My Time at Portia Cooking Set Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

My Time At Portia Cooking Set Apk

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App Name My Time at Portia Cooking Set Apk
Size 1.1G
Latest Version v1.0.11268
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update December 03, 2022 (1 year ago)
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My Time at Portia is a popular farm building 3D game with an animated world. It has an open world game and you role-play a character in this game. Roam freely in the world of farming without any rules and restrictions. You can build farm, explore the world, build your own farmhouse with lots of facilities such as cooking and entertainment system.

It has 3D dynamic graphics with stunning visualization. The game is completely free to play. Start your journey and explore different places. Perform different tasks in game and earn rewards. You can expand your farm and garden. The game will start with a small farm but as you progress in game, you can unlock lots of items.

You can buy different equipment in game. Expand your farm and grow crops. You can do cooking in your farmhouse as well. There are everything available for cooking. This game is like a farming simulator but with open world feature which make the game more interesting and awesome. Meet new characters in game and play with your friends. Let’s dive into the main features of this game.

My Time At Portia Cooking Set Apk

Build Your Workplace

You can build your workplace in this game where you can craft many different items with your skills. You need to gather some items in order to craft something. Crafting different things need different and specific material and resources which you can gather from around different places. Fulfil the requests of people in game and craft their required item on time. You can also earn different rewards after completing the crafting tasks.

our Own Farm

In this game, you can run your own farm. Grow and nurture your own crops. You can grow crops, vegetables and fruits in your farm. You can raise animals and can turn the empty space into a beautiful farm. Expand your farm and decorate it according to your wish. You can raise horses so that you can take them on a ride in the town with you. Buy and grow different seeds in your farm and take care of your crops. You can grow anything in your farms. Water your crops to make them grow healthy and quickly. Expand your farm for livestock.

My Time At Portia Cooking Set Apk

Explore and Battle

You cannot only grow your farm and build your workplace but you also can explore the world around you. Explore town and visit unique places. Find hidden spots and different resources in your journey. Dive deep into the ancient ruins and dungeons of Portia. Explore abandoned places in game. There are hidden treasures available from the past but you need to keep a weapon with you because there are hordes of fearsome monsters and bosses who are waiting for someone to take that treasure after beating them. Battle with those monsters and kill them to get treasures and resources.


It is a great feature of this game where you can upgrade your character, workplace and farm. You can easily upgrade different things in game to make them more spacious, powerful and strengthen etc. You can level up your character so that you can continue your journey into the deep ruins of Portia. Boost your crafting skills, combat skills and social skills in the game. Interact with other people and find the right one for you. There are no restrictions in the game and you can easily roam freely in the game. It has huge map.

My Time At Portia Cooking Set Apk

Free to Play and More

My Time at Portia is a free to play game. You need to download the Apk version of this game in order to play it for free. It has 3D graphics with lots of great visual and sound effects. It has unique and awesome storyline. You can play this game for like hours because of its great gameplay and story. You can do many things in game such as crafting, adventure, farming, battle and many more things.

My Time At Portia Cooking Set Apk

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Q. How to download My Time at Portia free?

This game is available on our site with full version. Get it free and start playing without any problem.

Q. Can I play My Time at Portia without internet?

No, you cannot play this game without internet.

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