Manor Matters MOD Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Manor Matters MOD Apk

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App Name Manor Matters MOD Apk
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Latest Version v4.1.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update May 29, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Human nature has a habit of taking challenges and finding those things that have been hidden from them. Every human has a detective nature, we all use our instincts everywhere. We love to watch detective shows and enjoy watching them. We are always curious what's gonna happen next. That is the reason why there are so many games based on this perspective.

Manor Matters is a game in which we apply our detective skills. This is a puzzle game which was published by Playrix. You will play the role of a detective in this game. You will be given a task to explore an old and abandoned manor named Castlewood. It is believed to be a mysterious manor, it once belonged to a billionaire that's why there are still many rare antique paintings and stuff present in there.

But people believe that this manor has been cursed, that's why no one dared to enter the Manor. As a detective you have been given a task to uncover the mystery behind this Manor and also renovate it in the process. If you have a detective mind then you will surely love this game.

Manor Matters MOD APK

What is Manor Matters APK?

It is a detective quest. In which you will play the role of a detective who will be given a task to enter an abandoned manor Castlewood and try to find the answers that the mansion hides. You will have to find objects in ten locations given to you. Each object will play a role in the development of the storyline. The 3D structure of the mansion gives the vibes of a horror mansion with torn curtains and devastated furniture. The plot twists, different locations, excellent graphics and a detective atmosphere will definitely make you addicted to this game.

What is Manor Matters MOD APK?

The Manor Matters MOD APK is the modded version of the Manor Matters game. In the game you are constantly moving to find the objects and also restoring the mansion. That's why your energy is constantly draining. To get your energy back you will need coins that you may have earned in the previous levels. This modded version allows you to get your energy with the help of unlimited coins. The modded version comes with the availability of unlimited coins.

Manor Matters MOD APK

Discover Castlewood

At first after entering the manor you will discover it's vastness and will be overwhelmed by this majestic mansion. Although it has been abandoned and devastated, the splendor of the Castlewood cannot be denied.

The overall infrastructure of the Castlewood wood gives the vibes of a haunted mansion with torn curtain, broken utensils and degraded furniture. This will increase your curiosity to explore this manor and find the answers to all the questions. A companion will tell you about which objects you need to find before entering the room. The rooms on the first floor are quiet simple and you will find the objects very easily. But as you proceed to the second floor things will get difficult and more creepy. You will face great difficult while looking for the objects. If you got stuck too much, you can watch the ads and get hints.

Rewarding System

This game provides you with a diversity of scenes to play. In each level you have to play a particular scene although the scenes should be performed in an order. If you fail to play a certain scene, you will have to replay it until you complete it. This game is quite challenging because the objects are very well hidden. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to find an object. Moreover there is a rewarding system, in each level you will have to complete the tasks already written on the bottoms of your screen. You will earn stars after completing them. You will receive many coins and gifts after the completion of a level.

Renovation of the Mansion

In the Manor Matters you also have to renovate the castle while solving the mysteries. You will have a choice about which furniture you are gonna use to make the interiors of the house more beautiful. Decorating the mansion is a time consuming process. To speed it up you can use the coins. You can also buy coins by spending money in the original Manor Matters.

Unlimited Stars and Coins

Manor Matters MOD APK provides you with unlimited stars. This means that you can speed up the renovation process without spending money. This will make your gameplay more exciting.

Manor Matters MOD APK

No Ads Videos

If you find it difficult to find the hidden objects then you can watch the ads and get hints in reward which I think is very annoying. So here in this version there are no ads. Hence you can get hints without watching ads and there will never be an ad that's annoying or repetitive to ruin your gaming experience.


Who doesn't enjoy a mystery game?, this genre has always been everyone's favourite. You are going to play as a detective. You will have to find out the hidden objects and also renovate the housd in the process. The exceptional 3D graphics and exceptional detailing makes your experience very realistic. You wil need stars to speed up your process and renovate the house. The difficulty level increases with every round. You get the instructions about the objects before entering the room. If you have always been a fan of the detective series than you should definitely try this thrilling game.

Manor Matters MOD APK


Q. Can I play Manor Matters on Pc?

Yes, the new version of the Manor Matters has just been launched, you can now watch all your
favourite shows and movies on your PC as well.

Q. Does Manor Matters Ever end?

This game supplies an unlimited numbers of levels whose difficulty level rises with each level. However there is no end to this game. Eventually it will only make the game difficult.

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