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Ludo Star Apk

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App Name Ludo Star Apk
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Update November 13, 2023 (8 months ago)
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There are so many board games that you have played in your childhood. We all have played them and to be honest they are unforgettable. We cannot just forget that amazing experience of playing the Carrom board, chess, ludo and so many other games. The time kept passing and thus here we are now in a completely digital age.

Now we have a number of board games in the digital format known as APK. We can download them on our smartphones, laptops and tablets to play them anywhere. All of the board games have been transformed to mobile games and Ludo Star APK is one of them. It is perfect to play with your friends, family members and cousins which will make your get together experience even better.

You van au ludo with your friends or with strangers from all over the world. This game operates the entire world so you can play with anyone by chance. You can play with 1, 2 or 3 people at a time as per the standard of the game. In short you get to enjoy all the tricks that you used to use in regular ludo games. This game has a huge description that you should read in order to learn more about it. Let's see what Ludo Star APK is holding in for you.


Ludo Star Apk

What is Ludo Star APK?

Ludo Star APK is a famou board game that turned into the digital format and became a smartphone game. You can play Ludo with your friends who are added in your Facebook account, or with random people. You can choose your favorite color and then start the game with 1 or 3 players very easily.

You can win so much gold and many rewards on a daily basis upon playing this game. The best thing about this game is that you can win money and use it to bet on future matches. Upon winning you get to enjoy even more with more gold and money.

What is Ludo Star Mod APK?

Ludo Star Mod APK is a slightly different version of this game but it contains some extra features. For instance if you like to get more money, gold coins and rewards then you don't have to play or win the matches.

You can just already see the unlimited amount of gold and money in your ludo wallet that you can use to play the game. You do not have to spend your own money to buy more gold coins. You will have plenty of the stuff already to enjoy the game. Also the winning chances of the game will be higher if you use the relevant tricks and tools given in this version.

Ludo Star Apk

Play Ludo Unlimited

This game allows it's users to play this game unlimitedly. You can play Ludo for free no matter where you are sinxe thus game is in your mobile phone now and you can carry it anywhere with you. It is such a pleasure to have this game since you will be able to play it with your friends and with anyone. There is no limit in playing this game so the users van literally play it anywhere and any time.

Earn Gold Coins

In this game you can play and earn gold coins to save or use in the further matches. There are at least 500 gold coins required to start a new regular ludo match. It means you van only play this game when you have at least 500 gold coins.

So with every new match you can play and win it wo you can win the double reward that you have invested in to start the game. In this way you keep earning more gold coins with the passage of time.

Earn Daily Rewards

There is a new feature with which you can earn daily rewards that are some amount of gold that can be used to play more ludo games. You can come back every 24 hours and open this game to get that reward because it is only available once in 24 hours.

This dialy reward comes in a small treasure box that looks very cute. All you have to do is just open it and claim your reward within no time. In this way you will have more gold every day withou doing anything.

Play with Several Players

You can play Ludo with 1, 2 or 4 players at a same time. It is all up to you which mode you are choosing to play. You can always have this many number of players to carry on your game. All you have to do is choose the mode in which you want to play.

Either 1, 2 or 3 more extra people to play with you will be available immediately as you can play this game with Facebook friends and of course strangers from any part of the world. It is the regular style of this game which is why people like playing it.

Ludo Star Apk

Game Variations

This game has 3 modes which are very interesting. They are classic, master and quick which can be played as per your convenience. These modes start from the easier ones to the toughest one. The players who like to level up can go from one level to another and try their luck and skills. 

This gives confidence to the players and they believe in upgrading their ludo skills. They can move from one standard to another and thus become proficient at ludo, easily becoming a megastar of this game who have the maximum number of gold coins and money.

Login with Facebook

It is easy to play this game by logging into your Facebook account and connecting your game with it. With the help of connecting your Facebook account with ludo, you can save your performance, your gold coins and can also play with your Facebook friends. You just have to see who is online and challenge them for a quick game.

Get Better Ranking

You van play this game and get better ranks as you keep winning more games. In this way you will be able to get upgraded and win more rewards on the daily basis. You will be coming into the top ludo players gradually becoming the best player.

Play with People Across the Globe

You can easily play with the people across the globe, because this is the rule of this game. You will just bet in to play the game and the other competitor in front of you will be totally unexpected. It can be any ludo player from another country who has joined to have a ludo match with you.

So this game is totally surprising and it can leave you in utter shock with such amazing features. If you are so fond of ludo and want to play it with new people, then you are definitely going to love this feature for sure.

Ludo Star Apk

Chat with the Players

There is also an interesting feature that now you can chat with the players online. It is nothing new in the games but for a game like ludo it is a new thing. This feature allows you to chat with the people live by sending texts to them. It is a new thing that people have really liked that they are able be friends with the unknown people and that's how they are building long term friendships by just playing ludo and chatting with each other.

Send Emojis

There are so many creative and fun emojis that are a part of this game. You van send those emojis to the other players to express your emotions. These emojis are set as per your mood and the situation in the ludo matches. So if you are playing this game then do not forget to use the emojis and makke the gaming experience even more interesting.

3D Look

The entire ludo game has a 3D look that makes everything look so pretty in this game. You will definitely enjoy this game because of it being very fun and creative, plus the 3D graphics of this game makes the game look like very original. It is a big plus point of this good game.

Contains a Learning Guide

There are a number of people in the world who do not know what ludo is. They live in certain parts of the world and they do not know what ludo is. So for this purpose there is a perfect learning guide that can be used to understand this game.

You can open this guide and read all the rules that teach you to play this game. There are all the rules mentioned in it which will help you understand what is the right way to play and win all the matches. It makes things so easier for the new players and they will love this game a lot.

Free to Download

This game is totally free to download and play. No charges are applicable upon downloading and playing this game like you have to pay for many other interesting and famous smartphone games. You can always get to enjoy this game and all of it's amazing features and options without worrying about the subscriptions. So you can see everything is free in this game and you can enjoy it any time.

Easy User Interface

This game has an easy and simple user interface that makes this game so playable and amazing. This game is so easier to understand that you will never have to be worried about the features. You can see all the features right in front of you to access and start playing it.

The entire user experience remains quite comfortable and the users like to play this game for this reason. That is why this game is going places and is becoming really much favorite of people in different parts of the world.


This game is highly addictive for everyone; anyone who plays it once would love to play it again. In this way they get hooked to this game and keep playing it the entire time. The reason behind it is this game being so fun and exciting.


Suitable for all Age Groups

The best thing about this game is that it is suitable for the people of all age groups. The kids, teenagers, adults and old age people, everyone can play Ludo because there is no age restriction in this game. It is totally family friendly and amazing for the users who want to play one game with their family members no matter how younger and older their members are.

Ludo Star Apk


  • Board game transformed into smartphone game
  • Free to play
  • Play with friends and strangers
  • Win rewards and money
  • Get higher rankings
  • Fun to play


  • Sometimes this game gets stuck
  • Cannot work without internet


Ludo Star APK has always been the favorite game of the people that they cannot forget. The reason is that they have been playing it since the childhood and thus it has become a strong memory for them. If you like the ludo then don't miss this chance and download Ludo Star APK now.

In the end do not forget to share your valuable feedback with us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you about yoour experience with this game, and if it was able to refresh those old memories of playing ludo.



Q. What is the storage size of Ludo Star APK?

The storage size of Ludo Star APK is only 26 MBs which is quite reasonable for any smartphone either it has older, moderate or the newest Android version. Anyone with even a slow working phone can download and play this game easily.

Q. Who can play Ludo Star APK with me?

The Ludo Star APK can be played with your Facebook friends or anyone in the entire world because you get to randomly play this game with new people.

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