Life is Strange Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Life Is Strange Mod Apk

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Update July 21, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Life is Strange is a game based on the characters. The game is much like a thrilling drama. This application was developed by SQUARE ENIX LTD.  The game is the masterstroke of the developing team. It runs on episodes. The game is single player based on sci-fi. It is full of adventures and thrills.

Life is Strange has 5 episodes and each has its own adventures and drama. The Games major character is a senior photographer and soon she realizes that she can time travel to different periods and can resolve any problem of the present by going into the past and changing the actions and that time.

The game stars Max as lead character and her friend Chloe. They are looking for a school fellow who mysteriously disappeared. The characters try to find her while they discover many flaws in the society Game can be ended in different situations. The user has a range of six possible endings to complete the story. It is surely an application for fun and chilling.

Life Is Strange Mod APK

What is Life is Strange APK?

Life is Strange. Apk is a game based on storyline. The game runs like an episode and continues as a thrilling drama. The users need to control their senses while playing it as it’s a game full of thrill and excitement. The game is much like a survival game. The characters have abilities to time travel. The game is a masterpiece of a developing team.

What is Life is Strange Mod APK?

This game has the power to return in time. When you do not like the story, you can go back in time and can fix past mistakes. By correcting past mistakes , obviously the future of the story also changes. These decisions also write life and death. Each character is assigned a unique task and the mod version has enhanced the abilities of the character to complete their storyline in time.

Life Is Strange Mod APK

Fascinating Story-line

Life is strange and has a unique story line to progress. The game begins as a normal game but gradually acquires the magnitude of a great story line that inspires the players to complete the game and see the ending. The game is among top 10 rated games due to its exceptional story. The game has various ending points that occur according to the actions and plannings of the players.

Turn Back the Clock

In the game you have a unique ability to turn the clocks back. You can go back to the past to change the consequences of the present time. You can modify your actions that have caused you trouble.

Appropriate/easy-going Touch Control

The game has smooth controlling features. The character moves with a gentle slide and when the players slide faster the characters start to sprint specifically.


The story of this game is very different from other games and is full of adventures. Its unique game-play, mysteries and challenges attracted people. Make wise decisions to win this game.

Life Is Strange Mod APK

Different Endings

There are six different endings in this game. The end of the story will depend on your choice. The game also has a secret ending through choosing a bracelet. It will come after Chloe and Sera's conversation ends at The old mill.

Social Issues

The game is considered as a great modifier of mindset because unlike other games it has raised voice against these social violence. This feature makes it a unique application.


The game has rewards for the players in the form of achievements that are granted to users after completion of various missions. These achievements can be gained after achieving different goals in the game.

Camera Mode

This application is full of realistic influences. The player can have a view of his surrounding areas and characters thoroughly by changing the camera angles. The game has a number of camera angles for exciting views.

Life Is Strange Mod APK

Soundtracks/voice Mode

Life is Strange offers you realistic sound tracks and effects. The game has effects that seem like all the actions are happening in front of you. It is no common feature. Various background music are also played at different situations like horror, thrilling, adventurous and many more. All these effects add chills to the excitement of the players.

Save Magical Footages

The game has plenty of magical moments and hand painted images. Which you will always want to keep with you. use camera mode to take Pictures. Game allows you to share your game progress on social platforms.

Immense Life/gold/diamonds/coins

Limited items make the game boring. keeping it in mind, this version gives the users Extra life, coins, diamonds and Gold. You can enjoy all these cracking services with no cost. The user is provided with health boosters to expend an energetic life.

Opened Levels/ Skin/characters/props

Through a modified version you will avail the levels opened. You gain access to any level. you can change the different characters and their skin, props. All the skins and props are free in this version

Life Is Strange Mod APK

Customizable Authority

Original games lack the opportunity for customization mode. The alternative version allows the customization to its users. Likewise, in this version you can customize the character, graphics, and controller according to your own taste for your ease. This feature allows users to manually design their application for easy use.

No Irritating Ads

The game has the best feature that the players are never irritated by ads of any sort. The designers of the game have banned ads from their software for the service of users. It is highly rated by the players for being an interesting game with ads free facilities.

Complete Story-access

The role playing games are generally deprived of the whole story but this boosted version of Life is strange has uprooted this flaw. The game has complete access to the whole story for the users.

Excellent Quality

The Game, Life is Strange, is the best story game with excellent qualities of all kinds. All the graphics in the game are so genuine that the users love to play and enjoy themselves.

Life Is Strange Mod APK

Availability Of Latest Update

Most of the time to update the game you have to upgrade it manually but this Mod has the ability to update itself automatically and it is considered a good facility for users. The modified application updates itself according to the upgraded version by the developing unit.

Without Internet Access

The mod version has a unique feature that the game offers you an advantage to play the game without Internet. The story games usually need a network connection to play games but life is strange mod gives you opportunity to play it without data.

Life Is Strange Mod APK


If you are a lover of story-written, adventure and puzzle's games. This game is for you. Additionally, its modified version unlocked all the appliances. Enjoy More features without paying. Modified version takes the excitement and suspense to the next level. Give a chance to this version and live every story like a reality event.


Q. How to install Life is Strange Mod Apk?

Just install it by one click from Google and enjoy the extra features of this hack version.

Q. Is Life is Strange Mod apk costly?

No! Be happy because the modified version is all free for everyone.

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