Minecraft Earth MOD APK (MOD, Removed license check)

Minecraft Earth MOD APK

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App Name Minecraft Earth MOD APK
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Latest Version v0.33.0
MOD Info Removed license check
Price Free
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Update May 17, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Minecraft Earth is a game where you can create different buildings and infrastructure. But in this game, you can create societies like they are in the real world. You can use the built in camera of this game to take pictures of any building and after that you can construct this building in your game. There are different kinds of blocks in this game that you can get and create amazing infrastructure.

There is also a survival mode in this game, where you have to fight with different Monsters and zombies and you can also get a treasure box that will help you to get a lot of resources for your game. You can also use these resources to create cattle and crops.

Minecraft Earth

What is the Minecraft Earth APK?

Minecraft Earth has the same concept as the Minecraft game. But there is a new edition in this game in which you can use the built-in camera of the game to capture the images of the buildings around you and then you can create the same buildings in your game. You have to collect the resources by moving into different places on the map and you can even create weapons with the help of these resources. The most advanced mode of this game is the survival mode in which you can fight with different creatures like zombies and monsters.

Minecraft Earth

Best Features of Minecraft Earth MOD APK

Create your world with blocks

You can create your own world with the help of the different resources that you collect. There are different blocks in this game and you have to pay the amount of money to get these blocks.

Travel to different places

There is a whole map in this game where you can visit different locations. This map will help you to know about the locations where you can find the most resources.

Make your characters do anything

You can also interact with your characters in this game and make them do various things. You can make them learn some new gestures and you can also make them dance and sing.

Take pictures to copy

In this game, you can take pictures of the buildings around you with the help of the built-in camera and then you can use these pictures to create the different buildings in your game.

Invite your friends

There is also a multiplayer mode in this game where you invite your friends to your world and you can also visit their world to know about the infrastructure that they are creating.

Survival Mode

This game contains a survival mode where you can fight with different creatures. There might be some zombies or Monsters that will attack you and you have to use weapons to fight with them.

What is the use of Mod of Minecraft Earth APK?

In the Mod version of Minecraft Earth, you are going to get free resources. In the regular version, you have to pay certain gems or coins to get the different blocks. But in this game, you do not have to do such things, you are also going to have Treasure boxes in this Mod version that will help you to get a lot of privileges.

Minecraft Earth

New Features in Minecraft Earth MOD APK

Get treasure boxes

In Minecraft Earth MOD APK, you can watch ads and participate in different activities to get the Treasure box. In these treasure boxes, you can get a lot of rewards that will help you in your gameplay.

Free Resources

In this Mod version, you can get free resources and you can get any kind of blocks without paying money. In this way, you can create some amazing infrastructure in your Minecraft world.

Unlocked Map

In the modified version of Minecraft Earth, the map is free from restrictions and you can move to any location.

No interruptions

You are not going to face any kind of lagging issues or promotional ads while playing Minecraft Earth Mod APK.

Why is Minecraft Earth MOD APK so worth Downloading?

Minecraft Earth Mod APK is a better option than its regular version because in this Mod version you are going to get so many privileges. For example, you can get the Treasure box and get a lot of rewards from it and you can also get free resources and the map is also free from restrictions.

Minecraft Earth


In Minecraft Earth, you can create amazing infrastructure and can also take inspiration from the world around you. This game provides you with an adventurous survival mode and you can also participate in various activities. But if you want to get free resources in this game, then you should download Minecraft Earth Mod APK.


Q. How do you get Treasure boxes in Minecraft Earth?

To get the Treasure boxes in Minecraft Earth, you can either watch the ads or complete various tasks.

Q. Who is the developer of Minecraft Earth?

Mojang is the developer of Minecraft Earth.

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