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Jio Saavn Mod Apk

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We don't bet but we can say there is no person in this world who doesn't like music. Billions of people fell in love with the tune and lyrics of music tracks and they play them on repeat. Music has become such a strong part of life that people cannot avoid it or simply live without it.

There are so many applications on Google Play Store that you can download and listen to the music. But everybody wants something special and gettin that is quite hard. We have a brilliant option for you that provides free music streaming and even downloading without any charges. This app is called the Jio Saavn Mod APK which is the number 1 music streaming application.


It contains more than 50 million songs of many artists from all over the world. You will have a number of playlists to enjoy, a number of genres and a lot of albums to enjoy. You can also upload your own music and be a famous artist by uploading your songs on Jio Saavn Mod APK. This app has so much to offer that you will stay stunned for a while.

With the availability of a free mod version, you can download the songs for offline streaming. Many people do not have that access to the internet so they can avail this opportunity and save all of their favorite songs for listening to them later. Also, there will be no ads to ruin your music streaming experie with this version.

There is so much to talk about the Jio Saavn APK that we'll discuss in this article. Stay tuned and keep reading it till you get everything about this excellent music streaming app.

Jio Saavn Mod APK

What is the Jio Saavn APK?

It is an online music streaming application which offers more than 50 million songs to stream everyday. It also has a lot of podcasts and shows that you can listen to. Moreover, there are video songs that one can enjoy if they like to watch videos too along with listening to the songs.

It contains millions of playlists and albums that you can stream in. There is a free and a premium package of Jio Saavn which can be used by the users. The free one doesn't allow you to download songs plus it contains many ads in between the streaming. The paid one offers unlimited downloads and blockage of ads to provide the best user experience.



What is the Jio Saavn Mod APK?

Jio Saavn Mod APK is the modified version that comes with all the paid features that are available for free. It will help you provide all those premium features for free that are given to the users within a paid amount. You never have to subscribe in order to know free downloads or the blockage of the ads.

This version is available on our website and you can get it now for free. All the features will be already unlocked and there will be no need to buy the regular subscription just like the other users have to purchase normally. The Jio Saavn Mod APK is a brilliant application because of this feature and that's why it's users are increasing day by day.

Jio Saavn Mod APK

Millions of songs

This app contains millions of songs that you will have a large variety to choose from. So many songs of different types means that you have so many options. More than 50 million songs are there for you to play at any particular occasion. There is a song for every mood which you can choose from the millions of the songs given in this application.

These songs are in such a large variety, from different artists and singers that you can see how many options you do have. You'll surely enjoy such a large variety designed for every mood.

Thousands of playlists

There are a lot of playlists that are present for the listeners. The playlists are of different sorts and tastes which are created for the people of particular likings. A number of playlists means you have so many options to choose from.

Each playlist is designed for a particular mood and occasion. You can choose the playlists and keep them for your use at any event or special moment. Saavn app will help you achieve the best of your event by providing the music playlists that absolutely suit the mood and theme of the party.

Tons of albums

More than thousands of albums are also available on Jio Saavn. The artists usually release their albums in which a number of songs are added. All the songs of an album can be seen at the same place. That's why the hundreds of albums on the Jio Saavn Mod APK is proof that you will get access to all the songs of any artist's new album.

Multiple genres

A lot of genres are present when it comes to the songs and music. You will have jazz, hip-hop, classic, electronic, instrumental, rock, pop, and so on. All these genres fit perfectly with the mood and the kind of event you have. You can find songs of all of these categories so easily in this music streaming app.

Songs for every mood

There is a song for every mood of yours. If you are happy, celebrating, sad, succeeding, motivated, depressed, or whatever, you will have special songs for every moment. You will be able to enjoy new songs in any mood.

Video songs

You know that the Saavn app is famous for offering the audio of the songs. There are tons of audio songs that you can play on your phone and listen with the help of headphones. But there is also a special thing you have never imagined.

Now you will be able to avail the videos of the songs too. It means you can watch the videos of the songs that you like without shifting to YouTube. This app has the videos of all the songs in front of you and thus you may enjoy them without having to open YouTube for this purpose.

Jio Saavn Mod APK

Artists profiles

The artist's personal profiles are always present on Saavn APK. You can access them and start following your favorite artists to never miss the music of your choice. These profiles contain all the songs of your favorite singers at one place.

Search button

There is a simple search button in Saavn Mod APK that you can use to search for the new songs. If you know any song you can search it by its track name, album name, artist or any other possible keyword. This search button is open to make unlimited searches about new songs.

Like songs

You can also like your favorite songs in this app. In this way all those favorite songs will be added into the list of favorite songs. You can access that playlist to listen to all the songs you love.

Star songs

You can also start the songs that you want to listen to later. In this way you will have the freedom to start the important songs and play them later in a sequence. These starred songs will be saved separately in the form of a playlist that you can access anytime.

Radio shows

There are radio shows as well that you can play. It is the best feature for the radio show lovers who frequently listen to the radio shows and cannot afford to miss even one. A number of shows are available of different categories that you can listen to without switching to other radio apps.

Online podcasts

The online podcasts are also present in Saavn Mod APK because people are more interested in listening to the podcasts. The podcasts are basically the online shows where a host speaks about a certain topic, or they have a guest too to talk to.

These shows are getting popular globally and no other music streaming app provides access to these podcasts. That's why the users who are a fan of online podcasts love to tune in and listen to these podcasts.

New music alerts

Whenever the new music tracks are released you get notified in Jio Saavn. They have a feature of new music alerts that notifies the users with the new music releasing every day. That's why you can just open your notification folder and access all the latest updates without missing any information regarding the new music.

Create artist profile

If you are willing to become a musician and dream to be a big artist, then Saavn Mod APK is just for you. You can use this application to launch your music and become a well-known and popular singer. There is a very simple method of doing it in an easy manner.

You just have to create your original and official artist profile on which you can upload your own music. It is the best way to become a famous singer and get a lot of fans and followers on this Jio Saavn app.

Jio Saavn Mod APK

Create personalized playlists

You have a choice to create personalized playlists that you can play according to your moods. You know that people need separate kinds of music for different functions, moods and moments. The Saavn app allows you to create tons of playlists of your favorite music. You can keep particular songs in different playlists that fit a certain mood of yours.Repeat and shuffle songs 


There is an equalizer too with the help of which you can also change the sound quality and effects in every song. All you have to do is open the equalizer and then select the most suitable type according to your taste of music. It'll give a better effect to your favorite music.

Adjust audio quality

You can also adjust the quality of the music within this app. This quality setting feature will help you achieve the right kind of music quality in your favorite songs. You just need to open the settings and get to the audio quality adjustment that is done to play music as per the strength of internet connection used.

Best user interface

The user interface of this application is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who is new to this application will be able to understand everything so easily. They will never have a hard time understanding the user interface of this brilliant music streaming application.

People of all age groups will be able to understand how to operate this application and play your favorite music. Every feature is easily accessible and simple to use that doesn't require thinking a lot or observing how to find a certain option in this app.

Share songs on social media

You can share the songs directly with anyone via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Gmail, Twitter, Gmail and so many other platforms. You can also copy the links of songs and share them directly with your contacts.

Download songs

The best feature about this app is that you will be able to download the songs you like. In the regular version you had to pay a certain amount every month in order to get your favorite songs for offline listening, but the Jio Saavn Mod APK has provided the freedom to download the favorite music without paying anything.

You just need to make sure your smartphone storage is enough to download the music of your choice. There is no limit to download the songs in a certain number, you can always download unlimited songs without worrying about anything.

Set download quality

It is upto you to set the quality of the downloads. You can download free songs but how you download them requires a good internet connection. Sometimes you do not have that access to a good internet or data connection. That's why the quality of the downloads will be affected in this manner.

What you can do is set the download quality so that the upcoming songs get downloaded in your particular set limit or quality. You can always maintain the quality in this way as per the internet connection of yours.

Connect with 6 devices

You can not only listen to the songs and download them for the offline streaming, but also share the same account with 5 other devices. Yes, that's true you can use one Jio Saavn account on 6 different devices at the same time.

You can either share them with your friends or family members, or you can connect with your laptop, tablet, smart tv or laptop. You just have 5o make sure all the devices have the Jio Saavn Mod APK in them so they can use the same account and enjoy the same features in all of them.

Jio Saavn Mod APK

No ads

You have gotten 100% rid of all the annoying ads that you used to see in-between the songs. You will no have to hear this torture and get disturbed by these ads. It means you can play your favorite music without any interruptions now and enjoy your favorite music without any interruption.


This app has an anti-ban feature too that saves you from getting banned for using a modified version of Jio Saavn. You will never get banned for not paying and accessing all the premium features. In this way you can continue to use this application while sharing the songs with your loved ones without worrying about any of such things like that.


This application is available for absolutely free of charges. You will never need to pay any amount of money to the developers in order to avail the features because it is a mod version of the original app.


Free music
Millions of songs
Video songs
Downloadable songs
No ads


No disadvantages have been reported yet.


Jio Saavn Mod APK is the ideal app for all the music lovers who can't live without music. If you are fond of downloading quality music and saving it for offline streaming, then Jio Saavn Mod APK is the perfect application for you. You can download it very easily and access the music without paying any subscription charges.

So let's download this application now by pressing on the download button given above. You can get this app now and start enjoying your favorite music without any kind of interruption. After using this app do not forget to provide the comments in the comment section given below. We would love to know about your experience of this app.

Jio Saavn Mod APK


Q. What is the size of the Jio Saavn Mod APK?

The size of the Jio Saavn Mod APK is just 23 MBs which is quite lightweight for any smartphone. The users with older Android phones can also enjoy this app without it lagging their phones.

Q. How to download the songs in the Jio Saavn Mod APK?

The songs in the Jio Saavn Mod APK can be downloaded by opening any song and clicking on the download button given on the side of it.

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