Lumosity MOD Apk (MOD, For Android)

Lumosity MOD Apk

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App Name Lumosity MOD Apk
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Latest Version v2021.08.27.2110334
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
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Update August 07, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Not every game on the internet is harmful for us and it is not necessary that everything on the internet is a bad influence, because there are games like Lumosity Mod APK that are of great help specially if you are looking for some education and brain training games.

This game app consists of many exercises, quizzes and many other things to train your mind and polish your skill even more.With this app you can do wonderful things which are going to be free and beneficial for you. This article contains all of the details regarding this app so reading this article prior to downloading is going to be very helpful for you.

What is the Lumosity Apk?

It is the official version which you can download very easily from the Google Play Store. You can have brain training in this game which is amazing. This app is beneficial especially for those who are in the learning stage and anyone from any age group can easily use this app.

Lumosity MOD APK

Best Features of Lumosity MOD Apk


There is a collection of mini games present in this app which are specially present to help you train your mind in a specific way where you can increase your memory, your attention span, speed and so many things using these mini games.


There is no compromise in the quality of this game. everything is present in super high quality so you can learn everything efficiently without compromising on anything.

Set Goals

This app lets you set your goals. Once the selection is done, this app is going to help you and motivate you to accomplish and complete your goal within the given time.

Track your Progress

Not only can you keep learning with this app you can give a check on your progress as well. You can track your progress in this app which is an amazing feature of this app that everyone loves because it helps you understand where you are standing in your journey.

Learn New Language

You can learn new languages as well by staying at home. Just download this app and make it possible.

Lumosity MOD APK

What is the Use of MOD of Lumosity Apk?

This app is useful in terms of training your brain. Education is a top priority for every one so if you want to nourish and polish your brain so that it functions better , increasing memory then this game is going to help you in such a case.

New Features in Lumosity MOD Apk

No Subscription

In the official version you have to buy a monthly subscription to use this app, but in the modified version no amount of money you need to spend because everything is available for free. You do not need to buy any subscription.

No Ads

The ads are going to be none in this modified version because all of the ads are absent so that people can enjoy this app even more without anything disturbing them.

Pro Unlocked

Premium features are present for free in the modified version which is a plus point because your money is safe and you can enjoy everything.

Lumosity MOD APK

Procedure of Downloading Lumosity MOD Apk?

There is no difficulty in downloading the modified version of this app. it is easily available on the internet everywhere other than the Google Play Store. The one thing you need to keep in mind when you are downloading the modified version is that you must delete the official version if it is present already on your phone because in its presence you cannot download the modified version.

Why is Lumosity MOD Apk so Worth Downloading?

There are not many apps present on the internet that are helpful for you. You can find many games but not all of them or as beneficial as this and it will help you to improve yourself and achieve your goal more effectively.

Lumosity MOD APK

Final Words

It is rare to find apps that are present to help you grow your mind in a better way. you can play mini games, set your goals and this app is going to motivate you to accomplish all of them. You are lucky enough if you have discovered this app because not everyone gets access to such amazing apps, download it today and share it with others as well.


Q. Is Lumosity MOD Apk safe to use by children?

You can belong to any age group and you can use this app because it is going to be beneficial for everyone be it child, adult or older people.

Q. Can we download Lumosity MOD Apk for free?

You can easily download the modified version for free and not only you can download for free you can have access to all of the features free of cost.

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