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Mobile phones are the part of human life. It’s importance is because of the application it has including games, camera, social networking apps etc. You can download any app you like in your phone. But how we download these applications, this is through one particular app the Google Play Store. This application is designed for Android users.

Play Store is like a shopping mall of apps where you get every type of app in one building. These apps could be a game, book, editor, video downloader or of any other genre. You get everything at one place. It has a very simple user interface you just need to click on the required app and download it. The app will automatically installed in your phone you don’t need any more steps.

It has many powerful features that will help you perform different tasks related to all apps. 99% Android phone users has been using play store worldwide. All the apps it provides are trust worthy, and will not affect your phone. It has its on policies that both users and app developers need to follow. It only has positive reviews not even a single user dislike it.

Play Store Mod Apk


The standard app is named Play Store Apk, it is already installed in almost all Android phones. If you don’t have it in your phone then download it online. It is the root application for all other apps if you have it only then you can download other apps. It provides you a search engine from where you ask for the device you want and download the specific from the resulting apps.

This best Android Market is developed by Google company for its users to install all the games or other apps that are designed for Android. It has unlimited apps of different categories. All the premium payments that you need to do for all the installed apps are handle by it. It has many useful settings but to avail all the features you need to add your Google account in it. And it keep a record of your activities.


It also has a hacked version available on the internet known as Play Store MOD APK unlimited money. It has the same interface and settings as the apk version has but still there are few differences. You can download it online from our website for free. It is a completely free application with no paid features.

It is also ads free and all the downloads run in background. For using it first delete the apk version. There are many more apps available on mod apk that are not available in the apk version. It is a protected application and provide you only safe apps. The unlimited money feature is the best as you can purchase items in different apps with its help.

Play Store Mod Apk


Social media apps are the most used applications along with games. You can download any social app like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Netflix, WhatsApp, Likee and all other.


There are all genre of games available select the one you like and install it to your phones. There are thousands of free games available including subway surfer, candy crush, shadow hunter, pubg, temple run, call of duty and many more.


You can install all the famous novels, magazines and audio story telling applications from it. There are also study related apps like front row, key book solutions and other. You can also conduct meetings with it different apps like Google meeting and Zoom for study or business purposes.


There are different cameras and editing application also available on it. Like Snapchat, viva video, vmake, Facetune, Candy cam, Xefx, Reface, Picsart and many other.


The Google has made a policy that is applied if you want to add your app on it or want to install an app from it. The privacy policy has some rules if your app doesn’t fulfill it you can’t out it here. And as a user you need to agree to its privacy policy and grant the permissions it requires.


All applications require their latest version to provide best results to the users. The Play Store automatically update the apps and also give you notification about it.

Play Store Mod Apk


There are more than 3.48 apps on the Play store of different categories. There are 38 categories involving entertainment, beauty, books, business, games, food etc.


There is a search engine for your help with mic option. You need to type the name of the required app and all the related apps will be displayed. If you don’t want to type use the mic option.


Almost all apk aps have a premium section that you need to purchase for use. All the subscription fees and per item payment you do is with the help of your play store account. You need to add all the information and payment method details.


All the apps including the paid and unpaid all are available on it. Also the application that are not available on Play Store apk are on the modified app. There are different apps banned on the apk version but accessible on the mod apk.


To make interface more friendly you can change the language as it allows you to use app in different languages. Like English, Spanish, French and German etc.


The mod apk version is ads restricted. While using it you want need to watch any irrelevant ad by no ads option.

Play Store Mod Apk


The data consumption of the Play Store MOD APK is much less as compare to the apk version. It does not take large space. Also it does not update existing apps itself.


All the locked, upcoming and paid apps of the original app is completely unlocked and free on the mod apk. It has been tested by an antivirus software and proved to be safe from all malware and virus issues.


The Google Play Store is a must app in all Android mobiles. It is the most beneficial app as all other applications are installed from it. If you don’t have it in your Android set your phone is a waste. It is more like a mobile necessary.

It gives you a wide market of applications, search the one you want and install it. It has almost every type of app therefore useful for every age of person. In short it is the best application that is a requirement for all other applications.


Q. If you uninstall the Play store what will happen to the apps, you installed from it?

If you uninstall the Play store it will be removed from your device and you won’t be able to download anymore applications. But nothing will happen to the already installed apps.

Q. Do you have to delete the Google Play Store APK before installing its MOD APK version?

Yes, it is necessary to uninstall the apk version first. Otherwise the MOD APK version will not work on your device.

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