Koloro - Presets for Lightroom Apk (MOD, VIP/Pro Unlocked)

Koloro - Presets For Lightroom Apk

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App Name Koloro - Presets for Lightroom Apk
Size 15 MB
Latest Version v6.2.4
MOD Info VIP/Pro Unlocked
Price Free
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Update April 17, 2023 (5 months ago)
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It is the era of the digital world and nobody is hiding from it. You must have a smartphone for sure with a magnificent camera or a separate DSLR camera that you use to click pictures. It is because this is the need of today and one cannot survive without it in this type of era where trends are everything. Picture clicking and professional photography has been a significant part of our lives and it's undeniable.

There are so many apps that are used to edit photos to enhance their beauty and quality. Same is the app that is called Koloro- Presets for Lightroom APK. This app is established for the users who need to edit their pictures on a daily basis. Either they want to use it for their personal usage or for professional usage if they are a pro level photographer.

There are special tools and filters that can make the images 10x more attractive just like the high quality images you see on social media and the viral professionally clicked photos. If you are willing to make your pictures look the same , then you must try this app at least once in your life, because afterwards you will be added and won't stop using it because of its marvelous results and enhanced photo editing quality.

We have a lot to talk about this app in the box that you must know. We want to share every detail of this amazing app with you, so stay here on this page and read all the below given features.


Koloro – Presets For Lightroom Apk

What is Koloro - Presets for Lightroom APK?

It is an app that can be used for editing the pictures of no matter what quality they are. You can edit your pictures using 800 plus presets, filters and effects that can be used for the editing of professional pictures. These pictures that you edit by this app turn out to be extremely professional and excellent in look.

What's more in this app is that it is available for free, yet it has a premium version too. The paid version contains some more features and it is recommended to the professional photo editors who want to use this app for the pro usage. Otherwise the free version is also more than enough for the users who want to edit their photo on a basic or intermediate level.

What is Koloro - Presets for Lightroom Mod APK?

This one is a modified version of this application that is downloaded in case you want all the paid features but for free. You can download it so you do not have to pay for the premium package of this app and use all the features for free. It is a perfect option for the users who cannot afford to pay for the features they usually find in the premium package.


Koloro – Presets For Lightroom Apk

Premium Quality Features

The premium quality features are always ensured by this app because it was developed on these principles of providing quality effects and results to the users. This app is made to cater to the needs of all the photo editors who need a specific type of results in their work.

From the beginner level to the professional photographers, and to the people who like to edit their daily selfies and photos, this app is a great set of all the necessary features and tools, all at one place that too for free. It makes this app one of the best photo editor apps and people love it.

Various Editing Tools

There are so many photo editing tools that you might have never expected this free app to have. Usually the other photo editor apps take a lot of money in the form of subscription charges to provide those features, but in this application you can find all of those tools for free.

There are options to crop, rotate, edit, write text, change colors, shades, hues, warmth, saturation and so much for. You can also resize the photos and fix them as per your requirements. That's why this app is a great thing among the people who edit photos regularly.

More than 800 Presets

There are more than 800 presets in this application given just for the convenience of the users. The photo editors need a lot of things when they are editing photos and they cannot just rely on a few features. They need a variety and this variety is offered by Koloro. That is why more and more people are shifting to this application for editing photos.

Adjust Photo Colors

Do you know that now you can adjust and fix the colors of your images without any worries? Yes, this amazing feature is also given by Koloro in which you can edit the images accordingly with your mood. You can give enhancement to the colors, or reduce them as per the needs or the requirements given by your clients. Hence you can edit the images as per the required criteria.


Koloro – Presets For Lightroom Apk

Change Photo Texture

The photo texture is another thing that you can now fix with this application. It is quite interesting to talk about fixing or changing the texture of the image. It is quite a professional thing to do and if a pro photo editor is reading it then they will know what we are talking about. This app is capable of doing anything that is necessary and you will be really surprised to use it.

Add Texts to Photos

There is always a need to add the texts to the photos and one cannot deny this fact. You must have been fond of adding text to the photos such as some quotations, cute little captions or any emojis too. You can do it now with the help of the add text feature of this application. It is easier to do, you just need to add the texts by selecting the right option. You can also adjust the fonts accordingly and write the text. The best thing is that you can also adjust the size of your text.

Multiple Effects

There are so many effects in this application that can make your photos even better. These effects are so attractive that they will look so cool in your pictures. You can just put them and try each one of them out on your images to see which one is looking the best. There is a beautiful photo effect for every mood and type that can be set as per the requirements at the moment. Hence, there is a big variety of effects that can benefit anyone who likes to edit photos regularly.

Option to Crop Images

There are many options to crop your images in different styles. There are many shapes in which you can edit your images without any problems. You can select the shape that you like and adjust the photos by cropping them. It happens so many times that you do not want to keep a certain object in the images and want to remove it. So if it is present on the side then you can remove it by cropping the photo from that particular side.


Koloro – Presets For Lightroom Apk

Adjust Photo Backgrounds

You can also adjust the photo backgrounds by fixing the current one or adding a new one. You can have a bug range of the background photos that you can apply on your images and make them prettier. In this way you will be able to remove the ugly backgrounds and add the beautiful ones that really suit the images.

Options to Rotate Images

The photos sometimes need rotations and you should do it if this is the criteria. If you want to rotate your images in one of the four sides then do it easily with this app. You just have to select the rotate photo option and choose the side you want to rotate your image to.

Adjust the Image Sizes

Similarly the sizes of the images can also be fixed as per your needs. The images are usually supposed to be posted on social media and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter support different standard image sizes for the new pictures to be uploaded. It is a great convenience that you can adjust the sizes of your pictures using this feature that is provided by Koloro- Presets for Lightroom APK for absolutely no cost at all.

Hundreds of Filters

How can we forget the image filters at this spot? There are hundreds of filters that you can apply on the photos and enjoy the great quality. There is each one feature ultimate and pretty as per the moment requirement. You can select the brighter to the darker filters that look good one specific types of images.


Koloro – Presets For Lightroom Apk

Easy Image Exportation

You can easily export the fixed and edited images in your phone's storage. There is a simple option through which you can do it and it will never take too long to work. You just need to put that option and export the photos directly into your storage after editing them.

Upload Edited Images to Social Media

There is a good option of uploading your edited images directly to social media without any worries. Some users do not like to wsjt and export the images to the gallery so they can upload them directly on any social media site that exists. This application has all the best options so you will have access to all the famous social media sites to upload the photos.

Free of Cost

This application works free of cost and thus you never need to pay to the developers of this app to use it. It is always free of charges and reachable for all the users without buying any subscriptions.

Efficient Performance

The editing performance offered by this app is superb. You will be amazed to see how good it works and the best work quality or offers. It is so fast that it edits the photos in a few minutes and gets them ready to be saved or uploaded.

Easy to Use

This app is also very simple to use and hence no person will have a hard time understanding it. You can just download it and start using it no matter what age you are because it is suitable for the users of all age groups. This app is simple, efficient and interesting that will make everyone fall in love with it and it's features. 


  • Free to use
  • Premium quality
  • 800+ presets
  • Various filters and effects
  • Multiple editing tools
  • Easy to use


  • App might get hanged in between


Koloro- Presets for Lightroom APK is a nice app for you if you are fanatic of editing photos and making them prettier. If you are a professional photographer or photo editor then you are most welcome to try this app out. You will be never disappointed to have this app because of its ultimate features and perfect performance.

This app is recommended to everyone who could be interested in using it. If you have downloaded this app and want to share your reviews, please head towards the comment section now and let us know with your best thoughts.



Q. What will I get upon downloading Koloro- Presets for Lightroom APK?

You will be getting more than 800 presets, multiple filters, camera effects and many other premium quality editing tools that will make your photos look glorious. This app can be easily used for professional photo editing jobs.

Q. How can I download the mod version of Koloro- Presets for Lightroom APK?

You just have to go to settings of your phone and turn on the unknown resources access. Then you may go to any valid website that offers the safe modified versions of the apps and games. Search for this game and then download this app easily. It will start working on your phone right away. One cannot find this app on Google Play Store due to some reasons.

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