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Update February 22, 2022 (2 years ago)
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When we talk about photo editing apps, there are so many in number that we can remember. You can see the PicsArt APK and Inshot Pro APK are those video editing applications for the Android users which are highly famous in this era. People want something more from the photos editing apps now because they are done with using the same types of features anymore. For them Pixaloop Mod APK is the best solution. Why? Let's explore this.

Pixaloop Mod APK is a new type of photo editing app that adds the transitional effects to the simple photos. It doesn't edit videos but the features it offers are so amazing. It can help you bring the animations to your images so they feel like moving. This is such a nice feature and it is quite trending nowadays everywhere.

This app has so many other excellent features that need a detailed review. There is so much to talk about this app and it would be so unfair to leave those features behind and not discuss them at all. Let's read the articles and get everything to know about Pixaloop and why it is such a special photo editor app.

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What is Pixaloop APK?

The Pixaloop APK is a simple photo editor app that is used to add the animations to a regular image. You can just make the entire image moving or just a little part of it. This application has so many good features such as the freeze crush, overlays, motion effects, filters, 3D camera effects and so many more. It is available for free so you can download and use it without any problems.

What is Pixaloop Mod APK?

It is the premium version of the Pixaloop that is also known as a modified or cheat version. It provides many premium features like removing the ads and watermark from the videos, getting the premium tools for free and an anti-ban that saves you from getting banned while using this app. You can get this app for free and all those premium features too without paying anything at all.

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Turn Photos into Animations

You can add your photos into animations with this amazing app since it is the most amazing feature of this app. Your photos will have a motion, a movement when you will edit them and add the animation effects in them. In this way your edited pictures will look gorgeous and stunning that you won't help but share them on your social media platforms directly

Add Motion Effects

You can add simple motion effects to the entire image or to just an object present in it. It will cause the image to move in a certain motion and seem realistic.

Interesting Sky and Water Effects

There are interesting water and sky motion effects in this app that can be used to move both of these elements beautifully. For sure the final edited picture will look aesthetically pleasing to anyone seeing the water or sky moving.

Add Overlays

You can add overlays as per your own preferences to edit the images in a certain way. You can use your own style and add so many overlays to make the motion images look like a video.

Freeze Brush

This app has a freeze brush too for the purpose of freezing on a particular object in the picture you have applied animation to. Sometimes users want to make one object or subject still in the picture, while bringing motion to the rest of the background and surroundings in the image. This features has been understood well by Pixaloop Mod APK and thus you can make it happen.

Add 3D Camera Effects

It also has 3D camera effects which mean that your images will look like 3D images. You can give a sharp 3D effect to your pictures so they look more original, detailed and beautiful.

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Add Dispersion Motion

You can add the dispersion motion to your photos at the relevant points you like. It is an underrated feature but it is used a lot, indeed it is the favorite of many people who like diapered images. You can add the dispersion effect to any image or any particular object present in the image to add more detail.

Wide Range of Filters

There is a huge range of filters in this app because the photo editor app doesn't even contain the filters. You will have a big range of filters out of which you can choose your own favorites to apply on your images during the editing process.

Great User Interface

The user interface of this application is equally good and people are really happy with this thing. You will see this app is so comfortable to use and all of it's features could be seen on the front page without struggling to find them. The entire UI has been built with excellence by the expert team who aim to give you the best photo editing platform for free.

Easy to Use

This app is hell simple to use, even a little teenager or a kid can use it. It has all of it's features lined in the front so the users can access and apply them easily for editing their images. They can easily turn their images into animations with the easy to use technique of this app.

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Efficient Performance

This app provides an efficient performance that is the ideal thing in any photo editor app. They like the fastest working apps that can do the work in a short time and also deliver a wonderful quality. This app is excellent in this case and it provides efficient performance to its users. The users like this app a lot due to this reason and they highly appreciate it.

Share on Social Media

You can also share the edited pictures directly on your social media accounts by using the share button and selecting the app you want to share the image at.

All Premium Features Unlocked

All the premium features that you could find in this app are available for free with this mod version of Pixaloop. You just do not have to worry about paying charges or actually paying them after downloading this app. Users who usually cannot afford to pay for the premium versions of games and apps have got the best surprise that now they can edit their images for free using the best quality features.


You can download this app for free without worrying about anything at all. There is no need to spend your money to get this app only because you will be having access to it for free of cost. It is the best thing people like about this app and that's why many people are downloading it frequently everyday.

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No Watermark

You will get to see no watermark on the final products after the end of the processing. We know how annoying it is to edit an image and in the end see a weird watermark on it. You feel embarrassed while posting this photo on social media because of that annoying watermark.

But the cheat version of this app allows you to remove this watermark and only get a final picture where no such watermark or sign is being shown. It is such a relief for the users who do not have to worry about this thing ever again. You can use this feature too for free today.

No Ads

No ads will be there in your application now because we know how annoying it could get. There will be no ads in this app to disturb your user experience anymore. In this version you will never see ads because they are banned for free. It is another good thing about this app that users like a lot and thus they download this version of Pixaloop APK rather than the original one.

Anti-ban Feature

This app also has an anti-ban feature just for your convenience. The developers do not want you to get banned by using this app that is why they have built this app using the anti-ban feature through which you can use this app without having any tension in your mind of getting banned eventually. Using this app is just all safe and free of cost so you will never worry about getting banned because of any violation of the rules.


Turn photos into animations
3D camera effects
Freeze brush
Wide range of filters
Free to download
No watermark
No ads
Anti-ban feature
No in-app purchases

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Quality image saving feature not available


Pixaloop Mod APK is a perfect choice if you like to turn your simple and boring images into animations. You can add details and gewatt features to every single photo and make it more aesthetically beautiful. It is the same reason people are preferring this app all of a sudden to follow the trend.

We hope you have liked this app and you are about to download it. Download it and give it a try at least once as you won't be disappointed. After using this app, do not forget to leave your quality feedback about this app on our website. You can provide us with your feedback in the comment section given below. So don't wait any longer and download this app now to make your pictures prettier.


Q. Who is the developer of Pixaloop Mod APK?

The developer of Pixaloop Mod APK is Lightricks Ltd.

Q. What is the size of the Pixaloop Mod APK?

The size of the Pixaloop Mod APK is 88 MBs.

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