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App Name PUBG Mod APK
Size 80MB/606MB
Latest Version v2.8.0
MOD Info Fnmods ESP/Aimbot/Esp Ui/Anti Ban
Price Free
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Update October 11, 2023 (10 months ago)
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PUBG is a worldwide famous game and its full form is the player's unknown battleground. This is an award winning game because it has more than one billion players around the globe that’s why PUBG has the best ratings and reviews all over the internet. This is the best game to kill time because it has so much fun which you can bring into your daily routine by playing.

PUBG is an action survival game and you can play with the world which means there are no artificial players in this game. You can play this game as a solo player or you can play with your team because PUBG has a multiplayer online feature where you can share your game with other people.

Survival is the only key to get victory in this game so make sure to play carefully because there will be other players too in this game with you. After landing try to get loot because that’s how you can get weapons and other useful items for your survival. PUBG is a heavy game that’s why you can’t play this game on low end mobile devices.

If you want a smooth gaming experience from this game, then play it on a high end smart device. You need good space storage to install it on your device. PUBG developers have made this game fully optimized so when you fulfill all the requirements you will never get any kind of lag or glitch while playing. Let’s talk about the features of PUBG in detail, which are so amazing tbsy you cannot stop yourself from downloading and playing it now.


What is PUBG APK?

PUBG game comes in the standard version which you can easily download from any app store. This version gives you many features and items that you can use in your game. PUBG standard version also has some paid items and features which you can never use for free which means you have to buy them if you want them.

The best thing about the standard version is that there are no ads in this version so you can play this game without any interruptions. You also have to give them multiple permission in order to play PUBG games properly because this is the requirement of this version.

What is PUBG Mod APK?

PUBG mod version has some really interesting features for you that you will never get in the basic standard version of PUBG mobile game. In the mod version you don’t have to purchase anything which means you are even free to use all paid items in this version. There will be no paid items and features in this version.

You will get unlimited silver coins and cash in this version which will never run out because the mod version offers you unlimited money. You will also get complete access to all clothes so you can use any of your favorite outfits in the mod version. All features will be unlocked to use only in the mod version.


Online multiplayer battle

PUBG is also known for this awesome feature because it gives you a chance to play with other players around the world. Play with the real players and prove to them who’s the best in the world of PUBG. There will be other players with you on the map so you have to be sharp enough to face them all.

You can play as a solo player or you can play with your squad in online mode. Share your game with your friends and family and bring more fun while playing with them. Online multiplayer is the only mode where you can show your survival skills to your people.

3D realistic graphics

PUBG graphics are truly amazing which gives you the most realistic result which you will never get in any other game. This game comes in 3D graphics which are very high in quality and the best thing is that you can also change the graphics setting according to your requirement.

There are different options for this purpose like smooth, HD, FHD and others. PUBG also has a colors option which you can set to get your desired color. Visual effects are pretty awesome and makes PUBG more entertaining and enjoyable. All these features deliver quite realistic views from every angle.


Classic mode

This is the classic mode of PUBG game in which you will get different maps to play like vikendi, erangel, sanook, Miramar and karakin. All these maps are different from others so you have to play in extreme conditions. As this is the classic mode so there will be a total of a hundred players in every map with you to play.

There are no restrictions so you can play solo, duo or squad in classic mode. This mode takes time because of a hundred players so make sure to play safe to get victory at the end.

Sniper mode

This mode is very awesome because in this mode you will only get sniper guns to play. You can play this mode alone or with your friends. If you have good sniping skills, then this mode is just for you. After landing collect your favorite sniper gun and hide yourself where no one can see you.

Set your target and kill your opponents to get victory in this game. After winning in this mode you will get more RP for your player.

War zone

You can also play war zones in PUBG and this gaming mode is extremely fun because you play in small zones. After landing all you just have to find the gun to kill other people with you in this zone. Kill opponents as much as you can because that is how you can win this war zone. Enter in war with your friends and clear the whole zone with your team.

Team deathmatch

TDM is a short match between two teams where you get unlimited weapons to use so you don’t have to find them. you cannot play this mode as a solo player which means you need a team with you to play.

In TDM you have to be quick to kill your opponents because if you want to win this match then you have to kill your opponents as much as you can. Only that team will win who has a higher score than the other team.


Add friends

PUBG is a fully advanced game because of the features which you will never get in other action survival games. In this awesome game you can add different people to make them your friends. Send your favorite people friend requests to play with them. You can also see online friends so you can easily invite them in your lobby to play with them.

PUBG has a chat box where you can chat with your friends. Share your thoughts and talk about new gaming strategies in the chat box. You can also send voice notes in chat boxes and no doubt that this feature is epic.

In game voice chat

Voice chat feature helps a lot to communicate with friends while playing online with them. This is a unique feature where PUBG allows you to talk with your teammates without any problem. There are no time limitations in this feature so you can chat with the other teammates till the end of the game.

You can also mute any of your team members if you don’t want to chat. You will get complete control of this voice chat feature so you can do anything with that. You can even talk with your team members in your lobby about the next round.

Royal pass

PUBG royal pass is like a treasure in which you get multiple items for your players. Royal pass comes with every new season in PUBG. You can easily increase your RP level with this pass but you have to purchase it with UC cash. You have to complete missions in order to get UC cash which you can use to purchase royal passes and other things.

Royal pass gives you crazy outfits, weapon skins and car skins which you will never get from the store. That’s why this pass gives you a quick boost at the start of every new season.

Multiple Vehicles

PUBG has huge maps so sometimes it becomes very hard to get to a safe zone. That's why you need vehicles in this game. There are many different vehicles which you will see in this game like scooter, van, pickup, motorcycle, tukshia, Dacia 1300 car and many others which you can use.

Before you get any vehicle make sure to check its gas because if your vehicle has low gas then you can’t go far. Also collect gas from the loot area because it will also help you to fill your vehicles or you can blast the gas pack on your opponents.


Fully advanced weapons

PUBG games have everything best for their players. That's why this game has the number one position in the whole world. As this is an action game, you will see fully advanced weapons in this game.

There are different categories of weapons like assault rifles, marksman rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns, grenades and many other weapons. You can use all of them but you have to collect them from the loot area. Also make sure to pick the bullets too for your weapon.


This game is available for absolutely no charges. You can enjoy all the amazing features of this game without paying any single penny to the developers. Hence you can enjoy your favorite warzone game now by using it for absolutely free of charges.

Unlimited UC cash

It is very hard to get UC cash in the standard version of PUBG because sometimes missions get very hard to complete or you have to purchase them with real cash. But in the mod version of PUBG you don’t have to work hard to get UC cash because in this version you will get unlimited cash.

So you can easily use these UC’s to buy multiple things like new legendary suits or weapon skins. You are completely free to use as much as you want because there are no limitations in the mod version.

Free suits

PUBG games have so many outfits for you which you can buy with silver coins but they are all ordinary clothes which look very cheap. There are also many special and legendary suits which you cannot use for free because these suits are paid. That's why mod is giving you all these suits for free.

Which means you can use any of your favorite suits for free because mod provides you everything for free. So if you also want to impress your friends with awesome suits then download this version and get what you want.


Fully Unlocked

In the simple version of the PUBG game you will see many locked features and items which means you have to unlock them. For this purpose, you have to play missions and you need to increase your gaming level to unlock things but this takes time that’s why mod allows you to use everything.

In the mod version you don’t need to work hard because in this version you will get complete features and items unlocked so you can use them whenever you want. Download this version and get a complete unlocked PUBG game.

Unlimited silver coins

Mod version of PUBG also gives you unlimited silver coins which you can use to buy multiple things like shirts, trousers, glasses, caps and other things. As you will get unlimited silver coins so you are free to use them without any worry because you will never run out of them in this modified version.


3D graphics
Multiple gaming mode
Huge maps
Play online
Team battles
Add friends
Unlimited voice chat
Multiple servers to play
Different vehicles and weapons
Fully optimized game
New seasons


Heavy game need high end mobile device to play
Cannot play offline


PUBG is a world class game because it has the best features which have the ability to divert your mind by killing your boredom. You can easily talk with your friends while playing, so you share all the information about your gameplay. It has many different gaming modes for you which you can play with the world in online mode.

If you also have good gaming skills, then download a PUBG game from our website. Install your device and enter yourself in extreme conditions. Don’t forget to share your feedback about this game in the comment box.


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Q. How to get free unlimited UC cash in PUBG Mod APK?

To get unlimited UC cash in PUBG you have to download the mod version of this game. Then you will get free unlimited UC cash in this game.

Q. How to increase RP level in PUBG Mod APK?

You have to play the missions in order to increase your RP level in PUBG games. So try to complete all of your missions and get RP points.

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