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App Name POCKET ANTS Mod Apk
Size 70 MB
Latest Version v0.0822
MOD Info Unlimited Money & Gems
Price Free
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Update July 11, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Games are a common interest for almost everyone. Therefore many interesting online and offline games are available on the internet. One of which is Pocket Ants, which offers you impressive gameplay with excellent features. It is a game worth downloading that will never let you get bored.

Pocket Ants is an online game that is based on an ants colony. You can play this game as a single player or you can also challenge the other players of the game. The user interface and controls are very simple and easy to use. You will be satisfied with its gameplay.

The developers of Pocket Ants are Ariel Games. They have designed it in a manner that it showcases the real struggle, unity and lifestyle of ants. The regular updates will never let you lose your interest.



The Pocket Ants APK is the original version of the game that you can download online or from the play store. It requires an OS of Android 4.4 and up. It contains in-app purchasing for the premium items, that ranges from PRs. 160 to PRs. 15,800 per item. When you one the game an interface will appear that will ask you for your account. After that you can enter your colony and start building it.

There are nine chambers that you need to build. Starting from the food storage chamber, build all of them. As you feed the queen ants new ants will generate. After your colony is made you can raid other colonies for ranking up and collecting precious resources. The graphics of the game are very realistic.


The Pocket Ants MOD APK is the modified version of the original game. The gameplay of both versions are similar. It offers all the features of the standard apk version with same graphics and user friendly interface. You can download the mod apk version from our website completely free.

There are few changes done in the mod apk version like ads free environment, free premium tools, unlimited purple gems, unlimited leafs, different pheromones etc. These options make it more reliable and interesting than the original version.


Ants Colony

The basic purpose of Pocket Ants is to create your own ants colony. This colony is divided into different chambers and all the ants including Queen ant, player ant, worker ants and soldier ants live here and do their assigned jobs.


In the ants colony there are nine different chambers. Each having their own importance and need. These chambers include food processing, leaf storage , seeds storage, body parts storage, nursery chamber, queen’s chamber, creatures chamber, honeydew chamber and resin chamber.

Worker Ants

When a new ant is born a specific work is assigned to it. There are many worker ants in the colony, all busy with their assigned work. Their work is to feed the queen and collect items like leafs, seeds, body parts and tree resins etc.

Enemy Ants

In Pocket Ants you will face different enemy ants that will attack you to kill you. Especially the red ants, they can kill you. Also the ants from different colonies are also your rivals you need to fight with them and save your colony.

Ants Skin

In this game you will get different options to customize your ants according to your style. You can change their whole color, their body shape and size to make them look more scary and dangerous. So that everyone can recognize which colony they belong to.

Purple Gems

Purple gems are both reward and currency of the game. Whenever you complete a challenge you get a purple gem. With its help you can get many impressive items like different ant skins, creatures, honeydews, fungus, strawberry, shields and battle tokens. You can get these gems with real money also.


Deadly Creatures

To build a strong army you need to capture different deadly creatures. Ants will take them to the creatures chamber and tame them so they can join your army. There are crabs, grasshoppers, spiders, termite and many other insects available. To get the golden creatures you need to upgrade your level.


The battle mode of the game allows you to fight against other players of the game. You soldier ants and creatures fight against their army. If you win you get different resources including pheromones. These resources help you to upgrade your army and buy different items.

Daily Quest and Challenges

There are different daily quests and challenges that you need to perform and get different amazing rewards. All the challenges that you complete help you to build your colony. There is a quest book available that describes every challenge and their rewards.


There is a shop section also available in the pocket ants game. There you can purchase different skills, gold creatures and upgrade the power and speed of your worker and soldier ants. The purchase is in return of honeydews, resins and pheromones.


There are millions of Pocket Ants players all over the world. When you compete with any of them or participate in a competition you get a rank on the leaderboard according to your performance. There are five leader boards available including diamond, platinum, gold, silver and bronze.


The game offers you two types of controls. One with a joystick and the other using your phone accelerometer. You can select which one control is best for you from the settings.



One of the most impressive features of the mod apk game is that it offers all the premium tools of the game completely free to use and access. There are bundles of purple gems that require real money to access in the real game and are provided in an unlimited amount in the mod apk game.


Like any other game there are different useful resources also available in this game. That includes purple gems, leafs, seeds, honeydews, resins and pheromones. In the mod apk version you get all these resources in an unlimited amount without paying any money or completing missions.


A popup ad or video while playing an interesting game destroys the rhythm of the game. This is the biggest problem of apk version games. Therefore in the mod apk version users are given a clear interface that is free from any ads disturbance or interruption.


Pocket ants is a creative and interesting game that allows you to build your own ants colony. It offers many unique and impressive features. You can learn many things about ants like how they work together and help each other.
The battle mode is very adventurous and thrilling. You have an army that is created and led by you to defeat your enemies. You will surely enjoy playing this game and building different chambers of the colony.



Q. Can you play the Pocket Ants game offline?

No you can not play it offline as it requires a stable internet connection to play.

Q. How to unlock all the premium tools of Pocket Ants completely free?

To unlock all the items without paying money, you need to download the mod apk version of the game.

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