiple amazing features which you should know about this app. You will see no ads in this app which is a great thing for the user experience. You can also create your own profiles and follow other famous people or your friends. This app is perfect to build friendships and relationships between people which is a great thing. So these are all the exceptional things about this app.

If you want to learn more about this app then start reading this blog right from here and do not miss even a single detail. We promise this app has a lot to offer that you must try out.

What is Instagram APK?

Instagrams is the official app where you can share your photos and videos with the public, and with your friends. You get to make either a public or a private account as per your preferences. This app is absolutely free of cost and you would love to try it out for once.

Millions of people in the world use Instagram because it has become the most favorite app of so many people in the world. They love this app because of its features; what's more is the modded version of Instagram also exists. It has some extra features that you have been secretly missing in it.

What is the Instander APK?

Instander is a form of mod version of the Instagram app. It is an advanced version that consists of many special features. All of the main things that you always wanted in Instagram are now available in the Instander app. The features like these are so exceptional for the users that's why they do not mind switching to this application.

It is true that the users of this app have been rapidly increasing than the Instagram app. The additional features added in this app have made it all possible that people are becoming a fan of Instander.

Instander APK

Create Profile

First of all, the best thing is that you can create your profile on this app. It will give you a lot of closure and will help you become a member on this platform. You can make a profile of your own and share your information with the people around you. You can also add new people and become friends with them.

Follow New People

You can get to follow new people in the circle which is a great thing about this brilliant app. You can find them and start following them in case you like their work. It is one of the best things to do and that's what this application is made for. So do follow new people and add them into your social circle to get more friends

Instander APK

Add Friends

 If your friends are using this application then it is the best chance you could add them in your friends list. In this way all of your friends will be able to connect with you socially via Instander. The more friends you have, the bigger circle you will have so add as many friends and increase your group.

Download Images and Videos

This feature is not provided to the users by Instagram and it annoyed users to such an extent. If you are one person who wants to download Instagram videos and photos then you are at the right place. Instander will give you this option through which you can easily download the photos and the videos posted by your friends and other creators on the Instander.

Become a Creator

You yourself can become a creator using this application because it offers everyone to make a creator's profile and start working as a creative creator. You can further earn money using this feature because creators on Instander do earn a lot of money. You can do the same and just get this

Win Verified Badge

You can also get the Verified Badge on your Instander profile by simply gifting or donating something to the developer of this app. You may send some tip money as a token and get the verified profile badge that other Instander users can see.

Instander APK

Ghost Mode

There is a ghost mode in this app if you want to view a user's story while staying anonymous. This ghost mode allows you to stay hidden and do your activity on Instander without getting caught by anyone. So it's a great feature if you realize that it allows people to maintain their privacy and still get to enjoy the content on this app. You can turn this ghost mode on and off as per your preferences.

Share Others Posts

You can also share the posts of other users on your profile and story which is not possible on Instagram. If you are liking anyone's content and you want to put it on your profile, then a simple share button would help you achieve your goal without any issues.

Close Friends List

A list of close friends is very important on a social platform when you do not want to share your details with everyone you have added. For this purpose you can create a close friends list by adding only the people who you trust the most. Furthermore you can put your stories by selecting this list so only close friends could view it and none of other users.

No Ads

Ads are so well-known for ruining the user experience of every user. You can get rid of this problem in Instander as you won't be seeing any ads at all. Your Instagram surfing experience is going to be perfect and entertaining with the cancellation of those ads.

Instander APK

Disable Message Replies

You can also disable the message replies on your stories in any case. Sometimes you get a lot of messages in your story. It could be highly hectic as well as annoying for someone if you are not willing to receive people's opinions on everything. For this reason you can easily disable the message replies and then enable them whenever you want to.

Easy Search Button

It has a search button just like Instagram so that you can search new people and add them. You can find anyone by writing their name and clicking on the search button. In this way anyone can find their friends and colleagues who are present on the Instander app.

Instander APK

Good User Interface

This app really has a good interface which is the best thing about it. Users definitely enjoy using such a good application because its interface is designed to cater to the users. All the options are aligned in a perfect manner to show the users what options they can access and how easily they can do it. The users give 10/10 marks to the user interface of this app as it really does a great job.

Free Downloading

The downloading of this app is absolutely free of cost. As a user who needs this app can easily download it from the website as there are no payments required to get this app into any Android device. Just like many other social media apps, this app is also free of cost and highly reasonable.

Instander APK


Instander APK is your first step to become a very famous creator. You must immediately download this app because we vouch for it and totally recommend it. It is the best app to download and try out if you love the Instagram app. Get this app now from our official website and become a creator or a fan today. Do share your experience regarding Instander with us in the comment section.


Q. Can I become a creator on Instander APK?

You can create your profile on the Instander app and then start creating content as a creator. This is the very step to become a creator on this app which you can follow to become one.

Q. How to download the Instander app on PC?

Download a good Android emulator first on your PC and then you can easily download the Installer app on the same PC. This is the simplest way to download any Android app on the PC if you want to use it in it.

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