Lumbercraft Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Lumbercraft Mod Apk

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App Name Lumbercraft Mod Apk
Size 153 MB
Latest Version v2.5
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
Price Free
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Update April 15, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Lumbercraft is an amazing game where you chop woods and fight with different characters to survive. All you have to do is to collect lumbers by chopping trees and woods in game. This game has 3D graphics with simple visuals and animations. Controls are so simple in the game but you have to master them if you want to chop trees and woods with perfection. Use those lumbers to build your tower, houses or even your own town within the game. 

There are so many people who will try to kill you using bows so you have to fight them and keep building to create awesome houses and towers. Build your tower and install cannon in them to fight with your enemies. Easily upgrade your items in game to become even more stronger. Gameplay is so simple and fun because you only need to chop trees and fight with your enemies.

Lumbercraft Mod Apk

What is Lumbercraft Apk?

Lumbercraft is a unique and simple game with simple graphics and controls. You need to chop trees and build your houses, town and towers. Chopping trees and woods is not easy which is why you need to chop them carefully. There are so many enemies in the game who will try to burn and destroy your tower and houses. You have to fight them back by installing the cannon in your tower. You can defeat your enemies easily using cannon. Make upgrades in your towers to become undefeatable in game. This game is so simple and you can play it for free.

What is Lumbercraft Mod Apk?

Lumbercraft Mod is a great hacked version of the game where you have unlimited resources such as coins. You can use those coins to upgrade your armour and gears for free. You do not have to worry about shortage of resources because everything in the game is free to use. If you play this mod version, then you will get rid of annoying ads without even buying the paid version of the game. Trade woods to earn more coins and items. Below are the main features of this simple and awesome game.

Lumbercraft Mod Apk

Cut Woods

Lumbercraft is an amazing wood chopping game where you can chop woods to craft multiple items and buildings. Chopping woods into perfect shape is not that easy which is why you need to have cutting skills. Build your own town in game where you can construct different houses and towers. Easily upgrade your towers and houses to unlock more features and items for free. Chop trees and collect lumbers which you can use to construct various buildings and defense tower.

Fight Enemies

You cannot only build your town but also there are so many enemies who you have to fight. These enemies will try to kill you but you can use cannons to destroy them. There are various ways to defeat your enemies in this game. There are plenty of armours and weapons which will help you in fighting against your enemies. Armour will help you to survive enemies’ attacks. Cannons in the towers are fully automatic and they will start shooting as enemies will come near them.

Upgrade Items

There are plenty of items which you can upgrade to increase your power. You can easily upgrade your houses and towers to make them stronger so that your enemies cannot destroy them easily. Upgrading your cannons and other gears will make your stronger and you can win battles easily. There are lots of other customization options available and you can upgrade your character as well. There are so many stages in game which you can only clear if you have strong armour and weapons.

Simple Controls

Lumbercraft has simple and easy controls that you can quickly engage yourself in the game. Move your character freely and chop woods to collect lumber. It has highly responsive touch controls and you can move your character towards trees, towers, houses and everywhere you want. Interact with different objects in the game to see more options. Your towers will automatically use cannons to destroy your enemies. This game features simple graphics and you can see colorful environment in the game.

Lumbercraft Mod Apk

Play for Free

This awesome crafting game is completely free to download and play. You do not have to spend any money on them because it is free to download. There are so many different stages in the game and each stage is different from others. You can enjoy playing the game by crafting buildings and collecting lumbers. Collect lumbers and sell them to earn coins for free. You can use those coins to upgrade and build your towers and different buildings. Level up your home to unlock more great options to interact. It is totally a safe game to play because it is fully scanned.

Millions of Coins

Lumbercraft Mod is the hacked game version with countless coins. You can enjoy free coins in the game and can buy anything from in-game store. Use countless coins to upgrade your buildings and towers. There is no need to trade and sell lumbers to get coins because you already have millions of coins for free. All stages and game features are unlocked. Enjoy simple graphics of the game with simple controls.

Enjoy Offline

If you do not have internet connection and you want to play this game then do not worry because this mod version will let you play without internet connection. You can easily play this game offline without any problem. This game does not heat up your device because it is highly optimized for all android devices. Get it free now and enjoy chopping and crafting on your device.


Lumbercraft is a unique action and arcade game where you can chop woods and collect lumbers. Use those lumbers to build towers, houses and town. Fight with your enemies and destroy them using cannons. This game has simple graphics which is why you play it on any device without any lag. Easily upgrade your character and towers to become stronger in game. If you get the mod of this game them you can enjoy unlimited coins for free. Use those coins to upgrade your gears and other items without any problem.

Lumbercraft Mod Apk


Q. How to get coins in Lumbercraft apk?

You can earn coins by chopping woods and selling them at different locations in game. Do trading and get coins for free.

Q. How to get Lumbercraft Mod Apk for free?

If you want to get the mod of this game for free then visit our site and enjoy endless resources without spending any money.

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