Pokemon Masters Ex Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Pokemon Masters Ex Mod Apk

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App Name Pokemon Masters Ex Mod Apk
Size 90 MB
Latest Version v2.26.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update December 07, 2022 (2 days ago)
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Do you miss the time you used to watch pokemon? Do you wish you could relive it in some way? Then Pokémon Masters Ex is here to make your wish come true. Offering an incredible Pokemon journey in which you get to be the protagonist! With this game you can now live your dream of all of your beloved pokemon characters and trainers.

Pokemon Masters Ex terrifically engaging with its expert storytelling and roleplaying. Now you can train with your pokemons and go into battles, a thrilling showdown against strong opponents. Capture new pokemons and hatch eggs to find unique pokemons with new abilities and powers.

Upgrade your pokemons, customize your trainer's outfits and so many more exciting stuff. In this article we are going to give you all the information you need to know about Pokémon Masters Ex.b

Pokemon Masters Ex Mod APK

What is Pokemon Masters Ex APK?

Pokemon Masters Ex apk is a roleplay pokemon game with elements of storytelling and Pokemon battles available on all play stores for free. Pokemon Master Ex offers a great set of features for example upgrading and evolving your pokemons, hatching eggs to gain new pokemons, getting new outfits for your trainers and the list goes on.

You can meet your favourite trainers and characters that you have missed and challenge them to battles, impress them to get them to join your team on your journey and many more exciting events.

What is Pokemon Masters Ex Mod APK?

Pokemon Masters Ex mod apk is the modified version of the above mentioned game. This version provides its users with premium and additional content without any in app purchases unlike the original version.

Players gain access to unlimited coins and gems without paying any real money in the mod version so they can enjoy the game to the fullest without any concern. The mod version also gets rid of the ads for the ease of the players. They can also unlock all the pokemons and the trainers without spending any money. With the mod version players can battle freely and rise to the top.

Pokemon Masters Ex Mod APK

Pokemon and Trainer Pairs

With Pokemon Master Ex you can select a pair of pokemon and trainer, train them to become stronger and take on challenges against formidable opponents. Choose your pair wisely because you don't want to lose to your opponent, choose a pair that you know will work in your favor and can exploit the weakness of your opponent.

Hatch Eggs

You can hatch pokemon eggs to gain new pokemons of the same species. Players can also create hybrid eggs and then hatch them to find totally new and unique pokemon. This way the players will never get bored or run out of pokemon, they can always hatch eggs and make new pokemons.

Evolve Your Pokemons

Pokemon Masters can also upgrade their pokemons into a stronger one with improved abilities and new powers and attacks. The players also have the dynamax card to throw in during their battles which allows their pokemons to become incredibly larger in size and gain the ability to make a powerful attack on their opponent. Make sure to use this wisely since you can only use it once in a battle.

Special Outfits for Your Trainers

You can also customize the outfits of your trainers which is an awesome feature. There are many seasonal updates which showcase new outfits for your trainers so keep an eye out for these events and don't miss out on them.

Pokemon Masters Ex Mod APK

3 on 3 Battles

Pokemon Master Ex also gives you the option of going on 3vs3 battles. You can arrange a team of 3 pairs from your arsenal and go up against your opponents. Now take care to choose your pair for your team, all the pairs should be compatible with each other and should complement each other's abilities. Pokemon Masters Ex is a game that requires strategy and planning without which winning the battles would be a chore for you.

Team up with Famous Trainers

If you missed the trainers from the Pokémon show now is your chance to reunite with them. Pokemon Masters Ex gives you an incredible opportunity to meet up with your favourite trainers, you can also challenge them to battles. Win their hearts and invite them to your team. They might join if they think you're worth it. Now you can go on journeys with these awesome trainers.

Unlimited Coins and Gems

The mod version offers its players unlimited coins and gems so you don't have to wait around to purchase the things you desire. Rise higher by using the money and gems to your favor.

Unlock All Characters and Pokemon

The mod version gives its players access to all the pokemons and characters for free. Now they can hatch eggs instantly, no need for any waiting. The players can go directly into battle without worrying about the pokemons or money.

Pokemon Masters Ex Mod APK

No Ads

All the ads have been removed in the mod version of the game so the players can fully enjoy it without any interruptions.


Pokemon Masters Ex will revive your childhood memories of watching pokemon and going on adventures with Ash and his Pikachu. This game is a great blend of role play and storytelling. Pokemon Masters Ex is your opportunity to meet with all your favourite trainers and pokemon characters and find out about their backstories, challenge them and invite them along for your journey. Upgrade your pokemon and hatch eggs to discover unique abilities and powers. Tap on the download button above and begin your pokemon journey right away. Tell us about your love for pokemon in the comments down below.

Pokemon Masters Ex Mod APK


Q. How can I unlock all the pokemons in Pokemon Masters Ex?

You can unlock all the pokemons by downloading the mod version of the game.

Q. Is Pokémon Masters Ex free to download?

Yes absolutely! You can download Pokémon Masters Ex from your play store for free.

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