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App Name REFACE Apk
Size 21 MB
Latest Version v3.50.0
MOD Info PRO Unlocked
Price Free
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Update October 10, 2023 (8 months ago)
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REFACE APK, is formerly known as Duplicate and free lifestyle mobile app that allows you to swap your own likeness faces  onto GIFs. This photo app utilizes deep and fake technology to create realistic and live images editing by using your phone’s camera. It’s similar to ZAO but uses short GIFs  than movie scenes for your template. You can also create personalized GIF reactions with this app and share them on your social media  on accounts. In these days, photo editing apps are try to gain popularity. You can get the image  through this app what you want with just one application, instead of  using heavy and complex Photoshop software.

Snap seed, PicsArt, VSCO and Adobe Light room  that will add art in your photos. When do you want to create funny pictures, Face App and REFACE these all are the options that could not be more suitable. A short time ago created a trend to turn young into old. Every day, when you surf the newsfeed, you can easily see people you post and share pictures like that. Now a day's a new trend has taken throne when REFACE  APK  is  the face changing app it has been released on Android. What is  special about REFACE PRO APK that makes people love.

 Here, It is worth mentioning  that  imaginer and analyzer of REFACE  that is highly detailed. It will examine all pixel then to decide whether to replace with that pixel or not. So your videos become more authentic than ever. As you can see, if you want to do this by using software on your computer, it will take all day. As for this application, it only takes a few seconds.

Reface Apk works  as just like other app programs: you just need to record your appearance with a selfie.  As such, when you at first launch the app, it will ask for your permission to use the camera. Again assure that your face data will only be used for its services. You can immediately take a simple selfie by using the oval face marker,  round face etc on the screen and start using that as your face template. 


what is faceswap?

Faceswap is the technology that  is  more than just face swapping. With Reface's faceswap, your selfie is rapped onto another face in an other realistic way, with convincing facial expressions and movements that really looks like you.  By Using our face changer to see what it is like to have your face in starring roles, famous videos, and more.

But the question is  How do we do it? If we told you, we would have to kill you, but know that the results are absolutely astonishing and outstanding. Beside from that, the face editor is very simple, easy and doesn’t offer any advanced settings. You can only take a selfie or photo the app will seamlessly editing onto the videos—you cannot record yourself , others  have facial expressions match the flow of the video, unlike other apps.

It means that the expressions on the final product will sometimes different and  unfamiliar. You also cannot customize  the main page of the app has GIF and short video clips  content that you can use. These can  beranged  from celebrities of the music and also film industry to meme GIFs that came from viral videos. However, these aren’t all free. You get a trial period of 3 days but some GIFs will require you to  get either the premium subscription or watch.


Features of reface Apk.

Reface Apk holds social responsibility for your data protection. It gives  guarantee that none of your personal data is used for any other purposes besides from face-swapping. Moreover, it could not share any type of your data with third party applications.

It provides you a strict approach towards when it comes to user privacy as it is included in their policy that they only collect photos that were taken on your camera when the app is in your use. Reface will only can re data from photos.

They assure the users that nothing of this data will be used for any kind of reuse  photos for 24 hours after editing and they will eventually be deleted. The facial features obtained  on the other hand are stored on its server for a limited period of time in calendar  and also In order to offer the core service of the app, it gathers the facial feature days after your last use Videos are updated according to the trends.

At the Home section, you can see thousands of videos, cut different  scenes from famous movies like Titanic, Marvel or Game of Thrones series. These are divided into small categories so that you can easily find the scenery and the character do you want to play.


Here is what you can do with Reface APK

  •  Swap your face like celebrities or movie characters with our amazing reface APK
  • Play with live face swaps and gender swaps.
  • Be amazed with the face changer.
  • Share your awesome face swapped pictures and funny meme as a gif or video to messengers and social media.

Try face swaps app with new videos and gifs posted every day.

Top 5 app in over 100 countries

Reface Apk is renowned and used in nearly  100 countries as the premiere face swap app and it is on the 5th place in use.


How to download REFACE Apk?

Here are steps to follow via downloading.

  • open play store App on your android or mobile phone.
  • in a search type the Reface Apk
  • click on the desired and wanted app
  • click on the download button
  • wait till the app is dowloaded it takes some time

Reface Apk is downloaded and open the app. 


Last words

Overall, Reface Apk is a Face Swap app that looks promising but it needs a lot of work based on its features, especially once when the user purchases the premium plan. Sometimes, watermarks do not get removed and your photos may not be turned out, and  once edited onto the GIFs. Considering the needs to pay for these services and have them not even work properly, it is used basically just for enjoyment and to remove boredom.

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Q. What is the older and new version of the Reface Apk?

The new version of the Reface Apk is 1.11.2(220)
and the old version is 1.10.4.

Q. How much cost does the app have?

Reface Apk is the app that is used for fun and reshape your pictures and videos. it is downloaded totally free of cost.

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