Resso Apk v3.6.1 Download For Android (MOD, VIP / Premium Features Unlocked)

Resso Apk V3.6.1 Download For Android

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App Name Resso Apk v3.6.1 Download For Android
Size 75.78 MB
Latest Version v3.7.4
MOD Info VIP / Premium Features Unlocked
Price Free
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Update October 10, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Resso apk is a super-efficient application that enables its users to stream and listen to music at anyplace anywhere. It is developed by ByteDance that has also developed the notorious Tik Tok application. It is a Chinese app that has its head office in Beijing, China. Resso apk application is a mixture of Instagram, Spotify and Tik Tok as it shares similarities with three of them. It combines music streaming with social networking and the ability to add content to it.

Most notable feature of the app is that it allows its user to share music at any time anywhere. It allows users to share their favourite music content with their family and friends easily.  Resso apk lets its users create their own personalized and customized music playlists. It enables users to manually add as many songs as they want. One can easily look into their friend list just like one would in an Instagram or Facebook setting. And similarly, one can choose whoever they want to follow, just like the above mentioned two social media platforms. It allows users to even comment on each other's profiles or accounts.

When considering online music applications that are famous all over the world such as Spotify and Apple Music, one can make use of any song from its extensive library of music with a variety of genres along with plenty of cool features. Resso apk also has a synchronized lyric feature that enables users to listen to music tracks along with singing in sync with it. Not only has that but the application Resso apk let its users to add lyrics in order to make any correction. Resso can be downloaded on both Android and iOS platforms without any issue. The paid version of Resso apk called Resso premium comes with premium features such as ability to download music offline, ability to skip unlimitedly and the access to high-quality audio music. Resso apk has a very easy to use Interface which makes the application even more desirable.

Resso Apk

Adding Music on Resso

To add music to Resso apk, one need to add their videos in WAV format only along with their artwork cover and other required data.

Earn Money

Resso apk allows users to earn money by uploading videos on Resso apk. The videos will be released to digital music centers and other related streaming platforms. This can be done without creating a Resso Profile.

Music history

It lets its user see the recent songs played on their account.

Multimedia Server

Resso apk provides its users the ability to exchange various types of files as well as share their profile through links or code.

Resso Apk

Google Account Needed

There is a logging in feature that makes it easy for the user to connect whenever the app is to be used. Email is required.

Synchronized Lyrics

Resso apk users can entertain themselves by synchronizing lyrics to their tracks.

Add to Lyrics

One can add to the lyrics if they think that something is missing or incorrect.

Create Playlist

The users can make their own playlist with their selected songs and can share it on their feed. One can also comment on other people's feed by using Resso apk.

Resso Apk

Follow Artists and Friends

Resso apk allows the user to follow their favourite artist or composers or singers just like Instagram or any other social media application. This creates a small community of likeminded people that can share information with one another.


Resso apk has a very interactive as well as attractive user interface. It has made sure that the navigation to one’s desired category is very easy.

Unlimited skips

one can skip as many songs as they like when using the Resso apk version. To skip the song, one needs to swipe up just like Tik Tok.

The search bar helps the user search for whatever the person desires be it songs, podcast, playlists, artists, albums etc.


Resso premium apk library allows one to save as many things such as songs, podcasts, playlists, artists, or albums as they like.

Shuffle Play

Resso apk allows users to shuffle any songs from any artist or from any playlists by mixing them. This allows them to play anything according to their wish or mood. The premium version helps them to listen to whatever they want without the shuffle feature.

Resso Apk

Offline availability

Resso apk enables users to even listen to their desired music and entertain them when the internet is not available. Although the amount of download is limited for people who use the freemium version of Resso.

Share Content

Resso apk allows users to share songs, playlists, albums with their peers or family or whoever they like. Not only has this but it also allowed them to share their Resso profile to either social media apps or any kind of messaging applications.

Audio Quality

Resso apk consists of a range of various audio qualities that can suit everybody's desires, simultaneously keeping in mind the person’s device and Resso plan.

Cross platform Application

The app Resso apk can be used at any platform and device via the selected browser. 


Resso premium apk is available in Chromecast on your television set.


Resso apk application allows users to watch music videos as well as share videos with friends on messaging apps or any kind of social media platforms.

Resso Apk

Unlimited and Interruption Free

One can stream unlimitedly without any interruption.

Premium Version

Resso Apk has a premium version which one can buy by paying a small amount. This version has no advertisements thus offers quality time to its users with additional benefits.

Less Space Consumption

This application Resso apk doesn’t gather much storage capacity, so the users need not to worry about the storage of their devices.

Update system

It keeps on updating itself on a regular basis.

Free of Cost

Downloading Resso apk does not require any charges for subscription.

Easy to function

The Resso Apk is very easy to function.

Resso Apk


Resso apk is a great application for music lovers as well as musicians that would like to showcase their music talent to people all around the globe. It is super-efficient and allows one not only to stream their desired music but also enables users to connect with friends just like any other social media application like Facebook, Instagram etc. Resso apk lets users add their singles or albums to the application that is completely free of any subscription charges.

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Q. Can Resso apk be used for various social media accounts simultaneously?

Yes! Resso apk application is compatible with other applications thus making it easy for the user to share and save their edits.

Q. Is it easy to operate a Resso apk application?

Yes! Resso apk is very easy to use. Anyone can use it without requiring a guide due to its classy and friendly user interface.

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