Quick VPN Mod Apk (MOD, Premium unlocked, No ads)

Quick VPN Mod Apk

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App Name Quick VPN Mod Apk
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Update June 20, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Nowadays the Internet has reached every single city of the world and has become an integral part of people's lives. You can get information about any part of the world by a single click. Our lives have become so much easier since the introduction of the internet. But there are some sites and apps that are not available in certain countries of the world. And people cannot access them.

Some apps can be blocked by the server in certain institutions. For example you work in an office and use the Internet but there YouTube is banned so that employees remain more considerate about their work. So if you want to use YouTube there, you can make use of Quick VPN.

Moreover, certain apps are also banned by some servers of the institutions, like if you want to use google but it is blocked in your institution server, you can access it using VPN. There are certain VPN apps available in the play store for example Cyber ghost VPN or Surf Shark VPN. Quick VPN is an alternative to these apps.

Quick VPN Mod APK

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It eventually changes your location and IP address and unlock the sites and apps that are banned in certain areas. For example there was a time when YouTube got banned in some countries of the world, at that time people were making use of VPN to unblock youtube and use it. Quick VPN allows you to change your location to any of the available countries so that you can use the blocked apps.

What is a Quick VPN APK?

Quick VPN is an app which helps you to change your location and IP address so that you can access all the websites and Applications that are banned in your areas or institutions. There are certain countries out of which you can choose your choice of country and change your location to the location of that country. It was developed by Lipisoft. It provides you with an exceptional Internet speed. It also protects your data and information from various websites and apps.

Quick VPN Mod APK

What is Quick VPN Mod APK?

This version of the Quick VPN MOD APK comes with free access to VIP networks which need to be paid to get access. Also there are no ad interruptions.

Easy to Use

The Quick VPN is extremely easy to use as you only have to choose the location of your interest and you can access the banned apps after a click.

Fast Speed

It has very high speed and the connection doesn't get blocked midway. Some VPN apps slower down the Internet as you connect to them but that is not the case with Quick VPN. It eventually provides you with high speed.

Access to Blocked Sites

It allows you to access the sites and applications that have been blocked in your areas whether it is by the government or the institution.

Supports all Mobile Networks

It supports all mobile networks whether it is WiFi or Mobile Internet or whether it is 3G, 4G, 5G or LTE.

Keeps a Check on Servers Round Trips

It keeps a check on every server's round trip by making the use of an antenna gauge.

Several Different Locations

By using Quick VPN you can have access to almost 13 different locations which are located in 11 different countries. The 11 countries are Singapore, India, Canada, USA, South Korea, Japan, Australia, England, Germany, France and Ireland.

No History of Location

It does not save your server location or data and also doesn't monitor your network data at all.

Quick VPN Mod APK

Premium Locations

There are premium countries that need to be unlocked with the help of an upgrade. This update is done by the use of money.

Easily Accessible

It is available on the play store for free and is easily accessible to all the android users.


People not only use VPN ti to change their locations but also to protect their data and information from various sites and apps

Unlocked Premium Locations

In this version you don't have to spend money to unlock the premium locations. Here you will have access to all the locations for free. No Ads

Blocked Ads

There are no ads to disturb you in this version. All of them are blocked in this app so that the users can have the best experience.

Free Subscriptions

There are certain paid subscriptions in the Quick VPN which are available for free in the MOD version.

Quick VPN Mod APK

Unlimited Connectivity Time

There would be no time limit to use the Quick VPN. You can use it for as long as you want

Malware Blocking

The MOD version has been checked thoroughly by various antivirus and antimalware systems to ensure 100% security.


These days the Internet has become an essential part of our lives. All our work depends on the Internet but the blockage of certain apps makes our work difficult. To cope with such hurdles the VPN system is introduced. It's in the use of everyone whether you are a kid or a fully grown up. You can unblock the apps with VPN and make your way through various websites and apps. As in the previous days pubg was banned in various countries of the world. At that time pubg lovers were making use of the Quick VPN services to enjoy their game. Hence Quick VPN MOD APK is highly recommended if you want to access all the premium and paid features of the Quick VPN without any disturbance.


Q. Is Quick VPN Mod APK free?

Yes, all the premium features of the Quickvpn are free in the Mod version. You can enjoy using this app as much as you want and without spending money.

Q. Would I have to deal with unwanted ads in Quick VPN Mod APK?

No, we have made sure that there are no ads in this version. We are extremely concerned about the users interest and we know that unwanted ads spoil the users consistency.

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