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Planner 5D Apk

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App Name Planner 5D Apk
Size 102 MB
Latest Version v2.3.2
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Update October 06, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Planner 5D APK is an application which offers you an opportunity to design your own homes and know your creativity. It is a home planning software that allows individuals to create, visualize, and experiment with interior and exterior design ideas. It offers a 3D and 2D design platform with an extensive variety of objects and materials

With Planner 5D, you can customize room layouts, select furniture and decor items, sell houses and do interior designing. It generates high-quality 3D renders, and even collaborates with others on design projects. So, if you love to design houses and layouts, download Planner 5D APK.

Planner 5D

Features of Planner 5D APK

User friendly designing

This application is user friendly and has intuitive controls where you can design houses and towns. This game is for both beginners and advanced dealers. Here you can get an idea about your dream house design. Thus, you can ensure the looks and designs before making your real house.

2D and 3D designing

There are designs based on 2D and 3D. You can apply these designs according to the room. 3D designs are best for exterior. Create 2D designs on interior walls. Thus, providing you all the designs based on different dimensions to create beautiful looks for your house.

Various objects and accessories

There are accessories of houses such as room accessories, decoration accessories, furniture, cutlery and many more objects. You can decorate your home with these objects and accessories according to the theme and color.


There are different customizations for adjusting. You can place a certain object wherever you want. You can change the color, design and look of any object. These all customizations are available for interior and exterior designing.

Room layouts

In Planner 5D, room layouts are an integral part of the design process, allowing users to easily create and customize the arrangement of their interior spaces. You can start by selecting the shape and dimensions of your room or spaces, whether it's a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other area. Then, you have the flexibility to add walls, doors, and windows.

Planner 5D

Supports Virtual Reality

Planner 5D offers virtual reality support, allowing users to experience their interior and exterior designs in an immersive 3D environment. This feature enables users to take a real look into their created spaces, thus deciding for a better dream house decoration.

Various things to buy

This application includes a complete shop from where you can buy multiple accessories and things for your house. To decorate it, you can buy various plant pots, sceneries, paintings and drawings. Choose all the accessories by the coins you get after each level.

Premium features

There are some paid and premium features available too. There are some accessories which are expensive and to get them, you need to purchase them.

Offline playing

There is offline playing available too, but to purchase any item you have to need an internet connection. But usually, you can play this game offline.

Capture your creativity

This app has an inbuilt camera which captures your interior designing with high quality. This saves your progress and designs for future real use. You can definitely become creative by playing with such apps and to get valuable ideas about home decor.


Planner 5D

Latest features of Planner 5D APK

New accessories and items

There are the latest accessories and items for your home, rooms and kitchens available on planner 5d. Decorate your house with a new taste.

Multiple missions

There are new missions in this version which includes challenges and opportunities regarding business. So enjoy playing the business management game too.

Make from scraps

You'll also get some raw places as a challenge to transform them into new build houses. Here show your skills and beautify everything.

Why is Planner 5D APK a good application?

This app is all about interior and exterior designing of homes, giving you various opportunities to learn about decor and management. This offers all features regarding home appliances and items. It's a good and great time-killing application for designers.

Planner 5D

Download Planner 5D APK latest version 2023

Planner 5D 2023 update has new levels, accessories and Missions. Get it now!

Final Verdict

There are millions of people who love designing their house, whether interior or exterior. But it is not always possible in real life, so if they love designing, Planner 5D APK is a good time-killing application where they will learn new things about home decor, kill their time easily and show their creativity.



Q. How to get unlimited paint in Planner 5D APK?

Get an amazing hacked or mod update of Planner 5D. Here you'll be provided with amazing paint colors and brushes with unlimited variety. You can now beautify your home with pretty colors.

Q. How to play Planner 5D APK with friends?

This game is not to play with friends. This is a type of single player game. Only you can deal with all designing stuff and matters.

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