Preset- Free Lightroom Presets Apk (MOD, For Android)

Preset- Free Lightroom Presets Apk

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App Name Preset- Free Lightroom Presets Apk
Size 9 MB
Latest Version v2.4.3
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
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Update April 17, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Welcome back to our website and to the famous category of the applications that users want to know about the most. You must have been a fanatic of photography and editing photos. You must be the one who likes the idea of taking pictures and then editing them using the professional photo editor apps. There are hundreds of well-known applications that people use but you must be looking for something new that is why you are here.

We have a great video editor app for you known as Free Lightroom Presets APK. It is an application that provides the opportunity of editing photos in an extremely professional manner without spending even a cent. The most amazing and shocking thing about this app is that it is so lightweight that it takes only 10 MBs of your Android device storage to be downloaded.

It contains more than 700 presets, several filters, effects, and a lot more editing options that are sometimes hard to find in any other free video editing app. There is a premium version of this app too but so many users might not be able to afford it that's why the free one has various features that seem to be sufficient for pro-level photo editing. There is a lot to talk about this app so stay tuned and keep reading till the end to not miss any point.

Preset- Free Lightroom Presets APK

What is Free Lightroom Presets APK?

The Free Lightroom Presets APK is a photo editor app that is built for the Android users. It has a huge range of filters, effects and presets that you can use to edit your pictures drastically. This application also offers a great convenience of providing the best editing tools without any cost that makes it the best app to download and use.

There is a free and one premium version that this application has to offer. The free one contains all the features mentioned below but the premium ones has some more to offer. Those features are designed for the pro level photo editors who can pay to unlock more tools. It is all up to you which version you like to choose.

What is Free Lightroom Presets Mod APK?

The Free Lightroom Presets Mod APK is a modified version of this application which of course has more features and a great option to block all the ads that annoy the users in the free version. The mod version can be downloaded in case you want to unlock all the premium features but you are not able to afford that package monthly. In this case you can avail the mod version to enjoy all those photo editing tools.

Preset- Free Lightroom Presets APK

Premium Photo Editor

There is no doubt in saying that this app is a premium photo editor. You can edit your photos to make them look so professional and well-edited. If you are specifically looking for a photo editor that provides the premium results then you can rely on this app carefree.

It is perfect for editing purposes if you are doing it as a hobby for your own pictures, to edit pictures for your official social media accounts or for anything. This photo editor will always help you in getting the finest pictures that are edited perfectly.

Various Photo Filters

There are various photo filters that are required to make a photo better and enhance its quality. That is why this application has so many amazing and rich filters to offer for your photo editing. It is good that you will now get a bug range of photo filters that can be applied to various photos as per the mood and requirements.

Various Lightroom Presets

It is said that more than 100 plus presents are given to the users in this app so they have used them for their photo editing. People do really love this feature of this app and they keep using this app for all video editing purposes.

Create Highlights

You might have seen the Instagram highlights feature and people have started using it frequently too. Those highlights need a specific format in which the photos could be fit easily. This app is now there for you to create those highlights so easily.

What you can do is adjust the size of the images accordingly by using this feature and resizing them easily so you can post them into the highlights section. It is very simple to use this feature and upload the images to the Instagram highlights section

Create Cover Images

The cover images are related to anything, either social media accounts, the business proposals or anything that needs a cover image. You can create and design the cover photos now with this app that turns out to have a rich and perfect quality. That is why it is mentioned that you can use this for professional photo editing purposes.

Fancy Camera Effects

There are many camera effects that are offered by this app. These effects are used to enhance the quality of the photos and make them look like they were taken from a professional cam. These effects vary from one another due to their specialities and the purposes they are created for. Hence there is a particular effect for every mood of the photo.

Effective User Interface

It has a very nice user interface that makes the experience best. One would never feel uncomfortable while using this app because all the options and settings are provided in a row. You will never have to work too much with your fingers since within a few clicks only you can edit an entire photo properly. This is the best thing offered by this app and that's why people are so keen on using it.

DNG Packs

This app offers 74 DNG Packs which are called digital negatives that are most suitable in case you want to keep your photos saved for the longest period of time. It is easier to secure your photos in this way and use them later to restore your images in case you have lost them.

You can always get your photos back and save them again. So in case you have lost your photos accidentally, do not worry at all and just use this DNG option to recover them now without my worries.

Preset- Free Lightroom Presets APK

High Quality Photos Saving

Once you have done editing and you want to save the final product of the images, then you can choose the options to get the best final edited photos. It is indeed the best feature that is being offered which you can use and save your images in the highest original quality possible.

Easy Image Exporting

You can easily export your images to other platforms with this app. The exportation process is very easy and doesn't take too long to be fine. The other applications have the exporting process quite long which gets very annoying for the users. The process is fast, efficient and so quick that you will be amazed.

Share Images to Social Media

You can now share your edited images directly to the social media platforms without any delays. It will never take long and thus you will see your photos being uploaded to the social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Pinterest and so many other apps that entertain photo sharing and uploading.

Several Languages Enabled

A number of languages are supported by this application so that you are able to understand this app even more in case you are not a native English language speaker. This feature is brought so the people belonging to other parts of the world, and speaking other languages also become able to use this application easily. You may set your most preferred language and start the editing process instantly

Free to Download

This application is absolutely free to download which is the ideal thing for the users. They can download this app for free and start using it without paying any charges related to the subscriptions. As long as you want to avail the free features you can use this application as it is, but in case you want more features then you can buy the premium version to get your hands on a lot of new features, editing tools and other perks.

Best for Professional Use

In case you are a photographer or a professional photo editor then you can take assistance from this application. In case of working on big projects, you can trust this app to provide you the best and most glorious results ever. So In short you will never regret having this app for your professional usage.

There are various tools and features that are available in the premium mode of this app that are easily accessible without any issues. You just have to make a small payment to get access to all of those pro level tools to provide you the best edited images.

Preset- Free Lightroom Presets APK

24/7 Functional

This app is 24/7 working no matter what. If you want to work in the morning, in the evening or till the late night, you will never be worried because of the functioning of this app. It is working all the time in 24 hours. So if you aim to work at any time of the day you are all set to do it and enjoy the working process. It will definitely help you set a good schedule for your photo editing job.

Live Customer Support

A live customer support option is provided on this application for the users who might have to encounter an issue while editing. You can easily reach out to them whenever you feel like a certain feature is not working, a particular tool is not accessible or any other problem related to this application.

A very responsible and cooperative team is always sitting on the other side to hear you no matter what time it is. You just have to make a complaint and thus you will get an immediate response without any unnecessary delays. That's all done to support you and give you the best photo editing experience.


Many people have one issue with photo editing applications that are too heavy for their phones. People who have a slightly older version of Android face a hard time using these kinds of apps since they weigh in gigabytes. In order to solve that problem, Free Lightroom Presets APK has been launched that only needs 10 MBs of your device's storage.

You just need this little space from your smartphone to get this app downloaded. It will work perfectly within this storage and show you the best photo editing results. In short, there is no room for disappointments in this app.


Easy yet professional editing
Good quality final photos
Plenty of themes, effects and presets
Easy to use


The app may take some time to start working


The Free Lightroom Presets APK is a good application if you are fond of photo editing and want to edit your regular or professional level photos. This application is perfect for all the usages and thus you can have it for the personal, business and professional usages.

That's all for such a good app. If you have downloaded this app and used it for once, we are sure you would have liked it. We want to hear back from you regarding their app along with your reviews. Do not forget to post your thoughts about this app in the comment section and the ratings too.


Q. What is the storage size of Free Lightroom Presets APK?

The storage size of Free Lightroom Presets APK is only 10 MBs which is so lightweight for any Android smartphone or tablet.

Q. How many photos can I edit with Free Lightroom Presets APK for free?

There is no limit to editing photos with this app, you can edit as many photos for free without worrying about paying anything.

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